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Hi, Am going to transplant my clones, which are currently in their jiffy bags, into their new 15l autopots. Am not sure how long to hand feed/water them, before they will take up the solution on their own, from the bottom of the pot. Am concerned, as the roots have only just sprouted and are a long way from the bottom. Thank you. Claudio - Posted by Claudio

Hi Claudio.....In an ideal world you should pot up your sprouted plants into a 3-5" pots first and let it establish in that pot first is not good practice to pot up a very small plant in to a 15ltr pot...once the plants have established in the smaller pots and have a good root system pot up into the 15ltr pots and water through.....there is emough water in the pot for 4-14 days so do not turn your system on until the plants have established......then turn it on....make the plants work hard for the water.....Josh....

What product do you recommend to fill the pots? - Posted by ed miller

Hi Ed....There are so many to choose from...the list is endless......but rule of to have good air retention and good capillary action within the substrate.....suggestions are as follows......Perlite/Soil 50/50, Perlite/Coco 50/50, let me know what you have in mind and I will advise accordingly.......Josh....

Hi, Do you sell the square gold substrate piece that fits in the bottom of the pot, separately? I found a single autopot but the retailer doesn’t have that piece and without it I don’t think it will work correctly. The retailer told me that the autopot came that way and it had been sitting around for a long time. I want to buy it but not in-complete. Can you help me? I am interested in purchasing the 4 pot system but I want to try the single out in a side by side test with another manufacturers product. This could be an opportunity for an independent review. Thank you for your time. - Posted by calvin repinski

Hi Calvin...... If you contact either hydrodynamics or future garden....they should be able to help....any problems please let me know......Josh...

I would like an 8 pot system. Do you make them? - Posted by Bill

Hi Bill, there are two options here.....either you can purchase x2 4Pot systems or alternatively you can contact Josh or Chip at HydroDynamics as they will be able to help on an 8Pot System......Josh...

Hello I am inquiring about getting a 12 or 24 pot system. I know that the 4 pot system is available in the US just unsure about getting the larger system? Thanks, Brian - Posted by Brian pimentel

Hi Brian........I think prices have been sent to you....If all is OK please let us know......Josh....

I have contacted distriutors and retailers , they are all like the person calvin talked to,they do not seem very educated in your product or really selling any of them.They lots of other pot stuff to look after in fact they are flooded with it.I would like to make a suggestion since i have been in sales for many years.Do it the old fashioned way, have a sales staff that is educated on the product and makes direct calls to retailers and sets up work shops and demonstrations at farm stores and nurseries.I would love to travel and sell this direct.Also offer and carry the whole product line. Regards , Friend - Posted by Friend Darr

Hi Friend...... We are all fully aware that no one really knows the product......and especially how to use it......If you would like to have a chat with Jason ...the President of the company he can be contacted either by Skype at jason.s.ralph.smith or by email at [email protected] As you know we have a company based in LA we are starting to make head way...We are also aiming to have another person on hte ground in LA before Christmas....This person will be running everything and pushing the company forward......

What is the price for the 25 gal FlexiTank? - Posted by Virginia Arenas

The price of the 25G FlexiTank is .00

(Like BrianPrementiI ) i would also like to order 2/12 pot systems. how do I go about doing so? Only fours available please reply thank you - Posted by Nathan

Hi Nathan If you can send me an email at [email protected] I’d be happy to give you further information on where to purchase the 12Pot system and price information. Many thanks, Olivia

which one of your products are for me? I’m looking to grow on my terrace And inside apt thanks - Posted by sean

Hi Sean...... The 4Pot System will work very well both indoors or outdoors...... In fact any of the systems will be perfect.... any size will work well.... Josh....

Will the four autopot fit in a 4x2 grow tent? - Posted by Jon Lieberman

Hi Jon..... The 4Pot System will fit nicely in this area..... If you need any further help please let me know.... Josh...

Where can I purchase the 4 pot Retail Package ? Thanks, - Posted by Maximo

Hi There .... you can purchase it from stores in LA... there are some in shown on the website or directly from us..... Please send us some contact info and we will help you out if you need us..... Josh...

I noticed the website doesn’t give you a purchasing option...where can I buy your products online - Posted by Sterlin

Hi Sterlin.... Just send an email to the web contact and we will advise you on the best and easiest way to get what you need.... Josh....

Is the Air Dome addition available in the US? - Posted by Ryan

Hi Ryan..... Not in the US at the moment but we can ship to the US at very competitive prices..... just let us know via email what you would like and we will sort everything out for you...... Josh...

I would like to purchase a easy to grow 6 system - Posted by michael

Hi Michael...if you provide us with your shipping/billing address by e-mail to [email protected], then one of our sales team will be in touch shortly to help you through the purchasing process...Josh

hi josh! i live un the united states in ohio and i would like to know where i could buy a 60 gallon flexitank here in the united states i already have 12 auto pots but i need the tank dont like the other kind as well. thanks a lot josh for yout time and take care. tom - Posted by thomas miller

Hi can buy the 60 gallon Flexi-Tank direct from us...if you e-mail [email protected] directly giving us your full shipping address then we will be able to provide you with a price quote...Josh

Will these work for orchids? If so, how should I set it up? - Posted by David

Hi David..... They work fantastically well... I have been growing beautiful orchids for years... I simply use a mixture of bark and coco.... works a treat......

how many pots can I add additionally to the original four pot system and not have to have a larger reservoir Thank You in advance - Posted by tim izatt

Hi Tim.... I would suggest no more than 6 1Pot modules from a 13 gallon res... using 1/4 inch pipe.... if you want more you really need to use a bigger res and start using 1/2 inch pipe as the main supply pipe reducing down to 1/4 inch at each AQUAvalve point..... hope this helps..... Josh....

For groing tomatoes and chili peppers, do you need have the pts in a covered area in case it rains. This in tropical weather. Thanks, - Posted by Maximo

Hi Maximo.... Ideally it is best to have the products in a covered area...... too much rain and you will end up flooding the trays and drowning the plants..... the only system suited for outdoors is the AQUAbox Spyder.... Josh.......

Do you carry the air dome accessory for the auto pot system? - Posted by dom

Hi Dom, AirDomes now in the US, please contact [email protected], he will be able to help you with what you need.... Thanks Josh...

Is the 1/4" tubing used with the auto pots ID or OD? - Posted by D

Hi D..... 1/4" tubing is OD ... in mm... 6.2mm OD... 4.2mm ID... hope this helps ... Josh..

How much is the 4pot system cost? Where can I order them? - Posted by Ryan

Hi Ryan, If you contact [email protected] he will be able to help you out, we have plenty in stock in LA, you can pay on the website, by either using PayPal or your credit card... Josh... Hi Ryan. The 4 pot system cost 199$ we sent to your door step - my mail is [email protected] Kind regards Marcel

I live in the US. Which type of air pump would you recommend using on 24 airdomes in an easy2grow 24 system - Posted by Joseph Marshall

Hi Joseph.... Ideally you are looking for a pump that delivers 20-30 litres / min ... Mirror the pipe work layout for the water.... large pipe reduced to the smaller pipe at each AirDome point. You might need to look at a few pumps as you will need to figure out how to attach the 1/2" pipe to the AirPump... Quite often the larger pumps come with a brass fitting that is screwed into the front of the AirPump... If the 1/2" pipe will fit on this great.... if not... either a Jubilee clip or a 1/2" straight connector pushed onto the brass fitting will do the job.... dont forget you will need to cap the end of each 1/2" pipe with a 1/2" end stop.... Try not to do your pipe layout in 1/4" pipe because it will not be enough or you will have to use quite a few pumps... Remember just mirror the pipework used to supply the water.... Josh...

Hi, I need 4 15 liter square AutoPot and 1 8 pack of root control disc’s - Posted by Dolly Harris

Hi Dolly... If you contact Marcel at [email protected] he will be able to help you with what you need.... Thanks Josh....

I would like to try a kumquat tree in an XL pot. Are these available in the US? What media would you suggest for this...I was thinking of rock wool/clay pebbles Thanks, Allan - Posted by Allan Murphy

Hi Allan. Yes the 1Pot XL modules have just arrived in the US.... If you contact Marcel at [email protected] he will be able to arrange delivery. Rockwool clay pebbles sounds like a great mix.... what are the requirements soil wise for a Kumquat tree, as far as I know free draining and they do not like wet feet so this this mix sounds OK... Which pebble are you using, if Hydroton please pH balance them first or alternatively simply use pH stable pebbles instead.

hi, i have just purchased invoice #1067. paid 3.40. i was wondering when would i be expecting the delivery? thank you - Posted by joseph

Hi Joseph, Marcel is dealing with your order in LA. His contact email is [email protected], please contact him and he will no doubt give you a call to arrange everything with you... Josh...

Hi Jeff, does the 200 gal reso. Have an attachment on the back to work in conjunction with a RO device? I want a collapsible reso, but want to set up a float valve on it to stop the flow. So I don’t have to babysit it. Please advise! Thanks!! - Posted by Kyle

Hi Kyle, Unfortunately the reservoirs don't have additional holes at the moment, you can however adapt the top of the tank to accommodate an attachment ..... you will need to support the connection with a section of wood or similar to support the connection between two legs...Josh...

how much air in domes,little,lot? - Posted by joe

AirDomes now in the US, please contact [email protected], he will be able to help you with what you need.... Thanks Josh... As long as air is bubbling through the plants will be fine and grow faster....

Josh, would love to buy 4 gallon pot system as this size is not available in Australia. Do you deliver to Australia, and how much would shipping costs be? Thsnk You. Linda. - Posted by Linda

Hi Linda, If you contact [email protected] he will be able to advise you on the information you require.....Josh... pot sizes to choose from are 2.2 gallon, 3.9 gallon or 6.6 gallon...

Can the water source from tank be replaced by water from fish tank since Im intrested doing integrated farming AQUAPONIC - Posted by Aidi

Hi Aidi, yes you can do this .... however please be mindful that fish waster is really only suitable to grow/support leafy/herb type crops.... plants that require high levels of feed will not be supported enough from fish waste.....Josh...

Hello Josh, It seems the plants closer to the reservoir are drinking more and are larger. The reservoir bottom is about 3 inches higher than the black autopot and about 9 inches from the top of the autopot to the surface of the res water. How high does my reservoir need to be? I have the tube split right away going to 2 autopots on each side, total of 4. - Posted by Kevin

Hi Kevin... The delivery and position of your reservoir seems fine, do you have a hot spot/cold spot in your growing area, min height of the res should be around 6". The height of the res I don't think is the issue.... How do all the plants look are they deficient ... is your environment correct... temp and humidity 24 hours a day... Josh....

Hi Is it possible to use Seramis only without any Soil? The Plan is to start growing the seeds in the Autopot. - Posted by Thomas Smith

Hi Thomas, yes you can use Seramis on its own, I am not sure what the capillary action is to the height of the pot in question, you will need to test this first to ensure that a full pot of Seramis allows water to be pulled to the top surface.....Josh...

Hi Josh I am a family farmer in Chile , South America, producing herbs, edible flowers, greens and native vegetables. I am looking for Brands to distribute in Chile and other countries in Latin America, like Argentina and Peru Have you distributors in Chile? Are you interested in our area? Thanks D - Posted by diego matas

Hi Diego, At present we are supplying a few stores in Chile, I think their details are on our UK website, We would be more than interested in talking further, please contact [email protected] & [email protected] and they will be able to help you... Josh...

Hello, I need a phone number to be able to purchase your 4pot extra large system. I would prefer to do business on the phone then to supply my personal information over the internet. Thank you for your help. By the way it has taken me a long time to find your website. - Posted by Cathy George

Hi Cathy, the number is on the site but I have added it below...... Tel & Fax: (+1) 562 612 4182 Please speak with Marcel and he will be able to help you with your order... Josh...

Hi Josh, I was considering one of your flexitanks for a main water reservoir to refill my other hydroponic nutrient reservoirs. I was wondering if the pressure from the gravity fed outlet on the bottom of the 105 gallon flexitank would be enough to travel about 30 feet through a garden hose into another reservoir or if I would be better suited with a reservoir and a water pump to transfer the water? - Posted by Christofer Wilson

as long as your reservoir is higher as the final reservoir the water will travel by gravity - if the reservoir is on the same high we recommend to pump the water with a pump to the final reservoir once - also popular is when one reservoir is high up in a rack pump up the water from the floor level reservoir into the reservoir up high in the rack. Josh

can you use circulating pumps and or flood/drain pumps? are there any restrictions? - Posted by Rob

circular pumps you can use in the tank on a timer to go on say every 4 hours for 15 minutes to keep the nutrients mixed - or just mix by hand - Josh

Hi Josh, I'm considering buying an 8 or 10 pot auto pot system, but would appreciate clarification on one thing - I have a a three-tiered plant shelf and am planning to put auto pots on each of the 3 shelves. The bottom shelf is at floor level, the 2nd shelf is about 10 inches higher than floor level and the third shelf is about 20 inches higher than floor level. I was thinking of buying auto pots to grow flowers on all of the 3 shelves. Would this work for the auto pot system? Would it work in watering the autopots on all the shelves if the water reservoir is placed at floor level or a little higher than floor level? Or does the water reservoir have to be at a higher level than the highest shelf? Thanks, and look forward to hearing your clarification on this. Best regards, Marina - Posted by Marina

Dear Marina - shelf growing with Autopot is getting very popular - rule of thumb is to have the reservoir higher in the shelf than the trays - so if your highest shelf is 20 inch place the reservoir 30 in higher so gravity can do its job and fill the trays - if you use very high shelves keep the reservoir on the very top - pump up the water once from a floor level reservoir to the top shelf reservoir - Josh

Josh, I normally grow in 7 gallon fabric bags. Is it ok to use such bags in a tray with the Easy2Go Kit? Can the 4 pot system be purchased without the pots and the bags used in the trays instead? I normally fill my 7 gl bags with loaded up organic soil where all I do is add water and no nutrients through out the growth. Will the water actually reach the top of the soil where some of the nutrients are and be effective, or should the majority of the nutrients be placed in the lower half of the pots or bags and plain soil mix on top? They seem to be more fitted for hydroponics than a soil grow. Would they actually be alright for my organic style, assuming I add enough perlite or coco? - Posted by wsavatt

All systems can be customized and bought for your needs - wondering if a 7 gal bag will fit into the easy2grow trays - please check - otherwise go for a bigger tray. Put the root control disc gold face down into the bag and fill another inch of Hydroton Growstones or middle size Perlite in the bottom for extra air in the root zone - mix same material 50 \ 50 ratio with the soil. Advisable is to have the nutrients in your case in the lower 2 third of your pot in the root zone - the top soil is designed to stay drier as it won't attract bugs . Yes as long as you mix enough perlite hydration or growstones throughout your mix to have it airiated and good capilar activity you can go for any substrate. Keep an eye on your roots in the bags in the tray as they intend to grow out of the fabric bag depending how long your plants take to finish - Josh

Hello Josh, Could you tell me how to water and how to feed ? I am a little consfused when to stop feeding.If i see a nute burn,how do i stop the plants from getting the fertilizer ? Do i have to empty the tank ? How do i feed exactly what i want to feed,and stop when necessary ? Thanks in advance!! - Posted by Michelakis Vassilios

each nutrient supplier has a so called feed chart where you can see week by week how to feed your plants from veg to bloom - finally just feed water for the last 7-10 days from the clean reservoir. Advisable is if you follow a feed chart fill your reservoir say on a Monday for the full week and ad nutrients on tuesday so your plants get a day water only to flush your root zone. If you have nutrient burn empty your trays and reservoir and fill reservoir with water only until plants have recovered - then start feeding again with a lower strength. Sample for feed chart go to - very good nutrient by the way - always stay lower with the nutrients as recommended if you use no PPM or EC meter - if you use these devices you are always spot on and get it perfect - Josh

Hello Autopot! I have been searching all over to find a online or retail store that I can find all your products in, and it has been tough! I would like to order - 6.6 gal autopot XL x 12 - airdome x 12 - 25 gallon flexi tank x 2 - 1/2 lines - 1/2 inch inline filter x 2 Thanks for your time! I can't wait to try these! - Posted by Chris Wilson

Sorry for the late reply but I think this has been sorted ? Josh

Is it possible to buy an empty AQUAbox? I have the Smart-Valves (AQUAvalves), I need just the boxes. - Posted by Terry Norton

Please what do you mean with the box ? Do you mean the cover or the trays ? Please advise - tnx Josh

I already have 2 set of 4 system, but I want to buy two more of aqua valve and tray with lid only.let me know . - Posted by ariel martija

no problem - you can ad on systems any time - please forward your PO and we get the ball rolling for you - Josh

Today I setup a 4'x8', sand based, plastic lined flood plain with an Aquavalve hooked to a gravity fed reservoir. The water did not readily flow so I thought there might be an airlock and I tried to bleed off the air. Still no real success. Also the valve floated, so I weighted it down without interfering with the movement. I ended up manually filling the floodplain with nutrient solution. I'm not sure what I am missing about the operation of the valve to get it to work. Any suggestions? Thank you. - Posted by James Weber

Do you have our cover for the Aquavalve ? If the cover is not in place the Aquavalve will float - is your reservoir higher as the tray so gravity can transport the water into the tray ? Please advise - many thanks - Josh

Your checkout part of your website isn't working. I tried to order some parts from your site and pay via paypal and it didn't go through. I got an error message when it tried to transfer me to the paypal site. Thanks Thomas - Posted by Thomas Hacker

Please excuse your inconveniences - the website is new and we still have issues - should be working by now - please come back if you have further issues - many thanks - Josh

Where can i buy the products in Scandinavia (preferably Norway). - Posted by Tom Christiansen

Hi Tom, we have distributors in your region, if you go to and look at the distributors section there should be a choice there, if you encounter any problems please let us know at [email protected] Josh....

