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So we finally dropped the F-Bomb, and how! By the weekend of 13th/14th August tickets to the AutoPot Festival had become so hot that they developed their own gravitational field with many people simply drifting off into space clutching their cosmic coupons.

We all truly hope you had as good a time as we did. Much credit must go to our sponsors, the wind beneath our wings, whose provision of facilities kept spirits high and the festival aloft. They played an integral part in making things happen and contributed in countless, often unseen, ways to everyone’s enjoyment and satisfaction.


There wasn’t a flat or functional edge in sight at the trade event on the Sunday. One of the biggest compliments we were paid was the imagination and enthusiasm with which our exhibitors produced their stands. They completely ran with the opportunity to show off their products and their desire to entertain.

We had aimed for something that would flit between the flames of business and pleasure like a very sexy moth with business written on one wing and pleasure written on the other. We sincerely hope that we achieved such an effect.


Profound thanks to Ben, Tim and the guys at Plantasia whose greenhouses were nothing short of bountiful (see below). They also did a vast amount in turning the site over to the festival and working like horse machines (tractors perhaps? – but more elegant) on the transformation. Huge gratitude to all those at AutoPot who turned their hands to all manner of strange and savage tasks. We present a full tummy salute in the direction of the caterers. Finally, we send a mental (not, NOT literal) Ferrero Rocher of appreciation to our guests all of whom took up the vibe and added to it with panache!


Mount AutoPot has not escaped all the sweet summer rain we’ve been enjoying. What’s more it seems the downpour has swept a raft of new products from our high peak down to the grateful, smiling people in the valleys below. Amongst those items riding the torrent is the new AutoPot 4Pot System looking quite the spruce goose in its freshly liveried box.


Summer Festival

Bobbing along just behind that come the new 25ltr/6.6gal and 50ltr/13gal FlexiTanks. Perfect for hobby and small-scale growers these additions to the FlexiTank range mean that almost no space is now too small for a system.

For retail outlets these new FlexiTanks make superb demonstration systems possible in even the smallest of spaces!

Last but not least bursting the riverbanks is the AutoPot White range! We teased you with it last month so it’d be downright cruel not to give you the full story on our new white pots. AutoPot easy2Grow, 1Pot modules and the XL are all available now in stylish but limited edition ‘bianco’. Growing in white pots not only looks great and keeps you alert to pests and mess but also keeps the root structure of your plants at a sensibly cool temperature – essential when growing in hot or humid conditions.


GrowMax Water Systems, those champions of clean water perfection, recently dropped our friends at Plantasia a very kind and illuminating mention. For their exquisite and extensive range we’d urge you to hasten to their main site here. Without wanting to get personal some of the things lurking in your water can make Jaws look like the lad out of The Corrs. GrowMax offer a comprehensive range of filter systems to strain any undesirables from the essence of life. I’m looking (through my microscope) at you; chlorine, sediment, dirt, rust, oxidation, herbicides, pesticides and VoCs!


In the name of all that is good and pure Plantasia are currently running Pro Grow and Eco Grow filtration units to irrigate their plants with clean and de-chlorinated water. Ben has been extracting up to 125L/h of pure water using a mobile Super Grow filter combined with the GrowMax 3000 RO unit. The output goes to the AutoPot FlexiTanks distributed throughout the greenhouses and thenceforth to the grateful roots.

How far can you fling an AutoPot? We’re not suggesting that you try but if you did do you think you’d reach Uruguay? And what would you grow in it when it got there? Well you wouldn’t be the first to try cultivating watercress in “the land of the bird river”. Madelon Oddo recently sent us some intriguing snaps of the first AutoPot watercress growth trials taking place on her farm. It’s always great to see the systems out ‘in the field’ and so much the better with the people behind them. Here Madelon is pictured with Mr Pereira who has been working at the farm for 51 years! He was farming before man walked on the moon!

According to Madelon they have created several different layouts on the farm. These layouts include combining AutoPot CocoMat with an AQUAvalve for incredibly low maintenance watering. Madelon has also experimented with merely placing the watercress in a tray and tethering it to plastic supports. This takes advantage of the watercress’ natural hydroponic qualities. She explains that it should theoretically be possible to grow in this way without substrates and is impressed with how new roots have developed and how the leaves have grown. If you ask me its high time we sent a foreign correspondent down there to see for ourselves quick march, chop-chop!


