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Hello sorry to bug you but I cant find the dimensions of the 3.9 gal pots for the go large option for the easy2grow 4 system do the pots use the same base just taller pots or does the pot size and base size change Thanks - Posted by Jeff

2.2 gal and 3.9 gal pots fit the same tray of the easy2grow - Josh

Do the garden trays come with with the auto water system or is the price listed just for the tray? - Posted by Joe

price listed for the trays only - good combination with the eas2go valves and use your own pots - Josh

Do you have any retail presence in Canada/Ontario? - Posted by Derek

Not at the moment other than Sunlight and Hydroarm - bigger systems we ship from LA - Josh

Hey Josh if I'm using the 4 pot auto pot set up and don't plan on using any more then 4 pots do I need to use the inline tap at the end of the run or can i just use a tee connector to link the last 2 pots to the watering system and just use 1 inline tap in front of the pots as a on and off valve ? If I have to can you explain why I need it at the end of my run ? - Posted by SickWickedClown

Hi There. Yes you need the valve at the end to flush your pipes regularly to keep them free of sediment built up - josh

Hi Josh, planning to purchase the easy2go kit. my questions... 1. what is the recommended tray height where the aquavalve we be placed? 2. i have a 6ft by 3ft tray, i guess the limit of the aquavalve will be the size of the reservor. am i right? 3. how much shipping to philippines? thanks. - Posted by Eric

1. the easy2go kit comes with trays where the valves get placed in. 2. if you have your own tray one valve for this 6 x 3 tray is sufficient. 3. please forward you shipment details so we can give you a quote - Josh

might be interested in purchasing the autopot setup but wondering if there would be a nutrient build up in the trays since they don't drain and just wait for plants to uptake before any fresh from the res enters the tray. sounds like to me me there would be a build up in the trays that would be overwhelming to the plants. but you are the expert could you please explain to me please.? - Posted by mike

We recommend to feed plain water once a week to flush the pipes roots and trays for excess salt build up - very popular also are slow release organic or mineral nutrients in the medium so water only in the tank - Josh

I'm having some trouble pushing the 6mm Top Hat Grommet into the Reservoir on step 7 of the setup guide. It appears to be too small! Should I just shove it in there as hard as I can? And from what side? - Posted by Casey

take a bit of washing up liquid to push in the grommet from the outside of the tank - once the grommet is in place push the 1 pipe into the reservoir and attach the little golf filter inside the tank to the pipe - josh

does the system self air rate or is the air dome a must. - Posted by doug

Hi There. The airdrome is a extra fixture to increase oxygen but not necessary - we recommend to put 1 inch layer of Hydroton Growstones or Perlite into the bottom of the pot to extra aerate the rot system - all works fine - Josh

Hey, Josh, where can I order replacement Root Control Discs for the 1Pot XL and the 1Pot, without going through Paypal? I'm on the west coast of the US. - Posted by Peggy Thompson

Please ring Autopot direct - 562 612 4182 - I am quite sure you can also order and pay over the phone - josh.

Two questions. 1) Are the reservoirs the same size with both the 1Pot XL and the Easy2Grow 2 pot systems? 2) What are the dimensions of the mentioned reservoir(s) Thanks. - Posted by Max

1. yes they are. 2. we just uploaded the dimensions - please have a look again

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