Are these pots and tanks UV-stabilized ? Are the parts made from PVC pr some other plastic? Are the parts considered food-safe ? What is the expected lifespan when used outside in Florida sun ? - Posted by Bob

Hi Bob, All our products are UV stable, we have been using them in Thailand, Barbados, Dubai for many years without any break down, so you will be fine in the Florida sun. The plastic is either Poly Propylene or ABS, all pipe work is food grade. To date we have had commercial grows all over the world in very hot climates for over 6 years with no reported case of plastic erosion .. Hope this helps.. If you need to chat with some one please speak with [email protected], he is based in Long Beach, California.... Josh....

Hi, I have a question with flushing the auto pot system. I have read conflicting reports on if you have to or don't have to flush the plants 2 weeks before harvest. What would you suggest for flushing the system? - Posted by Matt

Hi Matt... No flushing with AutoPot.... All the salt build up occurs in the top 1 inch of the substrate, if you pour throughout from the top of the plant you will wash it down to the roots at the bottom... simply 2 or so weeks before harvest dump the tank and re-fill with pH balanced water only and allow the plants to flush naturally... Thats it .... Hope this helps.

I'm looking for "The easy2grow liquid feed has been specially formulated to be used with all the AutoPot products." Where can I find it. I used a third party feed that came with the kit but the Feed would make crystal which clogged up the lines/floats/filters every 4 weeks. - Posted by mike

Unfortunately we can not import our liquid feed into the US - local good mineral brands are Mills \ House and garden \ GH 3 part flora line or Canna - do not take organics as they will clog the pipes and valve ! Organic only top feed into pot or slow release in the grow medium and only feed plain water. As a matter of interest - what liquid feed came with the kit ? Also when adding the mineral turn of the water at the tank - ad nutrients - let settle for an hour and the turn on the system again so that no sediments get pushed into the pipes - also you can fill your reservoir for the week and feed plain water for one to two days and then add nutrients so the roots get flushed in-between - flush pipes regularly every week by opening the flush valve at the end of the pipe ( only bigger systems )

Will the 3.9 gallon pot work with the Easytogrow system that uses the 2.2 gallon pot? - Posted by Richard Norton

yes - both pots are interchangeable - getting very popular.

Hey Josh, Thank you for this great forum. I have two questions. 1. I plan to buy over the next year several 4Pot Systems (one at a time and up to 6). Once I get to 4 of these systems, I would like to buy a 200 gallon Flexitank and connect all the 1Pot Modules to it instead of using the 12 gallon reservoir that comes with each 4Pot Systems. What additional hoses, parts, etc. would I need to buy to connect all 1Pot Modules previously connected to a 12 gallon reservoir to a 200 gallon tank? 2. I would like to use Grodan Cubes or Chunks in the 1Pot Modules. Is there enough capillary lift to use either of these as 100% of the medium? If not, what other mediums should they be mixed with and at what percentages to assure enough capillary lift? Also, which of the Croutons do you think would be better, Grodan Chunks or Grodan Cubes. Apologies. that last question turned into a few questions. Whatever expertise and advise you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your knowledge! george - Posted by george

1. sounds like a great plan - please look at our set ups on the web at systems 6 pots up - a 24 pot system comes with a 105gal tank - 200 gal might be a bit too big - once you have all pots we will sent you all fittings and piping you need for a bigger system. 2.fill bottom of pot 1 inch with Hydroton or similar for extra aeration in the root zone - mix the chunks 50 \ 50 % with Hydroton or similar - you will have enough capillary action to pull up moisture. 3. Grodan cubes - fro example big mamas 8 inch fit exactly into the tray but might be to wet - only well established plants with sufficient root mass in these 8 inch cubes will work - or fill bottom of pot with 2 inch Perlite and rest 6 inch or 8 inch cube or smaller into pot - all fine.

When I purchased my system, tubing and fittings were described as 6mm. Now on the US website, tubing and fittings are sold as 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch. Are the UK-sized 6mm and 16mm the same as your US-sized 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch? Sorry for the detail, but the quality of your tubing and fittings is very good and I don't want to lose this by ordering from the US website. Also, the US website does not offer AQUAvalve collars or packs of 10 for silicones, connectors and tees. Do I have to order these from a UK source? - Posted by Frank Turpin

Hi Frank.... No all pipe work in the US is the same, if you need the additional parts not shown on the site please call the office in the US as they have all the part you require.... Josh....

Order ID #61 I ordered from you and paid for with Paypal transaction # 44N44272WE332313D on oct. 11th, 2014 to ship and it has been two weeks. The merchandise has not arrived. PLEASE ADVISE? AJMIII - Posted by Andrew Jake Mladinich III

Hi Andrew, Very sorry to hear this ..... Please contact Marcel at the US office and he will be able to resolve this straight away for you.... Josh...

Good news. It finally arrived. - Posted by Andrew Jake Mladinich III

Excellent news..... Any problems please let us know..... Josh....

Hi, I am making a new reservoir and bought some top hat grommets from you. Can you confirm the hole size require to best fit the 6 mm top hat grommet. It appears to be about 3/8 inch. thank you in advance - Posted by brent

Hi Brent.... Start off with a small drill bit to make a pilot hole and then in UK terms ..... Your final hole is 10mm.... If you go to google and search mm to inches.... There with be a tool to calculate the U.S. equivalent ..... Josh.... We will get this info added to the site .... Thanks for bringing it to our attention.... Much appreciated....

Josh can you call me Monday 1/05/15 at 831-334-7669 - Posted by Michael

will do - cheers - josh

Hello Josh, I am very interested in your AutoPot aeroponics trials. Is there more information available to read? What information can you share? When will you have aeroponic systems available? Thank you, John - Posted by John

Hi John. We are still trialling the system - look out for our newsletters for latest heads up - josh

I was wondering what the difference is if I place hold face down or gold face up. I see in the manual you can do both? I have just planted face down, any reason to change? - Posted by Steve

gold face down in pot s correct - gold face up in tray - Happy Christmas ! Josh

Do you guys know where i could get Biotabs in north america? Thanks! - Posted by Jon Osborne

Unfortunately it is not on the market yet in America - hopefully next year - Happy Christmas - Josh

I have had poor results using various fertilizers obtained from my local grow shop on tomatoes. Eggplants have done ok. The plants seem to become over-fertilized at relatively low ECs. I would order the your proprietary blend but the shipping from the UK for liquid would be quite high. Is there something available in the USA that you guys recommend for vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants, peppers? - Posted by Jeff D.

Hi Jeff. Unfortunately we can't ship over our nutrients to the US for various reasons. We would recommend to take a very simple nutrients line such as GH Flora line - just a 3 part nutrient - stay away from too many additives as they only clog lines and roots if overdone - if you plants get over fertilized that quick check you plain water first - looks to me you have well water not filtered as these are the typical symptoms of over fertilizing even with low ECs - please keep me posted - Josh

HI, I just set up a new autopot I ordered online. I am having problem with the grommet leaking. It leaks from the actual hole, even though the grommet is completely pushed in and the piece that hooks to a hose is also completely pushed in. The leak is a slow drip that I cannot leave set up without it turning into a big puddle. Is there something I can do to waterproof this? It's unusable in this condition. Perhaps either the hole is cut wrong (although the grommet fits very snugly and is even difficult to push in) or the grommet is defective. What do you suggest I do? Looking for any input. Thank you, Patti - Posted by patti

Hi Patti. Do you have the filter in place inside the tank and did you push the filter back in to the hose from the inside ? Please advise - Josh

HI, I just set up a new autopot I ordered online. I am having problem with the grommet leaking. It leaks from the actual hole, even though the grommet is completely pushed in and the piece that hooks to a hose is also completely pushed in. The leak is a slow drip that I cannot leave set up without it turning into a big puddle. Is there something I can do to waterproof this? It's unusable in this condition. Perhaps either the hole is cut wrong (although the grommet fits very snugly and is even difficult to push in) or the grommet is defective. What do you suggest I do? Looking for any input. Thank you, Patti - Posted by patti

Hi Patti - did you push in the filter from the inside of the tank into the grommet and pipe ? This should solve the problem - please keep me posted or ring me on the number through the internet or email [email protected] - Josh

Do you offer a quantity discount? I need 68 of the 3.9 gallon pots only. How much would that be? Also, how much would it add if I also got an additional 16 full 3.9 gallon sets? (No tank needed) - Posted by Howard Cohen

Hi There - what do you mean with 16 full 3.9 gal sets ? Please advise - looking forward to your reply - you can also sent email through [email protected] - cheers

I have the Autopot 4 gal 4 pot system and I have a couple of questions. I would like to use this as a self watering system on my balcony in Southern California and have my sprinkler system and a float valve keep the water tank full and not add liquid fertilizer. For the soil medium what do you recommend to grow tomatoes? I know the instructions says soil, but is that a normal potting soil or a compost peat moss type? What about time released fertilizers? - Posted by Bart Joseph

Hi Bart. Please go to " useful informations " on our web for some medium recommendations. Any ready mix soil will do the job like Foxfarm you get in any Hydrostore - make sure to mix 50 \ 50 with Perlite for good air retention and capillary activity and have 1 inch layer of Hydroton or Growstones at the bottom of pot. Time released fertilizer are getting very popular - you will need more food for sure growing tomatoes - the soil mix will only last 3-4 weeks - tomatoes are very strong feeders - try " Aptus Pellets " from Dutch Garden in Irvine - or Winchester Gardens in Ohio for slow release pellets and spikes - you then only feed water at all times - never feed liquid organics in the reservoir as they will rot and clog the system - also you can top feed organic teas in-between - turn off system beforehand on day before - let the tray dry out - feed the tea and turn on the system next day again - Josh

Hi Josh, i am looking to purchase a setup using the 12.4 Gallon Black Tank but there are no measurements of the tank on the product details of the online store on your website. can you please provide this information so that i may plan a location in my room? much appreciated, Thanks. - Posted by Chris

Here you go - 8.5" x 12.5" x 24.5" - Josh

Good evening Josh, I currently grow in an ebb and flow system using hydroton as my medium. I have chillers, air stones and mixer pumps in my res. Everything I read about the auto pots says I don't need any of this equipment. Is this true? What's the chance of root rot? I usually try to keep my res temp around 68 degrees. What temp does the auto pot res need, I've seen some pictures with the auto pot system running out doors. How high of res temp can I run with out the fear of root rot or other negative issues. Also do I need to weaken my nutrients due to the medium change from 100% hydroton to the 50/50 medium. I normally use GH 3 part with Floralicious plus, sm90, cal/mag, roots excelerator, and Rock resinator. Are these fertilizers ok to use in the res? Should I use an additive to keep the lines clear, if so could you advise on brand and regimen. I'm thinking about using grow stones at the bottom of the buckets instead of the hydroton. Will this be ok, will there be any negative affects? How many gallons of water a week should a 60 pot system with 6.6 gallon pots use? I have controlled environment. Thanks for any info, I look forward to trying the auto pot system. - Posted by Dirk

Hi Dirk. Yes that is true - we don't need any of this equipment. With the extra layer of 1 inch Hydroton or Growstones in the bottom of each pot you don't have to worry about root rot as the roots are enough aerated . 68 degree is fine and keep your reservoir shaded out door and never let run down further as 1 - if you reach in the reservoir out door the water can get pretty warm but when you reach in deeper the water temp is much lower and suitable for the root zone - we have very big out door operations in Brasil and Thailand and there is never a issue. You don't have to weaken down your solution - just follow your feed chart as usual and go according to your substrate. GH Flora line is all you need for healthy plants and maybe SM 90 \ drip clean from House and Garden or Zone from Dutch Master to keep the system free of clogging but I would stay away of too much additive - if used wrong they do more bad than good and are more a invention of the Hydro industry making you think you that you need all this - best is to do a side by side trial with and with out your extra additives to really find out how the plants react and if they are worth the money you pay - rule of thump when growing is keep it as simple as you can - we are trailing now the very simple GH Maxi Grow and Maxi Bloom powder to see what it does and if it is worth buying water and nutrients in a bottle. I find Grow stones very good - better than Hydroton as they are always PH stable. We recommend a 105 gal reservoir for a week - in this system the plants will very strongly feed on water and nutrients - you will be surprised what they can take as they are in charge what to do and we not telling them when to feed - all we do is supply food 24 and let them feed on demand - you can't overfeed or underfeed - can't beat mother nature. Just as a tip - when filling the reservoir on a Monday just fill water and add nutirents next day Tuesaday so pipes and roots get one clear flush of water - water only 7-10 days end of cycle - no flushing from the top ! If you sent me your email to [email protected] I can also sent you a pdf file how to pot up a pot in Autopot. Happy Growing ! Josh

Good Afternoon Josh, i bought a 60 pot system with the air domes, could you tell me what size of air pump is needed to run all 60 domes or should i run multiple pumps. Res temps, how hot can the res get before i need to worry about it. Soil, I'm still not sure if i should run coco or soil, and with that said which brand. I do know that I want what ever is best for my plants, hopefully also the easiest to maintain. Could you make some suggestions. I did see on the web site one of the mediums is 50/50 hydroton/rockwool. What kind of plants would use this medium? Can I use Perlite or Growstones in place of the hydroton? Any extra info that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Please send to [email protected] Thanks, Dirk - Posted by Dirk