Summer Festival

This month Jason and Dan haven’t been in the States. Dan has taken this especially hard. Bedecked in stars and stripes he sits crying into his knickerbocker glory every night whilst watching US TV shows to the exclusion of all else. That’s when he saw it, during Silicon Valley, could it be? An AutoPot 4Pot System with a glorious cameo role? From what we can tell the AutoPot in question, played ‘Benny’ an extremely affable new housemate who used no electricity and very little water, go Benny!

Look out for more AutoPot ‘Easter eggs’ which Jason and Dan may or may not have planted in the Hollywood sets of your favourite US movies and TV shows. Truth be told we had wondered just why – apart from the usual reasons – Dan had been ejected from the set of The Gilmore Girls in July.


AutoPot will be showing off incorrigibly at Glee this autumn! Between the 12th and 14th of September we’ll be at the Birmingham NEC as it plays host to a huge variety of exhibitors ready to cater to every whim and peccadillo of the gardening and outdoor living type. The evergreen Dan Gulliver, who seems to get more column inches than the products, will be ably representing AutoPot. He’ll be chuffed to see you there and shake you by the hand. For further festival details visit the Glee website here.

If you are a trade customer and are interested in free VIP Tickets to Glee please get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Summer Festival

The Autopot Summer Festival 2016 has now sold out! We wanted to be adored, then we were and now we’re just sitting around basking in our popularity…the hell we are!

Busy, busy times at HQ but we’re all getting very excited as the preparations ramp-up. Fortunately, the weather has got the memo and has spent the last two months getting all the rain shifted so that not a drop will fall 13-14th August!

As you’ll no doubt know by now the festival is an all-inclusive-exhibition-business-socialentertainment- hospitality-jamboree! Keep your peepers trained on our social media streams for exhibitor, entertainment, and hospitality announcements.

On a sombre note if you are not registered then you simply will not be able to attend this year. Guys, we like you but don’t waste time setting digi-box recordings, don’t waste money on petrol, don’t waste brownie points on convincing loved-ones to let you go, in short: don’t come if you’re not registered! There will be no exceptions for those who arrive unregistered! No!

Coco Mat

Next week AutoPot unleash the CocoMat! For those who grow in trays the CocoMat literally decimates the need for watering as you need only water once for ten days. The CocoMat controls irrigation by holding and gradually wicking the water to the plants via capillary action. Watering cans and watering arms can step aside!

For more info click here

Ben has sent a runner with word that his Greenhouse and Chilli blogs have been updated on the Plantasia website. Strategically speaking General Ben is busy devising and implementing grow plans for the year to come. His eye is also on the tactical minutiae of pest countermeasures. To this effect the blog includes Ben’s preferred methods in steeling his plants for battles to come. It seems that natural plant protection products and recruiting the locals (spiders etc) as allies are order of the day.

Away from the frontline Ben’s surgeon alter-ego has been splicing and dusting away to create some intriguing hybrid chilli varieties by hand pollination. By all accounts there’s a riot of colours, intensities and sweetnesseses going on down there.

As the Summer Festival approaches the greenhouse looks frankly stunning! The place currently abounds with industry big hitters whose products form this year’s displays and crop production. Some innovative combinations of plant varieties, mediums, feeds and additives should yield fascinating results.

Read the blog updates in full here


Jason has sent some snaps of the aubergines he’s currently cultivating in the Grow Room. As you can see they are already casting their eerie purple light around the place, what ambient fruit! (We are aware that aubergines do not light up). As they are growing in easy2grow pots the plants are benefiting from a rich but regulated diet of easy2grow liquid fertiliser thanks to the AutoPot AQUAvalve at the heart of the system.

Learn more about our easy2grow one-part liquid fertiliser here

The AutoPot easy2grow kit is quite the classic system for growers who like a great, healthy harvest with low, low maintenance, check them out here



We recently waved bon voyage or should we say, ‘Deinthang plxdphay Na Khrab!’, to a trove of AutoPot treasure headed for James Harrison in Thailand. This bounty included equipment for an organic aquaponic integration system. Such systems call upon live fish in adjoining tanks to produce natural fertiliser for plant nutrition, now that’s what I call fish food, yummy-delicious! More on this coming soon.

Meanwhile conventionally fed systems continue to prove most fruitful in the production of kale, lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries. Due to the Thai heat James has been cultivating in white pots. These are soon to be available in AutoPot easy2grow, 1Pot modules and the XL in a limited edition from the 13th August.

