AutoPot Watering Systems USA was formed in May 2012 by Jason Ralph Smith, Giles Gunstone, Jon Grace, Marcel Palm and Paul Milner. Jason is also the Managing Director and designer of all AutoPot products produced by AutoPot Global Ltd, based in the United Kingdom. AutoPot Watering Systems in the UK are one of the most popular watering systems in the market with the 1Pot module being one of the biggest selling single pot units in the UK and Europe.

Due to the demand of the products in the UK and Europe the founders above sat down in late April 2012 and discussed a strategy for the US market. After many rushed meetings and much deliberation bearing in mind time was of the essence as the Maximum Yield show in San Francisco was booked in July, a strategy was agreed.

Although AutoPot based in the UK have a varied range of products everyone decided that it made sense to launch only a few products so that the US market would not be overwhelmed. During the Maximum Yield Show in July, AutoPot USA will be launching two new product lines to the American market, the newly packaged 4Pot System which will be supplied in a beautiful full colour retail box and a unique range of collapsible FlexiTanks or reservoirs as they say in the States.

The complete "all in a box" 4Pot watering system is the perfect starter system for hobby and professional growers a like. We are all confident at AutoPot Watering Systems USA that anyone who grows with the 4Pot System will quickly realise the potential this technology has to offer. The FlexiTank collapsible reservoir range will be available in 25, 60 & 105 gallon capacities. The quality and design of the FlexiTank reservoirs is by far superior to anything presently available on the market. With sales in the UK and Europe booming since their launch in March 2012 we are quietly confident that the American market will also embrace this fantastic concept for compact water storage.

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