Hi Dirk. You can use 1-5 ltr \ minute airpump - so 60-300 ltr \ minute pump with one 1[askjosh/jfaq.php] fitting at the pump or several pumps when using 6 mm tubing - make sure you have the same air flow from first to last pot in the row. Turn on the pumps after 2-3 weeks when plants have established - 24 run if you can assure never less than 70 degrees- or solar panel what turns on when sun comes up and turns off when sun goes down. Never let the temp go above 85 degrees in reservoir - measure temp. at the bottom of reservoir not measure from the top. Good coco brands are Canna or Dome Garden supplies NF - NF has a ready mix coco 50 \ 50 coco\coco - Foxfarm soil is a good brand. Depending on your skills 50 soil\perlite would be the easier option - with coco you have to be spot on with a Ph of 5.5-5.6 when mixing the reservoir. Any plant would take 50 hydroton\rockwool if you know how to run it. Grow stones middle size or Perlite size 2 are very good substrates and don't need cleaning as Hydroton. Josh

I'm trying to stay away from soil. Can you use Hydroton Clay pebbles by themselves with these autopots Or do you have to use the pebbles and soil? - Posted by MsCous

Hi there. Hydroton Clay pebbles will not have enough capillary activity to wig up the moisture into the pot all the way up - we therefore recommend a 50 \ 50 mix pebbles and coco \ soil or rockwoll. Josh

Hi I just purchased a 4 pot setup and was just curious if clay pebbles are required at the bottom of each pot or mixed in with the medium or needed ato all?? (i am using coco/perlite mix) - Posted by Kevin

Hi Kevin. Yes - put in a 1 inch layer of Hydroton \ Growstones middle size or Perlite size 2 at the bottom of pot for extra aeration in the rots zone - same substrate as in bottom of pot or Perlite you can mix 50 with your medium - put in your plant and water throughly approx. 1 liter water and then let the pot dry out 5-7 days so that the roots shoot down into the pot to look for the water - then turn on to automatic feed - clean mineral nutrients in reservoir or organic slow release in the medium - then you only feed plain water - Josh

I would like more info on the soil-less Auto Pot system if you would please. - Posted by Jerry

Hi Jerry. We are not there yet - still trailing the systems - josh

Hi i just purchased your 4 pot system and had two quick questions, I was planning on germinating directly in the 4 gallon autopot My question is do i hand water the seedling until the roots have established enough or do I just turn the system on and let it do its thing and/or is there a special way to go about it? And lastly I own and used General Hydroponics Flora Nova prior is that safe to use with this Autopot System? Thanks in advance! - Posted by kevin

Hi Kevin. Yes - only hand water for 2-3 weeks to establish the plants as I explained to Steve below - GH flora line 3 part is fine - rule of thumb is to keep it simple and not add too much additives - never go more than a 3-5 part feeding scheduled - less is more - we are just trialling the simple GH MaxiGrow and MaxiBloom powder - thats all you need - simple . Josh

Hi I am just received your 4 pot setup and had two questions. Firstly is GH's Flora Nova nutrients ok for this system? I was also curios because I normally germinate in the final pot is it recommended to hand water until the plant has developed to a certain stage or is there a certain way to go about it? Thanks! - Posted by Steve

Hi Steve. Fill bottom of pot with 1" inch layer of hydroton growstones or perlite size 2 for extra aeration in the roots zone - then mix your substrate 50 \ 50 with perlite or the same substrate you filled in the bottom of pot . hand water your plants fro approx 2-3 weeks to establish ( do not overwater ! if the substrate is too wet the roots get lazy and won't grow down into the pot - lift the pot to see feel the weight ) - then let pot dry out 3-5 days and turn on the automatic feed. Established plants only need one hand watering and then let dry out 5-7 days but as you are germinating it will take longer to establish the plant in the pot - rule of thumb is to get the roots to grow down into the pot - that is triggered by letting the pot dry out so the roots look for the remaining water from the hand watering. Josh

Can you send me an example of how to pot up plant in XL pots with air dome. Thanks - Posted by Dirk

Hi There. Please go to our website - we have pot up instructions on the web now. XL pots same as all our pots - root control disc gold face down in pot - 1' pebbles in the bottom of pot - same pebbles or perlite 50 ration on top - put in your established plant - water through and let pot dry out 5-7 days so the roots shoot down into the pot to look for the remaining water - then turn on to automatic - use clean mineral nutrients - josh

I saw in the chili trials that you guys had a retrofit for the mediumless dwc style that looked like it was working quite well. Do you have any additional field data or techniques to share on the topic? - Posted by perry pinner

Hi There. Yes we are still working on the technology with our system - it will be called " shallow water culture SWC " Hopefully we have it on the market this year - so far working brilliant - josh

I would like to know how to purchase your liquid fertilizer for my autopot system. Thanks - Posted by ALTON A SMOAK III

Hi There. Unfortunately we can not import our UK fertilizer into the USA but we are working on fertilizers produced with our recipe here in the states as we speak - Josh

Hello Josh - Under a 5'x5' lighting footprint, how many XL Autopots could fit in this area? Note that I am currently using your 4 pot system that came all within one box. Also purchased 4 airdomes. Speaking of airdomes, on your instruction sheet, there was a suggestion to have the air pump off when the lights are off. If my air temperature is stable, is it a problem to have the pump running 24 hours? Thank you and I look forward to your news. Regards, Aaron Miller - Posted by Aaron Miller

Hi there. Really up to you how many pots you put in - I am a great believer not to ram too many pots into the grow areas in regards light and air penetration but you should be fine up to 6-8 pots at the most depending on your plants. Never blow cold air to the roots less than 70 degree - save way to use them is to connect them also to the light timer - tying by doing in your environment is best to do - Josh

Hello Josh my name is John and I am wanting to start a heirloom hydroponic tomato farm business using the autopot systems ouutdoors without a greenhouse. I am moving to the Florida panhadle and was concerned about UV from the sunlight destroying the autopots without a greenhouse are the autopots treated to withstand UV if used outside? - Posted by John Barnes Jr

HI There. Yes our systems can be used indoor and outdoor as they are designed to last also in direct sunlight - please come back for any further assistance in regards your operation any time - Josh

Where can I buy 10 inch round root control discs?Is it possible to make your own?What material would work best? - Posted by j

Hi There. You can buy the RCD online at our web store any time - these discs have a copper coating and can not be copied DIY - josh

Hi I was just curious if the autopot system would work with soiltabs/flowertabs fertilizer tablets and with plain ph'd water in the reservoir? - Posted by Kevin

Hi Kevin. Yes that for sure works - we will soon offer organic slow release tabs on our web for full cycle feed - water only in the reservoir - Josh

My questions are. 1. I would like to order 2 Aquabox Spyder and 2 Aquabox Spider Replacement Matting for 2 of my raised beds that are 5x5. I would also like to order your 1Pot System 12Pot System for 579.95. 2. Do you have this in stock? 3. Can I just come over and pick up the items? I see that your phone numbe is Los Angeles. 4. If I'm not able to pick up said items. Can I order expediate delivery? thanks Josh these items are great. Mike - Posted by Mike

Hi Mike. Yes we have all in stock in LA at our Long Beach warehouse - give Marcel a call on 310 658 1329 - he will also ship the goods if you can't pick them up - Josh

My name is Daniel. I own Green Envy Supply. We are an online retailer of hydroponic systems and indoor gardening supplies. I wanted to know how we can become a dealer for your products. I look forward to talking soon. - Posted by Daniel Righi

Hi Daniel. Please shoot us over your company details to [email protected] and our business development team will come back to you to get things moving for you- Josh

hi Josh! Are there any benefits in using an air pump to pump air through an air-stone in the main water reservoir? P.S. the security code needed to verify you are human is way too hard, consider using a different CAPTCHA... - Posted by Yoav

Hi there. An airstone in the reservoir will only raise the PH - if you want to feed oxygen use our airdromes and blow oxygen direct to the roots- josh

I was hoping you could clarify the thread I read about what mediums to use. Since I am putting one inch layer of hydroton at the bottom of the pot -can I use a 50/ 50 mix of hydroton and rockwool chunks ( which is great in 2 gallon smart pots on 3 by 6 foot tables -ebb n flo ) throughout or does it have to be hydroton and Coco? Since I'm trying to stay away from soil what would be your ideal soilless mix or solo medium such as tuper Royal Gold? Thank you for your time - Posted by Jon jackson

50 mix hydroton \ rock wool is fine - you can take any substrate as long as it is mixed in a 50 ratio for good capillary activity and well aerated - josh

Still getting: Error Detected The link you have used to enter the PayPal system contains an incorrectly formatted item amount. I get this when trying to place an order. - Posted by Scott Griffith

Hi Scott Please ring us direction 310 658 1329. we can process the order over the phone and take cc details.

Can this system be used with readily available hydroponic nutrients? I am confused whether the plants require direct fertilization in the bucket, or whether the nutrients are drip fed from the reservoir? In other words, is this system similar to a regular hydroponics system where the nutrients circulate in the water? - Posted by Trent

Exactly not a drip feeder as they would require power and pumps - AP is the only gravity feed ebb and flood system - mineral nutrients go straight in to the reservoir - follow your feed chart of your nutrient supplier - the water\nutrient solution wigs up from the tray into the pot - if you want to feed organics put slow release pellets into the substrate and only feed plain water . Please also have a look at our online brochure in regards useful information for substrates - Josh

I am having trouble finding an online store that sells a full line of your Autopots. Especially the easy2grow series. seems to have some, but they are getting really slow on filling orders. Can you advise of a US seller that maintains reasonable stock and has a good reputation? Thank You, Scott Griffith [email protected] - Posted by Scott Griffith

Hi Scott. Go to Autopot USA direct - they ship from LA - website to order is - [email protected] - Josh

I tried to place an order and the PayPal link is not sending the correct data. Says the amount is not formated correctly to send to paypal. - Posted by Scott Griffith

we will look into this - thanks for the heads up - Josh

I'm interested in your 200 gallon flexi reservoir, does it come with the connection to run a 1/4 inch line from the bottom that I can use to gravity feed? I see in the pictures there seems to be some sort of hose connection but I don't need that big of a line. If it doesn't come with the adapter what parts do I need to be able to connect a 1/4 inch line ? I see you have many parts. - Posted by Travis M Stuart

Please look at the 1[askjosh/jfaq.php] - 1 inline filter - this filter will fit the 200 gal reservoir and you can attach a 1 pipe - Josh

Josh, thanks for the response on my previous question. Here is some more info. They took on that amount of water in less than 12 hours. The plants are around 5 weeks old. They look healthy and happy, except I am concerned about root rot. I have left the reservoir turned off since it emptied and the pots are still very saturated 3 days after the initial feeding. I do have your airdromes installed but I don't have them running yet. Will the pots maintain a heavy moisture content with this system? It is new to me, and I just want to avoid root rot. Thanks Nate - Posted by Nate

Hi Nate. What size system are you running - is it the XL pots or 3.9 gal ? where the pots very dry when you put them into the system ? Did you put in a inch layer of perlite \ growstones or hydroton into the bottom of the pots ? The airdromes get turned on after the plants have established in the pots for 2-3 weeks - so you are god on that end - in this system the plants control the moisture content as they feed - you can't overfeed or underfeed as the plant is in control - it is unusual though that the pots are very heavy over saturated - if so you will see the leaves turn yellow and look stressed - but as long as the plants look healthy all is going according to plan - they will consume twice as much water as compared to hand watering - your 50 mix is fine also - please monitor your plants now for another 3 days and come back to me - turn the system back on - Josh

I have a bail of sdvances sunshine mix 4, Ingredients: Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, perlite, coir, dolomite lime, gypsum, organic fertilizer, proprietary blend of endomycorrhizae, and organic wetting agent. I also have a lot of hydroton, my questions is this advanced sunshine mic suitable for autopots? I would love to use it being I just bought a bale of it just before acquiring the autopots system. If I can use the sunshine, how much hydroton should I mix in it? I am going to get some air domes for this system as well. Thanks for answering my previous question also. Also would it be ok to transfer a plant from a 1gallon pot that has just sunshine medium in it. into the autopot? or will this not work. I am eager to use this new system. I have 2-easytogrow 4pot systems just sitting there, please get me going in the right direction. thanks, corey - Posted by corey

Hi Corey. You can take any substrates as long as you mix it further 50% with Hydroton Growstones or Perlite size 2 - don't forget to put in a pure layer of 1-2 inch stones as name above into the bottom of your pot for extra aeration in the root zone - you are fine with your gallon pot to put into your 50 mix and your pure Hydroton Growstones or Perlite in the bottom - Josh

Hi Josh, I recently set up 36 of your XL pots with a 100 gallon res. I use a 50/50 canna and perilite mix. It doesn't seem like the aqua valves are working properly. The pots continue to absorb water until the reservoir was empty. Meaning each pot took up roughly 3 gallons of water. Is this normal? It seems to me that the pots are being overfed. I believe the aqua valve is set up correctly, pushing them down onto the T in the tray. No water is spilling out from the trays. Let me know your thoughts? Thanks Nate - Posted by Nate

Hi Nate. So far you set up the system correctly and valves are pushed on T in the tray - no overflowing - the plants should look great but you say they are over feed - in what time did the plants consume the water ? How long are the plants in the system and how old are they ? How do they look ? Please advise for further trouble shooting - you can also respond to our technician team at [email protected] - cheers - Josh

Does the reservoir need to be kept a certain temperature? I thought hydro systems have to keep the water at a certain temp to prevent problems. If so what is the temp? - Posted by corey

If you keep the temperature at around 70-72 fahrenheit all is fine - be aware that the water in the bottom of the tank is way cooler than the top of the reservoir when measuring temperatures - all other hydro systems need far more monitoring as moving pumps and pressure change temperatures - we have very few issues with temperature - most common are outdoor operations in full sun where we recommend to shade the reservoir - Josh

My lines are plugved up and wont flow how do I clean them and can it be prevented? - Posted by Robert Fennell

Hi There. Line clogging is due to not flushing pipes regularly with your flush tap at the end of the system - also if using organic nutrients - we recommend only mineral nutrients as organic will rot in the reservoir - valves can easily be cleaned with pipe cleaners - filters have to be checked also regularly - you can also use a product called " drip clean " from " house and garden " just add 1 ml on a gallon to your reservoir - helps to avoid clogging - also feed water only for 1-2 days in-between to flush pipes and roots - Josh

DO you sell just the aquaVALVE by itself? I see the pots, the tray, but no VALVE? Two of mine broke, I've only had the system for 3 months ! Disappointed in the quality - Posted by Jay

Hello Jay, Yes we do sell the AQUAvalve on its own. If you look on our online shop you can order them. I have never broken one in 10 years so i am not sure what you are doing to it?