Keep an ear (eye) to our website and Facebook page for further White Pot announcements.

We were delighted to see AutoPot systems being championed at the Todmorden Agricultural Show. Good friends of AutoPot Ian and Cash from Greenleaf Hydro and Todmorden Hydro had many a snoot cocked in the direction of the AutoPot kits on their stand. Community growing and self-sustainability was very much the message behind the show as a whole. Ian and Cash had a busy day showing people how, for a very little outlay, you can grow your own food indoors.

Events in Todmorden were spread all over the town. Ian and Cash ran their stand in conjunction with Incredible Edibles on ‘Pollination Street’. Incredible Edibles use public spaces such as ‘Pollination Street’ to grow fruit, veg and herbs for anyone to take, all they ask is that people replace those plants harvested with others if they can.

The Todmorden Food Festival in September will see Ian and Cash return to the streets of the town. They’ll be there to demonstrate what can be achieved indoors over the winter months and that the growing season never ends.


Stop Press

This past month has seen Jason and Dan to-ing and fro-ing across the pond once again. In California they strode up to the Golden Gate and it was thrown wide open to them for a warm welcome in San Francisco. Whilst ‘decompressing’ Dan took a well-earned day off to visit the house and locations featured in the movie Mrs Doubtfire! Setting out from the city by the bay they sought new friends in Oakland and renewed old acquaintances in Santa Cruz.

Casually hopping on an internal flight Jason and Dan zoomed to LA where they met Edward and Claudia in our Autopot US office for the first time. Our US account manager and all-round US trade sage Manny Pelaez gave them the lay of the land with a tour of some famous old AutoPot customers. In the column marked ‘potential commercial customers’ the guys saw several truly immense hydroponics stores.

If you’d like to request a visit to your store then please contact Manny directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 954-708-6378

AutoPot rep Dan Dozzini recently dropped in on Sunlight Gardens to deliver some prototype bespoke AutoPot-Sunlight Gardens smart-casualwear for the boys to try out. The shirts delighted the whole staff including Ozzy and Dev (pictured below).

How would you like your shop logo branded on an AutoPot polo shirt? Let’s face it; shelling out for and digging out your own work clothes can be a daily drag. Yes, you want to look smart but suits, even safari suits, can get terribly mucky, are expensive to valet and tend to be cumbersome in a busy shop. Step forward the AutoPot dual-logo-polo!

If you’re a European or US AutoPot stockist and you’re intrigued by the idea of a dual-logo-polo send us an email immediately telling us what you like most about our products. Our favourite 5 entries will get a summers supply of branded t-shirts and a 4Pot system for display.

This promotion is open to European and US stockists only. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now!

AutoPot Dual-Logo-PoloSunlight GardenAutoPot Dual-Logo-Polo

Elena Mooney

Our sales representative Dan Mooney recently set sail once again to sample the Spanish marketplace. Upon arrival (pictured to the right) he and our Spanish representative Elena Perez carved a great, circular trail around beautiful Galicia. Traversing the ‘country of the thousand rivers’ they tipped their hats to some 21 shops. Stores in towns as far and wide as Pontevedra, O’Porriño, and Villagarcia de Arosa awaited them. Places with evocative names in what for Mooney was a strange, magical and somewhat-rainy-when-he-went land.

To each potential stockist they brought a 4pot system. Many knew little of the AutoPot brand before Elena’s presentations but received their guests with great enthusiasm. Hosts took our travelling representatives on tours, fed and watered them and were the epitome of friendliness.

Mooney hopes to return to the friendly faces, verdant hills and lush valleys of Galicia one very day soon.



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Question: When you spend all day creating and selling lovely Lush products, how do you find time to water your plants?
Answer: you just let AutoPot do it for you!

This month we’ve been working with the amazing people at Lush Head Office to help them create an irrigation solution for all their fantastic instore foliage. Live plants play a key part in creating ambiance in their retail outlets across the world, but watering plants takes a lot of work. Lush got in touch after a member of their staff spotted one of our kits in Space Hydro down in Poole. So, after a quick consultation, we helped Lush design a unit that irrigates their plants without taking up valuable floor space. It works just like the shelving units we use to propagate plants in our own R&D facility. Plants will be positioned around the store for a week, they will then be positioned on the AutoPot Lushified irrigation shelving unit to allow them to re-grow for a week. This rotation will ensure Lush keep their plants healthier for longer and cut down on their staff’s watering workload. The first unit will be installed at one of their Manchester stores at the end of the month. Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for details.