Trying to submit order, but Paypal error says that AutoPots as the recipient is unable to receive funds. Can you please let me know how I can place and pay for order? Thanks, J - Posted by J Powell

Hi There I submitted your query to our IT Team to have a look at the problem - Josh

how many 2.2 gallon pots can I use with the 12.4 gallon tank? - Posted by Rick

Hi Rick. That really depends on what you grow - the reservoir should last 5-7 days with approx. 8 pots - Tomatoes for example 3 days as they are extreme feeders - learning by growing what your plants take is the rule of thumb and adjust the reservoir size - Josh

Greetings, Do you offer the Hydrotray Double 10" module in America? I have a couple of them I bought a few years ago and I'd like to get a few more but I'm not able to find them in the country anywhere. thanks, Jason - Posted by Jason

Hi Jason. Please have a look at our website - here you can find our easy2grow double trays - all in stock for online purchases - Josh

Hello, I bought a double tray autopot system from Hawaii. I am having problems with the valve as sometimes it overflows. Is there a procedure to setting up the valve to prevent this problem like connecting first then turning on the water supply. I woke up and my entire reservoir was drained. I use no medium to grow lettuce so its just water. Grows fine. The only problem is it overflows and that same ones work fine after if I drain the tray and try again. Nothing is wrong with the valve. Can you help me please? Ps. are the patent for the valve still up cause china has created knock offs and selling them on alibaba- INTELLIGENT VALVE - Posted by Todd

Hi there. First off all from whom did you buy in Hawai ? Please advise. Check if your valve is clicked in correct onto the T section - remove yellow silicone from the inflow clean and then put back - make sure you only use clean mineral nutrients - organics clog the lines - please come back if that doesn't work - josh

Good day Josh I am a new to all of this please be patient with me. I am interested in the 4 pot set up(2 dual pots). Space will be a little smaller than a 2x2 grow tent(see comment below about flood tray). I want to use the 3.9 gal pots. Will the larger pots change the footprint of the double pot set up? IOW how much wider are the 3.9 gal pots? Do they extend past the footprint of the tray assembly? Second, I understand I need to place an inch of clay pebbles in the bottom of the pots; however, is there a potting soil available in the U.S that is ready to go right out of the bag that is compatible with this system? Third, I will be placing these pot assemblies in a 2X2 flood tray just in case one of the valves should stay stuck open while I am gone out of town. Is there anything I need to do to help prevent this possibility? Thank you for your time. - Posted by rich

I have a 6 pot hydro grow. I have always used the plastic 55 Gallon drums to hold the water. They are nice because they have a hard top cover for the intake and outtake hoses to attach too. Is there some way for you guys to add a hard top cover. Or a way to allow for intake and outtake hoses? Thanks - Posted by Jeff

Hi There. All our new Flexi tank models have in and out take fixtures at the top of the Tanks - josh

Hello , you make shipments to Argentina ? You can send the product by the public postal mail ? - Posted by Martin

Yes we do - josh

If I Ordered My 2x2 Rubik's Cube 3 Weeks ago From Thailand When Should It Come In The Mail - Posted by Carter Gibson

Please get in contact with Autopot UK - they are looking after your order from Europe - Josh

Hello sorry to bug you but I cant find the dimensions of the 3.9 gal pots for the go large option for the easy2grow 4 system do the pots use the same base just taller pots or does the pot size and base size change Thanks - Posted by Jeff

2.2 gal and 3.9 gal pots fit the same tray of the easy2grow - Josh

Do the garden trays come with with the auto water system or is the price listed just for the tray? - Posted by Joe

price listed for the trays only - good combination with the eas2go valves and use your own pots - Josh

Do you have any retail presence in Canada/Ontario? - Posted by Derek

Not at the moment other than Sunlight and Hydroarm - bigger systems we ship from LA - Josh

Hey Josh if I'm using the 4 pot auto pot set up and don't plan on using any more then 4 pots do I need to use the inline tap at the end of the run or can i just use a tee connector to link the last 2 pots to the watering system and just use 1 inline tap in front of the pots as a on and off valve ? If I have to can you explain why I need it at the end of my run ? - Posted by SickWickedClown

Hi There. Yes you need the valve at the end to flush your pipes regularly to keep them free of sediment built up - josh

Hi Josh, planning to purchase the easy2go kit. my questions... 1. what is the recommended tray height where the aquavalve we be placed? 2. i have a 6ft by 3ft tray, i guess the limit of the aquavalve will be the size of the reservor. am i right? 3. how much shipping to philippines? thanks. - Posted by Eric

1. the easy2go kit comes with trays where the valves get placed in. 2. if you have your own tray one valve for this 6 x 3 tray is sufficient. 3. please forward you shipment details so we can give you a quote - Josh

might be interested in purchasing the autopot setup but wondering if there would be a nutrient build up in the trays since they don't drain and just wait for plants to uptake before any fresh from the res enters the tray. sounds like to me me there would be a build up in the trays that would be overwhelming to the plants. but you are the expert could you please explain to me please.? - Posted by mike

We recommend to feed plain water once a week to flush the pipes roots and trays for excess salt build up - very popular also are slow release organic or mineral nutrients in the medium so water only in the tank - Josh

I'm having some trouble pushing the 6mm Top Hat Grommet into the Reservoir on step 7 of the setup guide. It appears to be too small! Should I just shove it in there as hard as I can? And from what side? - Posted by Casey

take a bit of washing up liquid to push in the grommet from the outside of the tank - once the grommet is in place push the 1 pipe into the reservoir and attach the little golf filter inside the tank to the pipe - josh

does the system self air rate or is the air dome a must. - Posted by doug

Hi There. The airdrome is a extra fixture to increase oxygen but not necessary - we recommend to put 1 inch layer of Hydroton Growstones or Perlite into the bottom of the pot to extra aerate the rot system - all works fine - Josh

Hey, Josh, where can I order replacement Root Control Discs for the 1Pot XL and the 1Pot, without going through Paypal? I'm on the west coast of the US. - Posted by Peggy Thompson

Please ring Autopot direct - 562 612 4182 - I am quite sure you can also order and pay over the phone - josh.

Two questions. 1) Are the reservoirs the same size with both the 1Pot XL and the Easy2Grow 2 pot systems? 2) What are the dimensions of the mentioned reservoir(s) Thanks. - Posted by Max

1. yes they are. 2. we just uploaded the dimensions - please have a look again

My first try with easy 2 auto pots. Wife got one pretty good plant 2nd not so much.Cherry tomatoes. Are the pots supposed to go dry or always have some water in them? I filled pots with 50 50 Perlite/Coir dry. Water only in tank. It filled auto tray to 3/4". Dropped to 1/4" then refilled to 3/4". Is this correct behavior? Never goes dry. Thanks for your time Ed C. - Posted by Ed Cunningham

Hi Ed The pots are slightly elevated in the tray - even if you see water they run pretty much dry and the refill. Second run with the same soil will have less food - top feed or feed through the reservoir mineral nutrients - organics only top feed into pots as they would clog the aqua valves. josh

I have the GH duo line. will this fertilizer line work well with this sytem. I already have some autopots I purchased, looking to get airdomes for them, use some SS#4 for substrate, and maybe some hydrodon for the first couple inches(around the air dome.) I main question is will my fertilizer line work. How do I treat this system, like hydro? Should I PH my water a 5.5 or should I leave it around 6.5? Thanks, green217 - Posted by green217

GH duo line mineral feed works fine. Do not put more than 1 inch hydroton into bottom of pot. Your ph depends on the substrate you use - 5.5 - 5.8 coco . 6.0- 6.5 for soil - josh

On the easy to grow 48 system I was wondering what the area dimensions the system fits into. Like a 10'x20' using the configuration that you guys show. - Posted by Steve

please use our online layout calculator - quite easy to use and you will see exactly what you can fit in your designated area - 10 x 20 would be a sufficient area - josh

is biosevia ok to add to the resevioour? - Posted by flamez

sorry I don't know the product - rule of thumb is no organics through the reservoir - only mineral nutrients and additives -organics only top feed or mix through substrate - josh

Hi Josh, Bought a Flexi tank 105 gallon for indoor use, and before i could even use it once it started leaking out of the bottom.. whats the warrenty policy on these things? I would like to give you guys another chance if you can sen another one and ill send this one back, I really like the tank, just wish it was functioning better. LEt me know thanks! - Posted by Kory MCCary

Hi There. You have full guaranty on the tank - please return where you bought the tank and we will fully credit so you can buy a replacement - sorry for the inconveniences - josh

my area is 9'x9' what system would be best for me? I tried using your calculator but it keeps blocking me. - Posted by mike

Hi There - that really depends what you would like to grow ? In this space you can take all size systems we offer - josh

Hi Josh, I'm a home gardener, would appreciate if you could answer a couple of questions re the autopot system. 1. Can the autopot be used outdoors? i think the rainwater will inevitably flush the salt down to the roots from the top? 2. Do I need to use half-strength nutrient in the reservoir to avoid over-fertilizing? 3. What do i do with the substrates after each grow season, Do i need to flush them with clean water to remove the salts? Thanks. - Posted by Jack

1. yes system can be kept outdoors - turn off the system after raining and let the pots dry out - then turn back on - the plants will cope with the salts. 2. Yes you can do that - also fill reservoir for the week say on a Monday and add your nutrients on the following Tueasday or Wednesday to flush the roots zone and pipes with water only in-between. 3. Yes flush your substrate with water or enzymes only to flush out the salts or brake down the salts - Josh

wich size of airpump do i need for a 24 pot system. and do i need a airpump in the tank or the airdomes enough ? - Posted by S.

You can go from 200 gal\hour up to 1100gal\hour - depending on the tubing you choose 1[askjosh/jfaq.php] or 1 inch. You don't have to ad a extra air pump into the reservoir as it only would raise your PH - to blow oxygen direct to the roots is as good as it gets. Make sure you only turn on the pump after 2-3 weeks when plants have established - never less than 70degree - Josh

How does one manage to install a mini float valve on these soft sided reservoirs? If you don't offer a solution, you should. There are many uses for your reservoirs besides feeding your autopot systems. Thanks for the time... - Posted by Frenchfry

Hi there. All our new tanks have extra fittings for various different systems - Josh

Hello Josh Can i put an airstone in the Flexitank to oxygenate the water or would it have unwanted sideeffects? Best regards Anders - Posted by Anders Dahl

Hi there. You will only rise your ph in the reservoir - not advisable - if you would like to oxygenate your plants try our Airdomes - they blow oxygen direct to the roots.

I'd like to grow 2 Jalapeño pepper plants and 2 Thai Chili Plants. I'm looking at the Easty 2 Grow 4 kit but am unsure whether to buy the regular size or the larger container. I'm assuming since the water is constantly in supply the size of the container is not so critical as with conventional containers one would water from above every couple of days. Thanks! - Posted by Yani

Hi Yani..... It really does not matter which size pot you use .... it really is up to the grower... the important thing is to use the correct substrate mix.... this information can be found in the brochure and potting up guide on the home page.... Hope this helps Josh..... If you ned to to chat with someone please speak to Marcel at the office, the phone number can be found on the website..

how can i become a retailer - Posted by reshat alkayisi

Please sent your query to [email protected] and you will be looked after - Josh

Hi! Am looking to buy a 16 pot system. Question: I have a 55 gal polyethylene resin water barrel. Could I use it in place of the one you're offering? It's just sitting in the garden unused at the moment. Question: We will be placing Autopot system in a 8' x 8' or 8' x 12' greenhouse. Will the 16 pot system fit or should we downsize to a smaller arrangement? Question: We will be installing greenhouse on lawn. Do you have a suggestion as to the best base material for greenhouse/Autopots? A cement pad? Thanks! Lori - Posted by Lori

Hey Lori. Yes you can use your barrel - we will sent you the right tap for our connections. 8 x 12 feet is fine for the system. Depending how long you wish to have the greenhouse in that area a cement base is of corse the most solid - you would also get away with a log sub construction and ply wood if you plan to move around again - try to get all as level as possible. Josh

What is the maximum size (in sq. ft.) tray for the East2Go Kit? I remember seeing a limitation but could not locate it in your on-line literature. Thank you. PS - is there a way to "Search" the earlier questions asked. There seems to be a great data base of Ask Josh questions and it would be helpful to have the ability to search a question exactly before having to submit it. - Posted by Aaron

The valve would work a 4x4 tray - we are working on the search section - hope to be live this year - josh

Hello Josh. :) I have the auto pot six site 4gal(ish) size on the way. I run a two tent system. One for veg growth and another for flower. while I'm flowering in the six pot system I would like to have another six vegging in 6 other auto pots, and then when the flowering tent is done I can just move the ones from the veg and just plop then in once ive cleaned the system. I assume all I would need for the veg room since I will be putting cloes in them is just the six buckets and discs. Sound about right? I would probably not need another whole system since the plants will not be mature enough(large enough) to utilize the system. What do you think? - Posted by Eddie

Yes - exactly right - all you need is spare pots - hand water and when good to go for flower jus drop them into the trays - Josh

Josh, I need to purchase and set up several Easy2Go kit aqua valves in series and need t-connectors, a standard garden hose female adapter, and probably extra hose. Can you tell me which items I need to purchase? Already have trays and warter barrels with standard threaded spigots. Thanks. John - Posted by Johny Five Toes

Assuming you are on a 1[askjosh/jfaq.php] pipe for the water barrel - you would need a click fit connector female - 1[askjosh/jfaq.php] T"S - 1[askjosh/jfaq.php] pipe - 1[askjosh/jfaq.php] flush valves - 1[askjosh/jfaq.php] filter and the easy2go valves - all under accessories Josh

How do I prevent nutrient build up\gunk from creating blockages in my water lines and what's the best way to keep the water lines clear? - Posted by Henry Meyer

Try to avoid mixing too many different nutrients from various suppliers as some of them will react in the reservoir and the mix will start to rot - never use organics as they will also rot - use " drip clean " from "House and Garden " - flush your pipes regularly once a week - all amendments you are not sure about - for example CAL-MAG - top feed to the plants same a s organics - Josh

Hi do you guys have a distributor in South Africa Regards Sushil - Posted by Sushil Ramdas

NO unfortunately we have no distributor in South Africa

Hiya. Thanks for your help on the last question. Can you tell me please, once mixed, watching the ph, how long does the water stay usable for in a 47 litre tank, kind regards - Posted by Mark

Should last 1-4 weeks - so a full holiday cycle if needed - Josh

Hey Josh I would like to purchase an auto pot 12 with 12 airdromes hopefully with a 105 . I live in connecticut USA and have not been able to find the 12 pot system. where can I buy this system? I leave my plants for business up to 2 weeks at a time so thought a larger res would be more appropriate but would appreciate your input. Thanks so much for your time. Scott - Posted by scott

Hey Scott. You can get in contact with Autopot USA direct on 562 612 4182 - talk to Ricky - he will customize your order and you can pay over the phone with your credit card - yes and I would go for the 105 gal reservoir - josh

I would like to know if large Tomato`s like Beef Steak can be grown in the 4 pot system.Also Bell Peppers,Squash ect. Thank you Jerry Alexander - Posted by Jerry Alexander

Yes sure - ideal system for these heavy feeders - also have a look at our face book on the web for images - Josh

After hand watering the pots to ensure the roots are to the bottom of pot, do I have to let pot dry out before placing in autopots? Because my plants currently start drooping thru out the day like there being over watered? Hint they started drinking directly from the bottom and now the coco remains damp? - Posted by joe

Joe. After potting up your plants you hand water once and then you let the pot dry out 5-7 days so the roots are at the bottom - the pot should be quite light and dry so the roots can take up the nutrients. If you put in the pot too early the substrate is too wet - if so it is a easy fix - let the pots dry out again and then put back into the system and switch to automatic. - Josh

With the air dome wouldn't the roots get less nutes because the dome is taking up space where the medium would be there for not getting as wet if some was not there? - Posted by Dana

Hi Dana. No the roots will grow right into the dome feeding on the oxygen - josh

Curious as to what size make or model you would recommend to feed 4 air domes.....super excited to run this system - Posted by Denis

I am running a eco plus pump you get at any hydrostore something around 500gal\hour or less - with a manifold to fine tune the air pressure into each pot - don't turn on the air too early - 2-3 weeks after plant was potted - never have less than 72degrees air temperature - Josh

Hi Josh, I'm trying to dial in a 100 site system with air domes. I've gotten everything perfect but notice a problem with the air domes. Long story short, I've discovered that the air line inside the coco is being pinched or otherwise restricted. The ones I can tell are working, when I disconnect the line at the "T" just by the base of the site and I am able to easily blow into the line and through the air dome, but on the problem sites I can not get any air through the line. The line does have pressue up to the "T" and 5L/min supplying each site. I've tugged on the air line and some it fixes, some it does not and a few I've pulled the air line right out (unfortunate). We used hydroponic as the substrate and filled the bottom 2" and then 50/50 coco / hydroton mix to fill each site... Any ideas on a fix or what may have cause this so I can avoid it next time.. - Posted by Sam Max