The Festival is just around the corner! We are counting down the days until the growing event of the year! Please be aware that we will be closing the registration in July. If you haven’t already registered for tickets you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will send you the registration details. Remember this event is strictly trade-only so please tell Leah where you work when you contact her.

As well as free food and drink (for the entire weekend!) we also have live entertainment on both Saturday and Sunday night, plus loads of family friendly activities. Please be aware that if you do not register prior to the event you will not be able to gain entry. No register, no entry!

Summer Festival


The team at Plantasia have been extremely busy getting the poly tunnels ready for the AutoPot Summer Festival and, thanks to the recent sunny weather, the tunnels are bursting at the seams with plants! This year they are increasing the diversity of plants they will be growing, including; herbs, salads, strawberries, toms, cucumbers, onions and courgettes. They have also increased the number of chilli plants to 50 varieties! It’s going to be a hot (and spicy!) summer.

See Ben’s blog for more details at


If you’d like to request a visit to your store then please contact Manny directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 954-708-6378

Please join us in welcoming Manny to the family. It’s great to have you!

Please join us in welcoming Janine Bertenshaw, Owen Houston and Luke Regan to our team.

Janine joins our accounts department here at AutoPot HQ, brings with her a wealth of experience and is already proving to be a great asset to the company!

Owen - aka Young ‘Un - joins the warehouse and dispatch department. This is Owen’s first job and we are excited to have some young blood in the company!

Enter Luke in the role of Marketing Executive, brand communication is his motivation! Contact Luke for Autopot brand assistance and marketing resources via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 07534544539

Welcome to the family guys!




Scott is preparing the impressive Allium for the Malvern Autumn Show on 24th and 25th of September where the remarkable entries for the Giant Vegetable Society’s Competition are sure to draw in the horticultural hordes. Safe to say Scott’s interest in innovative growing techniques has been duly piqued and the AutoPot has shot to the top of his Christmas list. Check our Facebook page to follow Scott’s progress and visit for further jumbo veg info.


As part of our continued world domination, we are proud to announce the inception of AutoPot Kenya. A container of AutoPot stock is en route and, alongside our good friend Nam, we’ve set up several poly tunnels in Kenya... complete with a (mildly) electrified fence to keep the monkeys off! We’ll have more information and images for you next month, in the meantime, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for up-to-the-minute updates!


Holland Hydroponics have just celebrated their 20th birthday and held a great party at their Manchester shop last month. The sun was shining, refreshments were free and some top industry names were in attendance to speak to customers and enjoy the atmosphere.

Our very own Dan “The Man” Mooney was in attendance on the AutoPot stall and had a great time dishing out AutoPot growing advice and offering up AutoPot prizes. We were really chuffed to be included in their celebrations and wish them well for the next 20 years!


Are you an AutoPot stockist? Would you like some AutoPot polo t-shirts branded up with your store logo for you and your staff to stay cool in this summer? You would? Then send us an email immediately telling us what you like most about our products. Our favourite 5 entries will get a summers supply of branded t-shirts and a 4Pot system for display.

This promotion is open to all UK and US stockists. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now!


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It’s been a productive month and our indoor facility is really starting to take shape. Jason has been busy laying out systems and planting up for our trial work. We’re experimenting with a few different types of growing media with our tomato plants and a variety of nutrient additives on our chillies. We’ve got fruit starting to form on our vertical shelf of strawberries and lots of herbs and salads in our easy2propagate Kits. There are just a few more additions to strategically place here and there. Oh, and we are also going to go for a Guinness World Record, but we’ll keep you guessing on that one for a while longer!

The bumble bees are doing a fantastic job of pollinating the flowers. We’ve now purchased our second bee box as the number of plants in there has significantly increased and, unfortunately, we lost a few bees to spider webs! If you’re planning on introducing bees to your facility then do ensure that you get the duster out and remove any large webs. Obviously a healthy spider population will keep flying pests at bay, but it may be at the expense of your bees. Hopefully our insect population will reach a happy equilibrium soon. Please visit Facebook to see the latest grow room videos, we hope you’ll be impressed with the variety and growth rates of our plants. All in all it’s looking lovely up there and the plants seem very happy.