Hi Sam. What size pump are you using ? You can try 2-4 x 1000gal pumps \ hour with this size system. When you set up the system you can also take a jar filled with water - put in the hose and see how strong the bubbles are from first to final pot to fine tune - you can also ring Autopot USA and ask for a technician - they will help you further with models of pumps - hope that helps - josh

Hi,Josh Iâ??m from Maldives few months before I Started autopot Trial setup with 56 Pots hot Pepper plant Plants Iâ??m using general Hydroponic Granular 2 Part Nutrition Called Albertâ??s Solution this is Generally available in male and other specially blended nutrition for specific plant not available apart from that Iâ??m using CALMAG for 1ML per liter and my EC is 2.2 to 2.4 Before CAL MAG PH-5.8 (Rain Water) average temp day time is 30-32 Deg and humidity is in the Green house is 55-69% Fully Covered but still leaves are bit Curly and bud fall does not Produce much fruit. Please help me to Figure out best Nutrition Value below is the MPK % in the Nutrition N-11% P²O²- 8% K²O-15% CaO-14% MgO-4% And Fe, Mn, B, Zn, Cu, Mo, are Available in Balanced formula - Posted by Ubaid

Hi There What substrate are you using is it Coco or soil ? What is the medium brand you are using ? How old are your plants ? When did the leaves start to curl - what week and EC ? Were they first looking good ? How long did the plants veg ? What size pots are you using ? In general you NPK looks good to me - your Cal Mag with 14% and 4% on 1 liter sounds very high to me - normal cal mag feed would be 3-5 ml on 1 gallon ( 3.8 liter ) ! For example Botanicare cal mag has a concentration of cal 3.2 and mg 1.2. In bloom recommended 3-5 ml on 1 gal. Your heath is also very high but still your plants should take the heat and humidity. I guess you are overfeeding your plants with the Cal Mg - flush your plants by feeding water only in the tank for 2-3 days and see how they react for now - then flush your roots regularly with water only by topping up the tank with water only and add nutrients 1-2 days later so the roots get flushed regularly with water. Reduce your Cal Mag feed 1 ml on 1 gallon ( 3.8 liter ) or leave fully out for a while to see if the plants recover - then when you see healthy plants you can feed cal mag slowly and less concentrated as described. Also flush your pipes once a week by opening the flush tap at the end of the pipe. Please keep me posted so we can solve your problems - Josh

I have the 4 pot retail system and added two more pots. No problems. Can I add two more pots? Any modifications I could do to accommodate the extra or do I have to upgrade to a different (larger) system? - Posted by tom sheridan

Hi there. No as long as you 1 pipe is still long enough you can just hook up the extra pots - Josh.

What temperature should the reservoir stay at, would a chiller have any negative affect. Also what temperature should the solution in the trays be? - Posted by Sam Max

Hi There. A chiller would have no negative effect - anything in between 70 - 80 degeree is fine - please consider that the water in the bottom of the tank is always cooler than at the top where most people measure - josh

Hwy Josh, I purchased the auto pot 12 and started my plants last week. I used perlite in the bottom two inches and mixed espoma organic slow release fertilizer in the soil mix. The current slow release fert is good for the majority of vegging my plants, 4 to 6 weeks. #1 Ok so my question is how do I ad fertilizer during the bloom phase? #2 I want to use a slow release solid "bloom" fert and was not sure how to get it in the soil? #3 If i Want to any other liquid fertilizers can I Poor them into the Autopot? I would like to completely avoid nutes in the reservoir. Thanks for your time! Looking forward to using this product! Scott - Posted by Scott

Hi Scott. You can use liquid organics \ teas for the bloom phase by top feeding the pot - turn off the system day before - feed and hour later turn on system again. If you have slow release spikes tabs or soil push the spikes or tabs 2 inch into the soil or rake slow release soil into the top of the pot and water 1-2 times a week from the top. Also have a look at Windsor Gardens in Ohio for slow release organic and mineral spikes - Josh their any info on starting seeds in your Garden Trays? - Posted by Jerry Alexander

Hi Jerry. If you do not want to use propagation equipment just throw the seeds onto the soil and rake in - cover with plastic - only hand water in the beginning until plants have fully established and roots ares down at the bottom - turn on to automatic after 2-3 weeks - Josh

what nutrients do i use to feed the plants? I cant find the easy2grow fertilizer available in the US? I have a 4 pot system which i just received, but I dont know what nutrients to use. - Posted by HELEN LYONS

Hi Helen. All mineral nutrients will work in the system - also very cool are the slow release nutrients sticks from Windchester Gardens in Ohio - then you only feed water - also available at Winchester as organics - josh

I have two questions please 1) Is it alright to use Tomorite in the water tanks? 2) When running the system, I have a two pot tray with a two pot extension, it runs well for a time and then suddenly stops watering the plants even though the water tank is full. I the have do disconnect everything and play around until I get water coming out of the pipes again and then have to put it all back together. This works well for a while and then it happens again. The second time I had been away on holiday and the plants were starting to die. (Please note I had been using your own liquid fertiliser at this time) Thanks - Posted by Harry

Hi Harry. If you mean tomorite mineral plant food yes you can - rule of thumb is no organics as they rot in the reservoir - always take less as recommended so you not overdose the plants and block the pipes. Looks to me in general your pipes get clogged - when you fill your res for the week fill only with water and let it run 2 days with no fertilizer to flush the root zone and the pipes- then add your nutrients - flush you pipes regularly once a week with the flush tap on the end of the line for 30 seconds - further i would like to recommend a product from House&Garden called " Drip Clean " - really easy to use and keeps all clean in the system - just 1ml on a gallon I think - If you still are concerned about your plants getting no water just feed water with no nutrients for the week you are out of house - Josh

Hi. I have a 4 pot system and want to purchase another one. My original purchase was made on Amazon. I would like to get the additional system directly, but see that is a coupon code. Can you provide the coupon code? Thanks. - Posted by Duane Davis

Hi Duane. You can simply order the 4 pot kit on our web page and we ship for free - please come back if you still have any issues - Josh

who is the importer of the flex tanks in the nederlands - Posted by paul smeets

Hi Paul We have three wholesalers in the Nederland's: - Hollands Glorie (also a retailer) - AutoPot Benelux (also an online retailer) - BTT (strictly wholesale) The addresses and contact details can be found on our UK website, i've added the link here for you: Thanks, Josh

Josh, I would like to order 1 ltr of easy2Grow Liquid Plant Fertiliser from the US location but I can`t find it on their site.I need it asap and have no idea how long it will take to receive it from the UK....Please help! Thank You Jerry - Posted by Jerry Alexander

Hi Jerry. Unfortunately this fertilizer is not available in the US - good and easy source would also be Winchester Gardens with their mineral and organic slow release tabs and spikes - then you only feed water - Josh

Hello, I called and talked to Ricky on Friday afternoon and he gave me his e-mail for a special order to send him. Long story short, I lost the paper I had it written down on. Would you please send me his e-mail address, so I can get my order to him. If you tell him it is for Brian from Alaska, he can verify. Thanks so much for your time. Look forward to hearing from you, Brian Hesson - Posted by Brian Hesson

Hi Brian. Here you go [email protected] - josh

When it comes to the airdomes what size pump is reccomended for running 2 airdomes? - Posted by jason anderson

Jason. Up to 50 ltr\minute is fine - josh

I am running a 3.9 gallon 4 pot autopot system with 4 air domes. What size air pump or GPH should I be aiming towards? - Posted by Brennan

Hi Brendan - up to 50 ptr\min is fine - josh

We have auto pots and use Liquid Earth nutrients bought from Future Garden. They have no info on ratios for this system. So far we have had no luck using the auto pots. Too much nutrients using their mixing formula. Can you help with the right mixing ratios for cuttings, veg, and fruit stages? She uses 50% coir & 50% perlite. Thanks for your time Ed C - Posted by Ed Cunningham

Hi Ed. I am not sure if Liquid Earth is organic or mineral feed - if organic you can't use it as it will rot in the reservoir - only use mineral nutrients - your mix is correct 50 \ 50 coco \ perlite. For a beginner to ease things I would just go with a rich garden soil and mix 40% perlite - if plants need food just top feed once a week in the later stage - for the beginning you are fine up to 4 weeks anyway - growing with coco needs a lot more experience - hope that helps - please keep me posted how you are getting on ! Josh

How long should I have my air domes on for? And if I have a co2 tank in the room is it on to have the pump on at the same time as the co2? - Posted by Aviv

Hi Aviv, AirDomes should be turned on once the plant has been established, they can be left on 24/7, they can be pulsed, or they on be left on only during the lights on... It really is up to the grower... DO not worry about the Co2 as it will warm and rise in the the room.... Hope this helps Josh....

What am I supposed to do when the 1/4" nipple breaks on the auto-valve? - Posted by Rob

Hi Rob..... Wiggling pipework from the AQUAvalve nozzle is not suggested .... Ideally you should only pull the pipework directly away from the AQUAvalve, pouring a little hot water over the connection will help with removing the pipe from the AQUAvalve.... If you email [email protected] he will be able to send you a main body of the AQUAvalve.... Josh...

Hi, what is your return policy and do you sell the easy2gro liquid feed? Thank you. - Posted by Bruce

Hi Bruce, Any products that are deemed to have a manufactures fault are replaced, any products that have not been used within a period of time are also replaced. Unfortunately we do not supply the easy2grow feed in the US, it is only available in the UK and Europe.. Ionic by Growth Technology is very similar and is manufactured by the same company.. Josh.....

Our 12.5 gallon green tank got a big crack in the bottom of it. We would like to purchase just a new tank. Is that possible? - Posted by Adam Bouffard

Hi Adam, sorry to hear this, please contact [email protected], he will be able to sell you just the reservoir .... Josh....

What is the total length of the 8 pot xl system including 100gal tank? thanks - Posted by B

It would really depend on the configuration of your layout, please have a look at our brochure and online shop as the pot and tank measurements are all there. Alternatively, please check out our layout creator on our home page, you can add the dimensions of your growing space and then add the pots and tanks. Thanks, Josh

can I use rock nutrients for autopots - Posted by Juan Carlos Galang

Do I have to use clay pebbles at the bottom of my AutoPot system? This is my second attempt to use the AutoPot system and my plants are not feeding from it. I made sure to use now more than an inch of clay pebbles at the bottom, and filled the rest with coco and perlite. I gave the plants 21 days to establish a root system before filling the reservoir, and they still aren't feeding from it. - Posted by Brennan

Hi Brennan, This is a perfect mix..... what are your room temp & humidity, are these correct..... If you have been watering by hand for 3 weeks then the plant/s should be well established..... how do the plants look..... Any more information would be helpful... Josh...

Hi josh. My question is. I'm using the 1 inch coco mats in the roughly 4x4 trays. the problem I'm running into is the water level is only coming half way up the mat. is there an adjustment or a fix for this ? Thanks. Mike. - Posted by Mike

Hi Mike.... the coco pads need to be throughly soaked/submerged over night, the water will not wick to the top surface unless this is carried out..... Simply adding the AQUAvalve flooding to a 20mm level will not (unless the coco pads are pre-soaked) lift any higher.... Pre-soaking will fix the issue .... also do you have the root control sheet over the top too, this needs to be soaked will a little drip of washing up liquid for 5-10 minis plain water..... Cheers Josh..

Will fertilizer degrade the flex tank material? can flex tank sit in the hot sun? will the material degrade? How long will flex tank last in the sun? - Posted by rita

Hi Rita, We have been selling FexiTanks in hot countries for many years with no issues with heat degrading the tank or fertilizer degrading the tank. Thanks, Josh

Can the root control disks be reused? - Posted by Richard Waibel

Hi Richard.... yes they can .... the copper simply is oxidised but is still there..... depending on the quantity you can either use a washing machine or by hand in the sink.... ensure you rinse off with fresh water once clean... Josh...

Would the 4autopot system cause problems for other plants in a greenhouse or for itself due to hot weather I had a plant that had root rot last year I was using clay pebbles outdoor is there a media thats keeps plants cool under hot climates - Posted by German

Hi German, Ideally you should try to make sure the growing area has the correct environment .... any media will absorb the ambient room/area temperature....there are certain products that say they can be added to the water / medium that help keep a cooler root zone but we have not tested them..... please visit in the UK as they manufacture a similar product that you might be able to source in your country... Josh...

Could the Flexitank 200 be used as a rearing tank in a long-term aquaponics application? - Posted by Cade Downs

Hi Cade..... We have not tried this but we believe others are using them for this purpose, we would recommend that before use the FlexiTank is turned inside out and cleaned throughly to ensure any oils are removed during manufacture..... Please let us know how you go..... Josh..

I recently purchased your 4 pot system to grow my cannabis plants. I'm using a mixture of 50% perlite and 50% soil. My question is, in my resovoir, do I maintain a pH range for a hydro system, or a pH for a soil grow? I've heard different answers from different growers - Posted by Antonio Abalama

Hi Antonio..... 5.8 in the reservoir would be perfect.... Cheers Josh...

Where can you buy the Biotabs in USA? - Posted by Joe

Hi Joe..... as far as we are aware they are not officially available as yet, please contact as they may have an update..... Josh...

- Posted by Mikael

Hi Mikael.... Please empty the tank when ready, clean out and re-fill with your flowering fertiliser.... Josh...

do you have a good tutorial on cleaning the autopot - Posted by Dennis

I need to order for USA, but only see on the UK site: two, packs of the Marix Discs (8-Pack) - Square (Product No. AP225/SQ/8) One, Root Control Discs (8-Pack) - Square (Product No. AP229/SQ/8) TWO, of the AQUAvalve (Product No. AQ100) One, Tap for all Water Barrels (Product No. AP224) Four, 6mm Filter Complete (Product No. PF905/GOLF/1) Please advise - Posted by Chris Roberts

Hi Chris.... Please visit... all of the above is available on the US on-line shop..

I have had my 2 pot system up and running for about 10 days. The level of the tray stays at the maximum level but the nutrient tank continues to empty at a steady, predictable rate. I have removed, cleaned, and re-seated the yellow silicone plugs according to instructions on the website three or four times with no change. I'm guessing the vacuum is not holding the float up. Any thoughts? - Posted by Robert Blair

Hi Robert..... How do the plants look.... please leave the AQUAvalve to do its job..... If you keep picking it up and checking it or moving pots .... you might think it is not working correctly.... just ensure that the yellow silicon on the top float is sitting flush on the hole below..... put it in position.... then leave all alone..... cheers Josh.... please keep me posted if there are any other issues...

Since the question on aeroponics doesn't have a date on it, I will ask this question. Do you know when you'll have the aeroponics system trials finished? I'm very interested in that. Also, I can't find any info concerning replanting procedures after the crop is finished. Is there a video on that? Thanks - Posted by Lloyd Babb

Hi Lloyd, The "AQUAplate"... we may call it this... not sure yet... is being manufactured as we speak.... We are hoping that it will be available worldwide in October 2016, there is no information / videos available at the moment but this will be available upon the launch of the product... please sign up to the newsletter to keep updated.... Josh...

I am going to be using air domes in my auto-parts system. After putting the air domes in the pots should I put a layer of gravel around the domes and to what level and how much? - Posted by Mike Cilibrasi

Hi Mike, Yes, covering AirDome with gravel or pebbles is an excellent way of helping disperse air around the pot. The AirDome should be covered to two thirds with gravel. The following links provide further information on setup of the AirDome. A pdf can be found here via the product page of the US website. Our video guide to set up is here . Our potting up guide also covers use of the AirDome .