Our long time friend David Kessler at Atlantis Hydroponics in Atlanta has been back in touch with a nice update from Ford Elementary School. The guys have now planted out a tomato variety called Big Deena into their AutoPots and are using a mixture of coco coir and perlite (which’ll work great). They’ve also used our new PotSocks on this crop to ensure that those aggressive tomato roots stay in the pot. Look forward to the next update guys! For more information on how our PotSocks work, click here to visit our online shop.


Back in the USA

We’re on our travels again! Jason is state hopping this month, firstly to California to hand over from Marcel and Maren at our LA location, as they are both retiring. They did an incredible job of building our stateside operation, please join us in wishing them all the best for the future.

Ricky Perez has now been promoted to General Manager (congrats Ricky!) and new arrival Edward (pictured) joins Ricky and Claudia to complete our LA team.

Jason then flies to Las Vegas to visit one of our commercial customers before joining Dan in Florida where they’ll both be conversing with commercial growers and clients. We hope they bring the weather back with them!

Visit the US website here:

Ben at Plantasia in Oxford has been busy in the poly tunnel; planting out on his heated benches, setting up his AutoPot systems and generally getting things ready for the (fingers crossed) warm weather that’s forecast. This year Ben is growing a huge variety of plants including; tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, aubergine, plus many types of basil and herbs. As you can see from the pictures, everything is looking lovely and healthy. We can’t wait to try the produce at harvest time. To stay updated with the goings on at Brill View, Ben – the farm’s owner – has a blog here and it’s well worth following.

Planting Out At The Farm

Sawad dee ka! We recently received a nice update from one of our agents, James Harrison, who runs a large AutoPot system at his greenhouse in Southern Thailand. James is growing local chillies that will be sold to the nearby markets and restaurants. Surprisingly, he has also managed to get a strain of tomato to flower and set despite the intense heat that he is having to deal with at the moment. Great effort! James also has some interesting projects coming up in Bangkok and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

Land of Smiles

Our exhibit at The Eden Project will be up and running again this year. We’ve had systems set up at this ground breaking UK attraction for over a decade now. This year the guys will be growing melons and capers in their AutoPot systems, amongst other delicious edibles. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information. Visit the Eden Project’s website here:


Not long now! We’re counting down the months until the growing event of the year... the AutoPot Summer Festival 2016! This trade-only industry gathering promises to be even bigger than last year, with over 40 industry leaders exhibiting.

If you haven’t already received your invitation and ticket password, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Remember this event is strictly trade-only so please tell Leah where you work when you contact her.

As well as free camping, food and drink (for the entire weekend!) we also have live entertainment on both Saturday and Sunday night, plus loads of family friendly activities.

Please be aware that if you do not register prior to the event you will not be able to gain entry. No register, no entry!


We’re counting down the days until the growing event of the year; the AutoPot Festival 2016! This trade only event promises to be bigger and better than ever, if you haven’t already received your invitation and ticket password please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., remember this event is strictly trade only so remember to tell Leah where you work!

As well as free camping, food and drink, we also have over 40 of the best industry experts exhibiting! Please be aware that if you do not register prior to the event you will not be able to gain entry. No register, no entry!



We have a new buzz in the research and development zone here at AutoPot HQ, we’ve taken receipt of a hive of 50 bees to help pollinate our array of plants! Without the bees, pollination of the tomatoes and various other plants would be a nightmare! The only other way to pollinate is go through each truss with a small brush, which isn’t practical. Thank goodness for bumble bees!

Also in the R&D room, we are testing vertical strawberry growing, using some simple shelving units and the easy2grow modules. We have added supplementary LED lighting, kindly donated by Paul at Budmaster and Jay and Nick from Venture LED. We are also testing different substrates and we are using EcoThrive Charge kindly donated by Gareth Hopcroft.

Shortly, we will be testing lava rock from the island of Cape Verde to see if it will sustain a substantial tomato plant. We have had to pre-soak the lava rock in water for seven to ten days, after this we have boiled the lava rock several times to remove any sulphur. Finally, the lava rock has been soaked for several days to stabilise the pH. Keep an eye on Facebook for updates on how we get on.



Last month we attended a great gardening show in Barcelona, with an attendance of circa 30,000 visitors over the three days! It was good to catch up with some of our global distributors and friends old and new!

The only downside was that everyone came home with Spanish Flu (in England we call this Man Flu!) and spent two weeks trying to recover, despite this we are still looking forward to next year’s event!

FB Easter

A big thank you to everyone who took part in our Easter Egg hunt this year! We are delighted to announce the winners of our new easy2propagate kit are:

Channapha Sri-in, Dean Stevens, Lin Ockenden, Emma Green & Ludovic Sommer – Congratulations Guys!

There were also ten runners up, who will each receive an easy2GO kit!

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Sales man year

Please join us in congratulating Dan Dozzini on achieving Salesman Of The Year! Dan works incredibly hard all year round, even when he is on holiday he is still working hard to make sure that all of his customers get the technical support they have come to expect from AutoPot! Well done Dan!


Our easy2grow liquid plant fertiliser is a great all round feed that will nourish your plants from seedling stage all the way through to harvest. It’s suitable for all varieties of fruiting plants, vegetables and ornamentals and can be used with all types of growing substrate. Our liquid fertiliser is a single-part mineral nutrient that dilutes completely into water, with very little sediment, which ensures that it keeps pipes and AQUAvalves running clear and free from blockages. We use our easy2grow liquid in our own growing trials and consistently achieve excellent results, it simply produces great harvests time and time again. Visit our online store for more information.

We have had another update from The Wiltshire Chilli Farm and also a surprise gift of some super-hot chilli sauces for the brave to try! Much appreciated! The guys have been successfully propagating their plants on tables irrigated with our AQUAvalves and have now set up their 1Pot systems in the main greenhouse. Looking forward to the next update.


A big thank you to our customer Rick Sklar for sharing his growroom progress, he is growing Chinese Cabbages under an LED light, using our easy2grow system. Keep up the good work and keep us posted!

Chinese Cabbage

Jacktop Las Vegas

Our friends at Heliospectra LED exhibited at the 4th Annual Indoor Ag-Con in Las Vegas earlier this month. They had a great show and were kind enough to display our easy2GO Kits and CocoMats on their booth which were being used to irrigate young plants that were grown under Heliospectra’s propagation light bars. The show was well attended and we may well consider having a booth ourselves next year... as if we need an excuse to go to Vegas!!


Did you know we are on Instagram? Click here to follow us and get the latest updates straight to your mobile phone!


As part of our Easter celebrations we’ve organised an Easter Egg hunt on our website. Have a scout around the website to try and find the hidden Easter Eggs, there are 9 of them in total. Find all nine and you’ll be entered into our Easter prize draw!

Once you find an Easter Egg simply click on the image and then enter your details, once you have found all nine eggs you will be in with a chance of winning one of five brand new easy2propagate kits! We will also pick ten runners up to receive an easy2GO kit!

We will be giving a few Egg Hunting hints and tips on our Facebook page, if you don’t follow us already you can click here!

Look at this healthy, happy wheatgrass sown directly onto a layer of root control sheet, sat in a Garland tray on top of our new CocoMats and irrigated with an AQUAvalve. We were wondering which of our die hard AutoPot customers would try this direct sowing method first and we didn’t have to wait long… step forward Mr Dean Finley! We salute you, excellent work!

This kit will soon be available as an “easy2propagate” complete with a humidity dome, but if you can’t wait that long simply head to our online shop here and pick up the following;

easy2GO Kit, Garland Giant Plus Tray, CocoMats x2, root control sheet and, if required, a 30L reservoir with lid, and start propagating the easy way!


Wow! Check out the large scale propagation going on down at Wiltshire Chilli Farm. These impressive pics were sent to us by farm owner Jamie Sythes. As you can see the guys are using wide benches with our easy2propagate Kits and achieving great results. Follow their their Facebook page here for more updates



The office dogs Harley and Buster have been modelling some of our branded merchandise. If you’re an AutoPot reseller and would like some official AutoPot garments (let’s face it, who wouldn’t?!), please contact your sales representative.

Daniel Dozzini - 07791 409982
Daniel Mooney - 07983 666550


Our updated pricelists are being printed as you read this, they’re a great sales tool for showing your customers the range of AutoPot products available and they’re also full of handy information (and system packing lists) to help you sell.

Our 2016 list contains all of the new products that we released over the last months including; PotSocks, CocoMats, easy2propagate Kit and new fittings. Contact your sales representative for more information.