Hello---with 1in. of clay pebbles added to bottom of pot for additional drainage----how does that affect the valve system ? thanx - Posted by Dennis

I would like to speak to someone about using the Autopot system for a commercial operation. Also need a budgetary estimate. Ps: Your security codes are impossible to decipher with the eyesight of a mere mortal! - Posted by Willem Ellis

Rockwool is available in 1/4 inch chunks. Is there a reason to mix with hydroton? - Posted by John White

Hi John, Yes, the reason is that Hydroton alone does not provide enough capillary action to be used in the AutoPot. The Rockwool cubes provide the capillary action that Hydroton lacks.

Hi. I was wondering if AutoPots could be grown, say in the storage compartments of a Bus Conversion or Motorhome? Or, could they be put in the living area in a Bus Conversion? - Posted by Rebecca Koos

Question re: lettuce: Do you recommend or do you have a system specifically for lettuce or other leafy greens? The reason I ask is because the pots seem huge for leafy greens(though I am new and can be totally wrong. I've grown in rails before and clearly, they aren't as large). Thank you in advance for your help and support. Sinc, -g. - Posted by Gabriel

Hi Gabriel, The easy2grow system is ideal for growing lettuce. Thanks, Josh

Going to order a few systems shortly. Have any discount codes for a first time buyer? :) I would greatly appreciate it! - Posted by Alex

Hi Alex, There are no discount codes at the moment. Please check out our Facebook page for offers. Thanks, Josh

do I have to replace the copper disks each planting or do I re-use - Posted by steven leishman

Hi Steven, You can use them a few times, until the copper wears off. Thanks, Josh

Will a Tap for all WaterButts/Tanks work on a flexi tank 25 gallon? Thanks! - Posted by Tom

Hi, I bought a 4 pot xl system w the flex tank reservoir locally and am wondering if the root control discs are supposed to be included? I'm not noticing them in the box. Thanks. - Posted by Jay

Hi Jay, The root control discs should be included, please go back to shop and query this with them. If you have a look at the online shop, each product has a list of what the system comes with. Thanks, Josh

I have recently purchased a 4 pot system I think I lost the grommet for the water bucket how can I get another one my address is 1558 south king st Honolulu 96826 - Posted by malcolm ho

Hi Malcolm, These are available to buy on our online shop: We do not have a distributor in Hawaii at the moment. Thanks, Josh

Hi I have a 4x4 foot tent and the 2 suggested layouts are NOT practical and actually do not fit into the tent. Could you please suggest a layout that will work. Cheers in advance Darryn - Posted by Darryn

Can I use an organic nutrient line such as BioBizz in my AutoPot system? I intended to use Drip Clean with it and having an in tank pump inside my reservoir well mixed. Do you think this will be an issue? The mixture seems no thicker than when I use Advanced Nutrients in my reservoir. I'm trying to find a way to grow all organically while using the AutoPot system without running into line issues. - Posted by Brennan

Hi Brennan, No, we do not recommend using liquid organic nutrients in AutoPot systems under any circumstances. Although the nutrient may seem no thicker than mineral nutrient it will ultimately fall out of solution and decompose due to its organic nature. This will cause blockages in the system. Please see our Advanced Growing Guide for more tips here: To use BioBizz with an AutoPot system fill your reservoir with plain water and hand feed diluted BioBizz solution directly into your pots. Switch your reservoir off at the tap the day before feeding the nutrient in order for the plants to consume the nutrients in the Pot. Once this hand feeding is complete leave for 24 hours before switching the water back on

Josh, I am only using one Go Large pot in the dual easy 2 grow setup. My question is about the water that is in the tray with no pot does that water need to be removed or does it flow over into the other tray once the plant in that tray absorbs the water from the tray its in ? - Posted by Mykhael Walker

Hi Mykhael, The AQUAvalve should work the same way, so the water should fill and drain. We do sell individual trays on our online shop, this might make things a little easier for you and also stop sediment from building up in the empty side of the tray: Thanks, Josh

What does the aquavalve do? - Posted by Frank

Hi Frank, Please have a look at our AQUAvalve animation: Thanks, Josh

Hi, what is the dimension of the pack? - Posted by Eitan Rosenthal

Hi Eitan, Were not sure which pack you mean? if you have a look at the online shop, all of the product dimensions are noted there. Thanks, Josh

I already set up my pots but I think I put the root control disc in wrong, gold face up. Can I leave it like that for this grow or will it be detrimental. Thanks - Posted by Gary Wargas

Hi Gray, This way will work just fine. Thanks, Josh

Can the flexi tanks be used to store drinking water? - Posted by Mario

Hi Mario, I would suggest that they are washed internally with a mild soap detergent prior to storing water once they have had any oils from manufacturing removed then you are good to go.

I would like to use the system indoors only. What size Autopots do you recommend for tomato plants. If I have one tomato, 2 pepper, 1 cuke what size reservoir do I need if I'm gone on vacation for 2 weeks so it will not run dry. The system is indoors only with LED lights. Temps should be about 70 to 75 degrees most of the time. - Posted by Mark Lindsay

Hi Mark, I would probably suggest that you use x4 1Pot Modules (3.9gallon) with a 25 gallon FlexiTank, this should give you enough water over a 2 week duration... Also if growing these crops try to maintain humidity levels no lower than 65%.... Josh..

Hi Josh, Could you please suggest a few, recommended brands of nutrients suitable for the Autopot system using Rockwool which has no nutrient content itself. I've used only one brand in the past, and would like other choices if there are any. preferably a 2 or 3 part solution set thank you again, Hank - Posted by Hank Nevil

Hi Hank..... Ideally you are looking for a good clean mineral fertiliser range... Keep away from think boosters and additives as these tend to separate in the reservoir and pipes... Some brands that I am aware of in the US that are suitable are as follows: Botanicare GHE 3 part Canna Mills Some of these brands also have thick boosters as an optional addition to the range..... As I said earlier they are not suitable to add to the reservoir.... If you wish to use them the best way to apply is as follows: Turn the system off the night before.... then the next day mix up the additives in a separate container and fill each tray to the point where the pipe enters the tray... not through the top of the pot..... Leave for 10-20 mins then top up again.... Leave over night then the next day turn on the system again..... You can do this once a week until if required.... Hope this helps .... Josh...

Hello, What is the total dimensions of the 4-pot system (with trays)? I am looking to place the 4 Autopot system in a 24" x 48" x 72" tent and would like to keep the reservoir outside of the tent. Also, what is the diameter of the tubing used and can it be replaced with readily available tubing or does tubing need to be ordered through autopot? Thank you. - Posted by John

Hi John, If you take a look at the brochure on the home page the dimensions should be here.... The pipe is specific to AutoPot, there are similar types of pipe available around the US that may be suitable but it is wise to check it all fits first.... the O/D of the pipe is 6.3 the I/D is 4.2mm..... Josh...

I have room for a144 pot system. My question is, How many pots can I add to a 100 pot 15L system? Is it even possible to do this? Or do you make bigger system So? - Posted by Don

Hi Don, Many thanks for your enquiry. The AutoPot system is modular and can be extended to a limitless number of pots provided you have the space and an adequate supply of water. Your main concern in your current situation should be the size of your reservoir. The 100Pot 3.9gal/15ltr system you are currently running requires a minimum 200 gal FlexiTank/Reservoir. For a 144Pot 3.9gal/15ltr system you are going to need at least another 100 gal FlexiTank/Reservoir alongside your current one to provide enough irrigation. Ensure that the FlexiTank/reservoir is a min 6 inches off the ground in order to maintain gravity pressure. Other than that it's simply a matter of hooking the additional modules up and off you go!

Hello, I sent an email on Monday and haven't received any response so I wanted to try reaching out again.... I purchased the AutoPot 4 pot setup in January and the plastic piece that connects to the tubing on one of the aqua valves snapped off over the weekend from normal use. I'm hoping that you guys have some sort of guarantee with your product and will replace the aquavalve piece that broke. I have had it for less than a year and this is the only the second crop that I have used it for so it is very disappointing to have it break already. Please respond as I am now having to manually fill it each day which defeats the purpose of the Autopot. Also, to replace this cheap, plastic part seems ridiculously expensive. Please help! Sincerely, Alex - Posted by Alex Scott

Hello Alex, Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Apologies for the delay in responding. I've brought this matter to the attention of the US Office but it seems that they don't have your email to date. As this is the only means by which they can reach out to you they have asked me to request that you send a picture and also proof of purchase (receipt or an order number) to [email protected] and they will do their best to resolve the problem. In the event that you don't hear from them you can also contact them on (+1) 562 612 4182 and failing that please don't hesitate to contact me here. All the best, Josh

Hello, I was wondering if a fabric pot like smart pots could be used instead of the plastic ones provided. - Posted by Josh

hi will you ship the auto pot - 4 pot system to Canada? what is shipping cost to Canada? - Posted by Khanh Pham

Hi Khanh, Many thanks for your enquiry, apologies for the delay in responding. We have experienced shortages of 4Pot systems in the US this week and wanted to give you the clearest possible answer. Given the stock situation and that your shipping enquiry requires specific advice we suggest you contact our US Office directly via [email protected] You can also get in touch via Tel & Fax via (+1) 562 612 4182 All the best, Josh

I recently purchased the 2pot 3.9 gallon system from you and I want to upgrade the tubing to the larger diameter tubing. I was wondering if you could make me a parts list of which fittings and tubing I would need to order to order from you so I can upgrade my system. - Posted by Larry

Hi Larry In our experience the pipe system that you have should be more than adequate for your 2pot system. If you still wish to upgrade, you will need the following: 19mm top hat grommet, you will need to drill a 23mm diameter hole in the tank to accommodate this. 1/2inch inline filter 1/2 pipe - length up to you 1/2inch inline tap 1/2inch to 1/4inch cross connector Thanks, Josh

Josh, Do you have a program where you can donate some of these to an aquaponic farm to help market your product? I have a pretty successful You Tube channel and I believe that if I used some of these in my videos it could help you to sell them from your website. Just an Idea. I have seen them used successfully in Thailand (James Harrison of Green Evolution Aquaponics Thailand) and I believe that there could be a large segment of my viewers that would like to see them. My channel name is FensterFarm Greenhouse. Chuck - Posted by Chuck Fenster

Hi Chuck, Please email my colleagues Manny and Dan, who will be able to assist you with your query: [email protected] [email protected] Thanks, Josh

How much space does the the 12 pot system take up? - Posted by Robert Woods

Hi Robert, It depends on what variations you had in mind, but a minimum of 8x4ft. Please have a look at our brochure and online shop as all the products have the dimentions noted, which will help you decide how the system will fit into your growing area. Thanks, Josh

Hi Josh... been running the autopot system for about 5 months straight without stopping. 2 days ago one of my valves ran away = didn't shut the water off going into the autopot causing a overflow issue. I'm running the largest pots you have available. It wasn't that bad as my 60gal res was just about empty so I had minimal cleanup. Filled the res and fiddled with the valve that I knew was the culprit. Didn't really do anything to "fix" it but I tested it after re-fill and it was working as expected. Today another pot did the same thing. This time much more water and larger clean up. Luckily I was home and caught the problem but I did have a mess to clean up. Here's my question: What do I need to do to maintain the valves so they don't run away on me like that?? How often do you recommend doing whatever it is you will recommend for me. I filter all the water going into the res ... do I need to clean the reservoir every so often as well? Is there build up of minerals in the valves that caused this? I run just filtered water into the res and into the autopot system. I have the XL system and run 9 of the large 7+ gal pots, put the screen down then on top of the screen 1-2" of clay balls, then my soil mix which is completely organic. Much help is appreciated. Cheers - Posted by Bob Brown

Hi Bob, We recommend servicing the valves once a month, I have attached the link to the instruction booklet for more information on how to do this: We do not recommend using an organic liquid fertiliser as this can clog the pipes and leave a film on the silicones. Please make sure that you clean clean the face of the AQUAvalve silicons to make sure nothing is stuck, and then make sure they are fitted correctly. Hopefully this information will help. Thanks, Josh

Hi Josh, What do I need to do to make my (2) 4 pot, 1/4" setups converted to the 1/2" tubing set up? I run the 8 pots on one set up with the reserviors connected. I'm finding I'm getting clogging at the end of my run and I think I will get less clogs in a bigger tube. - Posted by Nick

Hi, When 2Pot System available? message say out stock. Thank You, Simon - Posted by Simon Ho

Hi Simon, Many thanks for your enquiry. Apologies for the delay in restocking we're urgently trying to get more units in place by all possible means. We sincerely hope the situation will be resolved this week but cannot confirm this at present. We will update the shop notifications as soon as the systems are in place. Aware that this doesn't actually help much but hope the answer assists you in some way. All the best!

Hi Josh, am I able to request the hard plastic reservoir in place of the "FlexiTank"? I prefer a hard plastic reservoir in place of a flexible reservoir as cleaning and overall maintenance would be easier for me. Thank you. - Posted by John

Hi John, Unfortunately we do not supply hard plastic reservoirs, we can supply all the necessary fittings to connect to the reservoir. Please feel free to call the office and speak with Ricky to determine what you need once you have sourced a suitable reservoir locally... Josh....

Hi Folks, I recently purchased your system from a friend. I planned to pot up today,because my plants are very ready to do so, but I see on your site that the optimal performance is achieved using the air domes. I live in Delta, Co and need to order them from you directly as soon as possible. Please contact me by phone, if possible, at 970 361 8227. I am hoping they can be sent out today so I can keep moving along here! Thanks, Nancy - Posted by nancy eisenbud

Hi Nancy, Many thanks for your enquiry and apologies for the delay in responding. We seem to have an issue with the auto-notifications of Ask Josh submissions. I have forwarded your enquiry to our Sales Team who should be in touch soon to assist you further. If you need to contact them in the meantime please email [email protected] or call (+1) 562 612 4182. Apologies also for having to redirect you. We've had a few sales and shipment enquiries here recently and we are aware that as we redevelop our site it would be wise to signpost the tech and sales contacts more clearly. Hope that is of some help, all the best!

Would you please confirm when we can receive the parcel if we order the 10 pcs of Autovalve & 10 pcs of Autovalve cover today and deliver to Ault 80610, CO. - Posted by camay lo

Hi Camay, Many thanks for your enquiry. I have forwarded your enquiry to our Sales Team who should be in touch soon to assist you further. If you need to contact them in the meantime please email [email protected] or call (+1) 562 612 4182. Apologies for having to redirect you. We've had a few sales and shipment enquiries here recently and we are aware that as we redevelop our site it would be wise to signpost the tech and sales contacts more clearly. Hope that is of some help, all the best!

i am from United Arab Emarits , DO YOU deliver to my country ?? - Posted by abubaker salem

Hello, Our closest retailer to you is: AGRICULTURAL TOOLS TRADING L.L.C , Dubai - United Arab Emirates Phone: +971 56 6488501 Email: [email protected] Thanks, Josh

Where can i buy flexitanks from being my wholesalers no longer offer them? - Posted by john

Hi John, You can order them direct from our online shop: Thanks, Josh


Hey, I have passed your details over and someone will make contact with you soon. Thanks, Josh

Hi, I have the auto pot Easy grow 6 system and I'm curious about adding two more pots to it. Would the 12.5 reservoir tank that comes with the grow 6 be sufficient to handle 8 pots? they're the smaller 2.2 pots. Or do i have to change it all out in regards to a bigger reservoir tank. - Posted by Edgar

Hi Edgar, The 12.5 tank will be fine, you may just have to watch the water levels and fill it up a bit more often. If you did want to upgrade we would recommend the 25gallon flexi tank. Thanks, Josh

Hello Josh, We are looking for special (wholesale) pricing for a commercial grow we are constructing in Oregon. What would the pricing structure look like for a PotXL system comprised of a minimum of 2,970 pots? Thanks. Jason - Posted by Jason

Hi Jason, I have passed this on to our sales team, they will be in contact with you shortly. Thanks, Josh

Hi Josh, Many of the nutrient products have different feeding schedules for drain-to-waste vs. recirculating. Autopots seem to be a bit of a hybrid between the two. Which category do you recommend to follow for the autopots? Thanks. -Eric - Posted by Eric

Hi Eric, Set your PPM levels....start off low around 800 and then build up to 1,100 as the plants establish. Thanks, Josh

Hi, I need to order replacement legs for my 25 gallon res. I don't see this available for order on your site, can you help please? Thanks, Brandon - Posted by Brandon Kasay

Hi Brandon, Unfortunately we don't sell the individual legs for the tanks, if you call the office they may be able to see if they have any spare parts. Thanks, Josh

Can I place a fabric pot(with medium) inside the autopot Containers. Or will the bottom constantly be soggy. - Posted by Gil

Hi Gil, The bottom will be wet as the there is always water in the tray. Thanks, Josh

Hello, Can you please tell me the size of the tray on the 4 pot system 3.9 gallon? If using fabric grow bags is it necessary to use the root control disc? Line the bottom with 1" of clay pebbles then use 50/50 perlite and coco with 4" rock wool cube for seedling. I am waiting on my 4 pot system to arrive but need to get started as they said it would be 3 weeks or more so I am hoping I can use the bags without the disk as described. Please let me know. Thank you! Jon - Posted by Jon

The "locator" function on your webpage does not appear to be functioning. I am in West Central Illinois (zip code 62650) and was trying to find a dealer/distributor anywhere near me, so I could pay a visit and hopefully see a system in operation and attempt to determine how I might put one to use at my place! - Posted by Richard Rowe

Do you know of any Auto pot retailers in Las Vegas? - Posted by Michael Ouellette

Copper Mat Hello Josh, I am wondering where the copper mat actually goes that is provided with kit. The instructions manual that came with unit states the may to go in the bottom of pot with gold/copper side down. I have seen several videos and web sites that state mat is to go in tray gold/copper face up. So this are two huge differences. I have potted my plant to Autopots instructions and now am questioning if this is correct. Thank you - Posted by Jim Higginbotham

Hi Jim, Many thanks for your enquiry. Fear not, both instructions are in fact correct! The gold/copper root control sheet goes gold/copper face down in the pot. We recommend doing this to provide root control whilst understanding that some people aren't keen on roots making direct contact with the gold/copper face. This is not to say that the gold/copper face has any deterimental effect. You can, in fact, put the root control sheet in the pot either way up. In the tray we recommend that the root control sheet goes gold/copper face up in order to provide the best possible protection for the valve from root invasion. Hope this clears the matter up. For further information please see our guides to potting up an AutoPot downloadable from the US website homepage. All the best!

If I were to "go large" and get the 3.9 gallon pots for the easy to grow system, would the tray that holds the bigger pots be larger, or remain the same size as the tray that held the smaller pots? - Posted by Rob

Hi Rob, Many thanks for your enquiry. The tray remains the same size, the pots are simply taller and broader at the top. Hope that helps, all the best!

Do you think ill be able to fit the easy to grow 4 pot system in a 22"x36" area? - Posted by John

Hi John, The tray for the easy2grow system is 22.6" x 10.8" plus the reservoir, which is 11" square, so I don't think the easy2grow 4 would fit. The dimensions of the systems can be found on our online shop. Thanks, Josh

I have watered my plants / fertilized for two weeks, before turning the auto pot system on (water & nutrition mixed). Should I water the plants immediately before turning the system on? As stated my water & nutrients are mixed. - Posted by John

Hi John, Please have a look at our potting up guide for tips: Thanks, Josh

howdy there, so we here at inner glow garden supply have fallen in love with your easy2grow systems!!! however we are unable to purchase from any distributor in our system...they're all sold out and have been for months! we utilize sunlight supply and hydrofarm and bwgs...none of these folks can tell me with any confidence when or if they will receive new stock. we are more than ready to bring more of your product to our customers...can you help? - Posted by jared

Hi Jared, Many thanks for your enquiry, delighted you're so smitten with the systems! I've forwarded your question to our Account Managers, they are examining supply options and should be in touch with you directly via email very shortly. All the best!

i am interested in the 100 system CIF MIAMI alain liautaud - Posted by Alain Liautaud

Hi Alain, Please contact the office and they will talk you through the options: (+1) 562 612 4182 Thanks, Josh

Hi, can I use 100 percent rock wool in the pots? - Posted by Rich

Hi Rich You can, however we recommend a mix of 50% rockwool & 50% clay pebbles as 100% rockwool wont distribute the water well enough on its own and will stay saturated at the bottom. Please have a look at our brochure for more information. Thanks, Josh

can I pay for products with pay pal credit - Posted by wm dilks

Hey, We accept payment by PayPal. Thanks, Josh

Hey Josh. What would shipping to Alaska be for the 1 pot system. 60 site. Also what's the shipping to Alaska for the 48 site? - Posted by Jeff

Hi Jeff, I have asked the team to email you a response. Thanks, Josh

Josh, On the 1 pot system what is the total height from base of tray to top of pot when sitting in tray? Thanks - Posted by Del Shaw

Hi Del, For the 3.9g pot and tray the total height is 12.5" Thanks, Josh

Hi josh I have a question for the 1 pot 100 pot system... Can I do row of 3 with 16 pot on each row with the length of 21ft instead of 6 rows with 10 pot shown on the autopot catalog will the water reach that far?? Should I be concern the rear ones won't get as much as the front ones near the flexi tank? Thx - Posted by Ken

Hi Ken, The layout on our web page is a suggestion, you can lay the system out how you like really. We have commercial grows where the tanks are a similar distance away from the trays without any issues. Thanks, Josh

With a 8 XL system, what air pump should be used? - Posted by Chris L Fillmore

Hi Chris We recommend 15 gallons per hour per dome x by 8, you will need a 120 gallon per hour per pump minimum. Thanks, Josh

Hello Josh, Taking the pots out of the trays to work on plants for 10-15 minutes ok? Thank you, Casey - Posted by Casey

Hi Casey, Yes, but turn the tap off on the tank first so the tray doesn't keep filling up. Thanks, Josh

Hello Josh, I purchased and setup the autopods to grow medical cannabis. I used coco & perlite mix with hydroton bottom. Now I am wondering if the foxfarm nutrient trio (hydro) is good for the autopot system? Please advice - Posted by Randy

Hello, Our San Francisco conference last week was the biggest and baddest ICBC, thus far, with over 1,500 people in attendance. The networking was phenomenal and the media attention was unprecedented. We are excited for our next OMBC conference in Eugene, featuring NBA superstar John Salley at the beautiful Valley River Inn. We expect attendance to reach capacity for this one. Please email for exhibitor deck! OMBC Eugene- April 28th Flagship Oregon B2B- Longest running and biggest in the state. Thank you! Calyn Exhibitor Coordinator International Conferences Group Office - 888-920-6076 --------------------------------- Upcoming Events (more info available upon request!): ICBC - BERLIN - April 10-12 2017 - OMBC - EUGENE - April 27-28 2017 - ICBC - KAUAI - December December 1-3 - - Posted by Calyn Kelly

Hi Calyn, Many thanks for your interest in our brand. Very interested to hear about the huge success you guys are having. I have forwarded your message and details to Dan Gulliver our Business Development & Marketing Director. He will look into your events and assess their viability for our brand. Wishing you every success in the future!

im noticing a film build up on top of the water in the auto pot tray. is this normal. im using rx green nutrients grow part a and b and ph up to 5.5 - Posted by Clifton

Hi Clifton, Many thanks for your enquiry, it is usual to see some sort of film on the surface of the water when using a mineral nutrient. This should have no detrimental effect on plant growth. If you start to see crystallisation of nutrient salts on the valve, pots or trays, then we recommend running a line cleaning product or switching to a different brand of nutrient. Please download the advanced potting up guide from the homepage for more information. Hope this helps.

Hi Josh I was referred to this site for irrigating my VegTrug elevated garden. It is 70" Lx 30" W. I am a little confused as to the system I would use. I am thinking the Spider but am also confused as the needed accessories to connect to a watering vessel. I was going to do drip irrigation but it was not recommended for the VegTrug.Any assistance would be wonderful. Thank you Lynne - Posted by Lynne MacPherson

Hi! I ordered a 4-Pot XL system several days ago and never received a tracking number? I have been anxiously waiting for my delivery, but have no clue when to expect it. Do you have any information as to when my order was shipped and what my expected delivery date is? Order ID: 1736 - Posted by Garrick Coalson

Hi Garrick, Many thanks for your enquiry, sorry to hear about your wait. I've contacted the AP USA Office to try and determine the whereabouts of your order and hope to have some further information for you soon. If for any reason you need to contact the US Office directly in the meantime their details are as below: 646 West Pacific Coast HWY Long Beach CA 90806 Tel & Fax: (+1) 562 612 4182 Email: [email protected]

Hello there I recently bought a single bucket autopot clean with aquavalve but didn't include the reservoir. My question is since this is a gravity fed system can I make my own Rez asking as I keep it 15 cm above the pot? Since there is no pumps or anything could I just fit a 50 l bucket with the proper size grommet and use it that way? - Posted by Nathan

Hi Nathan, Many thanks for your enquiry, really glad to hear you're taking the plunge with an AutoPot! For obvious reasons we can't guarantee any reservoir-system connections other than those pre-drilled tanks or FlexiTanks we supply will work. However provided you drill out the hole in your reservoir using a 0.4" drill bit and use a 1/4" Top Hat Grommet you should be able to create a perfectly serviceable homemade reservoir. Hope this helps, all the best!

Hey Josh, plan on getting the 8 pot system! I was curious if the shipping is discrete. Is it just a plain box? Thanks - Posted by Ken

Hi Ken, Many thanks for your enquiry, our 8Pot System boxes feature product stickers and usually AutoPot brand logos as standard. That said it may be possible to discretely package depending on the specifics of your shipping requirements. In this event the best advice I can give is that you get in touch with our office directly as they can ensure your requirements are noted and met in the event that you do decide to order. You can reach the office on Tel & Fax: (+1) 562 612 4182 Email: [email protected] 646 West Pacific Coast HWY Long Beach CA 90806 Hope this helps, all the best!

On my current crop, the medium is staying very dry and its obvious that the plants are not getting enough water. I believe the reason is that i put more perlite in the bottom of the pot this time and the coco mix is not touching water. I've used the system before with no problems and im doing everything else the same. The best thing i came up with is to water from the top from time to time. I know this is not recommended but i don't know what else to do. If i try top watering, do you have any advice? Do i use plain water? Nutrients? Half strength? - Posted by Andy

Hi Andy, Many thanks for your enquiry, provided your plants have been top watered for 10/14 days they will have a sufficiently extensive root system to reach down into the substrate and absorb moisture. Perlite does provide an efficient capillary action indeed it is possible to grow with AutoPots using only Perlite as a substrate. What you may find is that the top inch or so of substrate is dry and this is entirely normal. If you push your finger an inch and a half or so down you should find plentifully irrigated substrate. In the event that none of the above is true in your case or if your plants still appear to be struggling then please don't hesitate to get in touch. All the best!

Hi I recently purchased the Autpot system and set it up a couple of days ago. I opened the tap to allow the water to flow and when I returned ( I needed to do something) the whole 30l from the reservoir had emptied and overflowed- 4 plants in 8 litre pots. The valves were both positioned correctly on the 'T'. My question- I have the reservoir quite high up, about 3 ft and is only 1/2 foot away from the tent so a big vertical drop from reservoir to tent- could this be why I had an overflow? Too much gravitational pressure or am I missing something far more simple? Thanks Jonni - Posted by Jonni

Hi Jonni, Many thanks for your enquiry and sorry to hear about the overflow. The AQUAvalve can handle up to 2 Bar pressure so it is highly unlikely that pressure (caused by tank position or otherwise) will ever be the culprit where overflow occurs. Provided the AQUAvalves are secure on the 'T's there should be no problem there either. From what you are describing The most likely cause of the problem is the position of the silicones. It sounds as though the silicones are not sitting flat on the AQUAvalves. We'd definitely advise removing and re-positioning the silicones so they are sitting flat. If problems persist with the water supply please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll endeavor to assist you further. All the best!

I recently purchased a 60 gal Flexitank as I thought it so cool. Now I have decided to go with Autopots as well. I want to purchase either an 8-pot system or a 12-pot system, but I don't need another reservoir, and everywhere I have looked only sells systems with the reservoir included. Can you give me a price for the full systems, minus the reservoir, or point me to a vendor that can? Thanks in adavance!!! - Posted by Dennis JD

Hi Dennis, Many thanks for your enquiry and for your enthusiasm for our systems! If you are unable to find a local vendor able to offer you the system minus reservoir the best course of action is to contact our US Office directly. They are able to supply the systems without FlexiTanks. You can reach the US Office via Tel & Fax on: (+1) 562 612 4182 or via email: [email protected]

Can a aquavalve be incorporated in another system. Thinking self watering gutter with grow bags - Posted by Will Allen

Hi Will, Many thanks for your enquiry, we understand that different growers with different growing spaces and different plants demand different irrigation systems. That is why we incorporate the AQUAvalve in a number of different products that allow you to water in the way that suits you. The closest product in the AutoPot range to what you are describing would be the AQUAbox Straight which can be found here: If you check out the tabbed information below the listing including the videos you will see how the AQUAbox may be used to water a growbag. For us the answer to growbag irrigation is capillary matting to provide a wicking action. You may of course take inspiration from this layout and combine it with your specific situation, we can't guarantee the effectiveness of a modified or adapted system but as keen growers we are always delighted to see how others get on and the results of their innovation. Wishing you all the best with your project!

Do you offer the buckets in 13 gal size for the 4Pot XL System (1/4" Pipe) System? - Posted by Brian M

Hi Brian, Many thanks for your enquiry, if it's the pots you are referring to then i'm afraid the largest size we supply are the 6.6 gal - as included in a 4Pot XL System. If it's the reservoir you're referring to then obviously a 12.9 gal solid tank is included. We also do stock the 13 gal FlexiTank as listed here If what you are looking for is basically to upgrade to a 13 gal Flexi on your order of a 4Pot XL then please contact our office directly when placing your order. The office can be reached on: Tel & Fax: (+1) 562 612 4182 Email: [email protected] All the best!