Last month we exhibited at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) expo in Abu Dhabi. We met with many farmers and government officials from across the Middle Eastern region, all interested in the water saving properties and yield benefits that our systems have to offer. As much of the produce in the UAE is imported, there’s a real drive in the region to invest in sustainable farming. We had a great expo and hope to begin work with some of the government officials and universities within the next few months. Watch this space for more information.

During the GFIA event we were invited to visit a local greenhouse who are cultivating plants using aquaponics and raft hydroponics. Needless to say, we jumped at the chance. The greenhouse produces kale, basil and lettuce on floating rafts made of polystyrene. The rafts float on water containing fish waste and the plants draw their nutrition from the waste.

The owners of the greenhouse were interested in improving their success rate when propagating and so we gave them a trolley unit complete with two of our easy2propagate Kits which will be used with the enriched water from their aquaponics system. While Jason explained the AQUAvalve technology to the owners, Dan posed for photos in the greenhouse! We’ll keep you updated of the trials progress on our Facebook page.



Got a question? Not sure of the answer? Our Ask Josh facility is here to help you get the most out of our systems. We have lots of information in our potting up guides and brochure, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, why not Ask Josh? Click here to visit the Ask Josh pages on our website.

We’ve just enjoyed a fantastic weekend exhibiting in Barcelona. Our team worked the crowds for three (long!) days and met up with some fantastic people. There were lines of Spanish retailers queued up to chat to Elena (from AutoPot Spain) who – literally - spoke non-stop for 3 days! A huge thank you to all the growers and resellers that visited our booth, it was great to see you and we wouldn’t be where we are without you! See you next year.


We’re very pleased to announce that the event of the Summer is back! Our Summer Festival will take place on August 13th+14th and it’s one party that you don’t want to miss out on. This year’s event promises to be even bigger and better than before, with more food, drink and merriment than ever. Not to mention, booths and activities laid on by the biggest and best companies in the global hydroponics industry. Plus, a working commercial AutoPot installation to walk around and sample produce from. What more could you ask for? Get those dates in your diary!

To register your interest please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ASAP. Please note that the AutoPot Summer Festival is open to trade customers only.


It’s all change for the R&D Centre at AutoPot HQ this year. Those that follow us on Facebook will know that the R&D Centre was positively crammed with produce last year, overflowing with tomatoes, herbs and lots (and lots) of chillies. Well, after spending most of Christmas and New Year ripping everything out, Jason is now ready to start afresh and has some interesting experiments planned including; nutrient and growing media trial work using chilli plants and lots of lighting trials. Once again a big thank you to all the companies that keep our R&D Centre illuminated so that we can grow all year long; BudMaster, Gavita, MaxiGrow, Adjust-A-Watt, Spectrum King, PhytoLux, LED Venture, Heliospectra, HP4S, RISE LED and Growth Technology. We’ll update you next month with a full list of which plants we’re growing.



Not long to wait now until you can get your hands on our brand new PotSocks! They’re great if you’re cultivating long term crops or any plant with an aggressive root system.

Keep rogue roots away from your AQUAvalve and where they belong… contained in the pot! Available in square or round variations, to fit the easy2grow, 1Pot or XL pots. They’re also the ideal solution if you’re using fabric air pruning pots in your AutoPot system. Available from the end of the month.


After receiving an influx of customer demand, we’re proud to announce that we’ll soon be launching two new FlexiTank sizes! Ideal for smaller scale growers or gardeners running propagation systems, the new 25L and 50L sizes will fit into the smallest of floor spaces whilst securely holding water and nutrients for your plants. Follow us on Facebook for more updates.

Click here for more information on the FlexiTank range.


It’s always nice to hear about our systems being used in a charitable way, so we were dead chuffed to get a call from Ryl at The HomeGrow Centre in Aberystwyth who donated a couple of our 4Pot Systems to good causes last month.

The HomeGrow Centre has only been trading for a couple of months and Ryl thought a great way to get involved in the local community would be to run a prize draw with a 4Pot System as a prize and the proceeds going to a couple of charities.

Ryl was pleased to hand over a cheque to the Royal Navy Lifeboat Association (RNLI) and one to The Welsh Air Ambulance Service as well as donating a system for them to raffle off. Both were very happy and have now left collection boxes in Ryl’s shop.

The winner of the prize draw was Mrs May Hill of Aberareon, who is pictured with her 4Pot System. Good work Ryl!


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