Josh: Sent a note yesterday regarding a purchase I made by mistake. Did you get it? I need advice on an exchange for the product that will work for me. Please advise asap. Thanks for your help. RLB P.S. Your security code is ridiculous. I couldn't get it right after a dozen tries. - Posted by Robert Baldori

Hi Robert, Many thanks for your enquiry and profuse apologies for the delay in responding, we seem to be having difficulties with our notification system. As for the accursed security codes, you're absolutely right and we are working on a site rebuild at present, not just because of the codes you understand, but they should be addressed in the near future. I have contacted the relevant department within our US Office and they should be in touch soon in order to try and assist you. In the event that you should need to contact them they can be reached via: Tel & Fax: (+1) 562 612 4182 Email: [email protected] 646 West Pacific Coast HWY Long Beach CA 90806

Hello. Could I (or why shouldn't I) use a large net-pot in the autopot, instead of the ordinary pot, to maximise air to roots? I would still have coco or some other wicking media in the pot. Thank you. - Posted by John

Can i place a freshly transplanted plant in a 6" pot into the base of an auto pot till its ready to be transplanted into the 3.9 gal pot or is that too much water? Using coco/perlite. Thank you in advance. - Posted by T.Shin

Hi Josh, I did a search through your previous answers, but I didn't saw some conflicting answers about using the systems outdoors. Can I use the Easy2grow 12 place system outdoors with no cover? I am looking to grow tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Or will the rain flood the system? Also, will the standard box be large enough on these systems to grow tomatoes? thanks, Brooks - Posted by Brooks Winchell

Hi Josh, I am considering purchasing the 4 Pot XL system for my 5x5 grow tent but had a couple of questions I wanted some feedback on before I go ahead with it. First, I prefer to use organic nutrients (guano and molasses for the most part) but had read on a message board that the this was not a good idea and that the whole thing would end up getting clogged. Is this true and more importantly what would you recommend with regards to organic vs. non-organic nutrients? Also, what additional equipment would you recommend to ensure the nutrients in the reservoir get periodically agitated? - Posted by Lou R.

hi. do you sell 3.9 gallon pots? don't see them, but would like to purchase 2 of them along with 4 root control mats. Thanks. - Posted by Duane Davis

Hello Josh! I'm interested in purchasing the 4x Autopot with reservoir and wanted to know if it would require a waterstone or pump to keep the water from becoming stagnant? - Posted by Mr Fish

DO you have a store front where one can see an AutoPot system set up. I would like to see the systems footprint and pictures can only give a 2D look at the system. Thank you for your time. - Posted by richard

jOSH i have a 6 pot system in a straight line the trays are full of water but the buckets and media seem to be dry is this normal or have i set something up wrong - Posted by warren holmes

has anyone ever added fish to the reservoir like in aquaponic - Posted by tiphanie

Hi Tiphanie Many thanks for your enquiry, apologies but we seem to have been experiencing a problem with Ask Josh with questions that we have answered not publishing - hence the delay in responding. Aquaponics have certainly been used in conjunction with AutoPot Watering Systems but always with the fish occupying a separate tank, pen or aquarium. Apart from animal welfare issues (fish must have a dedicated tank and care) there are several important stages of conversion and filtration that must occur before the waste from the fish can be used to fertilise plants. Hence several interceding tanks for filtration and waste conversion separate fish and plants. In broad terms the principal change that must occur is allowing cultivated bacteria to convert fish waste to nitrates and then nitrites. James Harrison of Green Evolutions Thailand (see and is, for our money, the leading authority on aquaponics with AutoPots. His commercial operations are built around technology he has devised and combined from his extensive know-how and relies on AutoPot Watering Systems for the plants. Although his set-up is complex the work he discusses is possible on a much smaller scale. Apologies again for the delay, hope this helps guide you, all the best!

Hi Josh, Just setting up my two pot system. Confused on RCD's. Many places on your website recommend the RCD go in the tray, copper side up. I've also seen it in the directions and videos to recommend the RCD be placed copper side down in bottom of the pot. Please advise, thank you. - Posted by Steven

Hi Steven, Many thanks for your enquiry, apologies but we seem to have been experiencing a problem with Ask Josh with submission notifications and questions that we have answered not publishing - hence the delay in responding. As to your question: Fear not, both instructions are in fact correct! We recommend that the copper root control sheet should go copper face down in the pot. We recommend doing this to provide root control whilst understanding that some people aren't keen on roots making direct contact with the copper face. This is not to say that the copper face has any detrimental effect. In the tray the RCD goes copper face up as contact is minimal. Apologies again for the delay, hope the advice is of some assistance. All the best!

I have set up a 60 gallon tank and I have a good amount of water leaking out between the tap and the click fit adapter. I am still getting water flow to the pots but I am losing a lot of water due to the leak. When I push the adapter and the tap closer together the leak slows down but does not stop. How can I solve this problem. - Posted by michael richard II

Hi Michael, Please call the office and we will talk you through everything. Tel & Fax: (+1) 562 612 4182 Thanks, Josh

do u need to turn off ur auto pot system at any point? - Posted by leo

Hi Leo, Only at the start when you have potted your plants up, you water through from the top and leave for 7-to 10 days to allow the roots to establish before turning the system on. You can also purchase taps if you wanted to isolate a particular tray for cleaning etc. Thanks, Josh

Two of my smart valves are not shutting off. This is the second year of using them. I put them in the dishwasher and reseated the silicone inserts. But two of them do not function properly and don't shut off when the water level rises. Is there any information on troubleshooting smart valves. I have a 24 pot system and it empties my 60 tank every day. - Posted by Richard Griffith

Hi Richard, Please call the office and we will talk you through everything. Tel & Fax: (+1) 562 612 4182 Thanks, Josh

hello. I recenly purchased 10 quantities of bubble stone for your air domes. I am curious if 1 quantity or order of bubble stones out fits 1 air dome? I am trying to outfit 10 air domes. thank you for your time. - Posted by Dustin Donovan

Dear Dustin, You will need 40 pieces, 4 per airdome. Thanks, Josh

I live in Canada. Can i purchase autopot products from this website? There does not seem to be a Canadian version. - Posted by Aaron

Bio Floral or Green Plant are our distributors in Canada: Thanks, Josh

I have the 2.2 gallon, 4 pot system. Can I change the tubing to pvc pipe? Is there a specific size or just the same measurements as the flexible tubing? Also if I can use do anything to prevent clogging. - Posted by James R Tarby

Hi James, There is no point in changing the pipe, just make sure that you use a good clean nutrient. Organic nutrients in the tank are not suitable. If you want to check that your nutrient will work, mix it in a jug 50/50 with water and leave it overnight, if it stays mixed it will work in our system without clogging. Thanks, Josh

Can I use a pump to feed the lines instead of using gravity? Anything that you might think can go wrong? - Posted by Rich

Hi Rich, Yes you can use a pressurised inline reducer, it must be no more than 10 psi. They are difficult to come by, alternatively you can put mains into the tank utilizing a ball cock at the top. Thanks, Josh

do you sell the 6.6 gallon 8 pot system,with a float valve for each pot?i prefer to have 8 float valves per pot,not one jst controlling all pots,some plants may drink faster than the others,so i dont want to have plants that are not drinking as much,would.nt it over flow on the ones that didnt drink as much water?? - Posted by kevin powell

Hi Kevin, The 1Pot system and the XL system has an individual pot, tray and valve. The Easy2grow system is only two pots per valve. The 8Pot system can be found here: The system is individual and gravity fed so the plant will only get the water is needs. I hope this has answered your question, if you need a little more advice please feel free to call the office on (+1) 562 612 4182 Thanks, Josh

Hi Josh, I have a 200 gallon tank. I have been using it to hold reverse osmosis water. I noticed tonight as I drained some water there is a little build up of I guess mold. It's slightly white in color. The tank is in my home and the water temp is about 25c. Should I drain it down and wipe it? If so what do you recommend? Thank you - Posted by Jason Herritz

Hi Jason, Are you using any organic matter ie boosters/fertilizers? With our systems you should only be using mineral fertilizers/products. With any mineral fertilizers you will get a small amount of white salt sediment build up in the tank, you can empty and clean using a mild detergent. Thanks, Josh

I want to use coco and perlite 50/50 and feed with liquid nutrients in an outdoor hoop house. What brands of nutrients wont clog the system? I already know Mills A & B and Canna PK/13 work. But what are other products options? - Posted by David Wilkins

Hi David, As long as the nutrient is not organic, you can do a test to make sure that it will work with our system by mixing the nutrient 50/50 with water, if it stays mixed over night then it should work with our system. Please find a link to our potting up guide, which should give you some helpful tips and advice: Thanks, Josh

What is the shipping weight for a 2pot XL autopot system and an Easy2GO kit separately? - Posted by Hani Hajj

Hi Hani, I have asked the office to email you directly about this. Thanks, Josh

Hello i was curious to the dimentions of the FlexiTank 6.6, specifically the total height and diameter and possibly the drain height dimentions. - Posted by Fred

Hi Fred, Box size and weight: 14 x 6 x 5" /1.3kg When full of water: 11.8" dia x 14.5" high Thanks, Josh

I want to start a perpetual autopot system up. Instead of 3 rooms though I will have two. A 4x2 veg tent with two autopots 1 (reservoir). A 4x4 flower tent with 4 auto pots with 2 reservoirs . I will have two plants in veg for 3-4 weeks. Then put in one side of the 4x4 and scrog in autopot. Put clones in veg, wait 4 weeks and fill other half of 4x4, and repeat. My question is, the 4x4 will be in 15ltr pots. Can I transplant well rooted clones into a 15ltr pot for the veg and top feed for a week? So I can just move buckets into the next tent when ready, without transplanting again. Or do I need to use 8ltr pots in veg and then transplant into the 15's? - Posted by Stu

Would a 50/50 mix of perlite and vermiculite work as a substrate? - Posted by Grant Grimm

Hi Grant, Many thanks for your enquiry, having conferred with our technical team I can confirm that such a mixture would be completely compatible with an AutoPot Watering System. If you have any questions regarding the specific characteristics of your chosen substrate mixture please don't hesitate to get in touch. For further advice on potting up please consult our advanced potting up guide downloadable from the website homepage. Hope that helps, all the best!

I was wondering if water soluble humic/fulvic acid would be compatible with the autopot or if it would gunk up the valve. Is there an alternative I could mix into the soil? Thanks - Posted by Patrick Bruner

Hi Josh, Im bought new autopot easy2go. Almost every floater stuck open, also floaters are not holding in T. Doesnt matter if there is water. When im trying to push them back (with max preassure) always in while they move above T and not holding properly.. again and again.. - Posted by Marek

Hi Marek, Many thanks for your enquiry, I hope you don't mind but for this one i'm going to put you in direct contact with our office in order to get to the bottom of the problem. I will copy you into an email thread with Ricky Perez. Ricky should be in touch very shortly but if, at any point, you should need to contact our office please find their details below: 646 West Pacific Coast HWY Long Beach CA 90806 Tel & Fax: (+1) 562 612 4182 Email: [email protected]

HI I assume I can downsize my 4 pot system to a 2 pot system simply by adjusting hose. Correct? - Posted by Bob

I did something stupid - I put the RCD mat gold side UP and did the rest of my planting. Is there a way to correct this without redoing the planting? How important is it for me to replant? It looked important to me, but I wondered if there was some other way to get the action of the RCD without replanting. Thanks - even bad news is OK - :-) Debby - Posted by Debby

Hi Debby, Many thanks for your enquiry, fear not no harm will come to your plants with the gold side of the root control disc facing upwards! We simply suggest gold face down as a concession to some growers who prefer not to have the roots of their plants in contact with the gold face. In our experience the gold face actually provides a superior root control surface with zero detrimental effect. I hope this has eased your worries and wish you all the best with your plants!

hi do you ship to argentina? - Posted by sabrina lopez

Hi Sabrina, Many thanks for your enquiry, I'd like to carry this thread over onto email if that's okay? I've a few questions that would be more easily dealt with there and I can copy in some members of our team whose expertise may be useful depending on your situation. Should you fail to receive an email for any reason please don't hesitate to contact me via [email protected] All the best!

Hi Josh, wondering what system the 2pot or 4 pot would fit in a 3x3 or 32x32 tent. would like to go for the larger size pot the 3.5 gallon. also very interested in the airdomes, can you give me a little more info on them. And any items that are not included in kit that I would need to purchase. Thanks Nate - Posted by Nate

Hi Nate, Many thanks for your enquiry, from the details you give our verdict is that a 4Pot System would best suit your needs. From what you say the difference in system footprint should not be a problem whether you choose the smaller or larger pots. For extra tips on potting up check out the downloadable growers guides from the homepage of the AutoPot USA site. As to the AirDomes: to serve the system you are describing you'll need a 65 gal per hour pump for 4 domes. To connect the pump to the domes you'll need sufficient 1/4" airline tubing and (depending on the number of outlet ports on your pump) any necessary 1/4" cross or tee connectors. 1/4" tee connectors for your AirDome set up are available here: 1/4" cross connectors are available here: Very much hope the information helps, all the best!

Hi john , I bought a big autopot system and was just wondering if you could help me , I'm using 11 litter pots filled with coco with 2 inches of washes pebbles in the bottom , I set my feed in the tank at 5.8 ph , but ph of water in the pots is 6.4 , I was just wondering do you adujust the ph in the tank to allow for ph in the pots , like if it's 5.8 in the tank and 6.4 in the pots do I start the ph in the tank at 5.2 ph then water in the pots be 5.8 ph , thank you again for your help - Posted by Sam

Does the autopot handle hard water or would I need to filter the water? - Posted by sharon

Hello! I am wanting to buy the easy2grow 6 system, how much would shipping be to Anchorage, Alaska - Posted by Chevi

Hi Chevi, Many thanks for your enquiry, i certainly think we can assist you with this but our office require some further details best relayed via email. I'll put you in contact and on thread with them. All the best!

Just started using autopots and airdomes for the 1st time and I have covered the air dome with clay this going to be too deep for the plant to absorb the water from the trays? It's only 1 pebble thickness above the dome! I am hand watering for the first 2 weeks with no air on until I turn the res on Hope you can help - Posted by Martyn

Hi Martyn, Many thanks for your enquiry, you should find that the preparations you have made are perfect for your plants. We envisage no problems with the set up as described. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us here if you have any further enquiries regarding set up. Alternatively you can download beginners and advanced growers tips pdfs from the homepage of the AutoPot USA website. Hope that helps, all the best!

hi josh. This is my first time using the autopot system. I assembled everything, put my medium in the pots, then realized I forgot to put the copper pads in the bottom of my pots. can i do a grow without it? - Posted by ginny

Hi Ginny, Many thanks for your enquiry, all is not lost! you can place the root control sheet in the bottom of the tray - copper face upwards. Then place your pot into the tray as per normal instructions. It might not provide quite as much root control as if you placed the sheet into the pot before the growing medium. However this shouldn't affect your grow too adversely. Hope this helps, all the best!

Hello Josh! I love my Autopot system, but I really want to step out of chemicals fertilizers. I am very aware of not putting any organic nutrients in the tank, but what about these slow release organic fertilizer that you put directly in the soil? I know that Biotabs are working excellent with Autopots, but they are unavailable in my country. Recently the Biofeeding Powder by Greenhouse Company became available and I want it to give it a try. Do you have any information regarding of these slow release powder working on the Autopot system? Should I follow similar instructions than the Biotabs? I there any concern about some organic matter blocking something from the soil down to the Aquavalve? - Posted by Andrel Uribe

Hello, Does your 1/4 inch hose 1.5 meter come continuous (not cut if I order 3?) thanks - Posted by James

Hi James, Many thanks for your enquiry, our 1/4 inch hose currently comes pre-cut as 1.5m / 5ft lengths. Unfortunately we don't offer continuous lengths, the only alternative being the 50 metre / 164ft roll here; We are now looking at alternative ways in which we might supply the 1/4 hose. I will be sure to contact you with our conclusions at the soonest possible juncture. Sorry we couldn't be more help this time round but thank you for raising an interesting and useful point, all the best!

Do you sell in Canada? - Posted by Dallas

josh call 207-491-2614 pleas, I own a soil company and one of my customer has 3,000 of your pots, with all kinds of issues. Would love to talk soon. Thanks Zach Dulac . Need a local rep number as well. - Posted by Zach Dulac

Hi Zach, Many thanks for your enquiry, I've passed your details to Manny Pelaez our Account Manager and he will be getting in touch with you directly today. He'll look to assist you with any issues you are having and will set you up with all the contact details you require. Kind Regards!

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