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I would like to know if large Tomato`s like Beef Steak can be grown in the 4 pot system.Also Bell Peppers,Squash ect. Thank you Jerry Alexander - Posted by Jerry Alexander

Yes sure - ideal system for these heavy feeders - also have a look at our face book on the web for images - Josh

After hand watering the pots to ensure the roots are to the bottom of pot, do I have to let pot dry out before placing in autopots? Because my plants currently start drooping thru out the day like there being over watered? Hint they started drinking directly from the bottom and now the coco remains damp? - Posted by joe

Joe. After potting up your plants you hand water once and then you let the pot dry out 5-7 days so the roots are at the bottom - the pot should be quite light and dry so the roots can take up the nutrients. If you put in the pot too early the substrate is too wet - if so it is a easy fix - let the pots dry out again and then put back into the system and switch to automatic. - Josh

With the air dome wouldn't the roots get less nutes because the dome is taking up space where the medium would be there for not getting as wet if some was not there? - Posted by Dana

Hi Dana. No the roots will grow right into the dome feeding on the oxygen - josh

Curious as to what size make or model you would recommend to feed 4 air domes.....super excited to run this system - Posted by Denis

I am running a eco plus pump you get at any hydrostore something around 500gal\hour or less - with a manifold to fine tune the air pressure into each pot - don't turn on the air too early - 2-3 weeks after plant was potted - never have less than 72degrees air temperature - Josh

Hi Josh, I'm trying to dial in a 100 site system with air domes. I've gotten everything perfect but notice a problem with the air domes. Long story short, I've discovered that the air line inside the coco is being pinched or otherwise restricted. The ones I can tell are working, when I disconnect the line at the "T" just by the base of the site and I am able to easily blow into the line and through the air dome, but on the problem sites I can not get any air through the line. The line does have pressue up to the "T" and 5L/min supplying each site. I've tugged on the air line and some it fixes, some it does not and a few I've pulled the air line right out (unfortunate). We used hydroponic as the substrate and filled the bottom 2" and then 50/50 coco / hydroton mix to fill each site... Any ideas on a fix or what may have cause this so I can avoid it next time.. - Posted by Sam Max

Hi Sam. What size pump are you using ? You can try 2-4 x 1000gal pumps \ hour with this size system. When you set up the system you can also take a jar filled with water - put in the hose and see how strong the bubbles are from first to final pot to fine tune - you can also ring Autopot USA and ask for a technician - they will help you further with models of pumps - hope that helps - josh

Hi,Josh Iâ??m from Maldives few months before I Started autopot Trial setup with 56 Pots hot Pepper plant Plants Iâ??m using general Hydroponic Granular 2 Part Nutrition Called Albertâ??s Solution this is Generally available in male and other specially blended nutrition for specific plant not available apart from that Iâ??m using CALMAG for 1ML per liter and my EC is 2.2 to 2.4 Before CAL MAG PH-5.8 (Rain Water) average temp day time is 30-32 Deg and humidity is in the Green house is 55-69% Fully Covered but still leaves are bit Curly and bud fall does not Produce much fruit. Please help me to Figure out best Nutrition Value below is the MPK % in the Nutrition N-11% P²O²- 8% K²O-15% CaO-14% MgO-4% And Fe, Mn, B, Zn, Cu, Mo, are Available in Balanced formula - Posted by Ubaid

Hi There What substrate are you using is it Coco or soil ? What is the medium brand you are using ? How old are your plants ? When did the leaves start to curl - what week and EC ? Were they first looking good ? How long did the plants veg ? What size pots are you using ? In general you NPK looks good to me - your Cal Mag with 14% and 4% on 1 liter sounds very high to me - normal cal mag feed would be 3-5 ml on 1 gallon ( 3.8 liter ) ! For example Botanicare cal mag has a concentration of cal 3.2 and mg 1.2. In bloom recommended 3-5 ml on 1 gal. Your heath is also very high but still your plants should take the heat and humidity. I guess you are overfeeding your plants with the Cal Mg - flush your plants by feeding water only in the tank for 2-3 days and see how they react for now - then flush your roots regularly with water only by topping up the tank with water only and add nutrients 1-2 days later so the roots get flushed regularly with water. Reduce your Cal Mag feed 1 ml on 1 gallon ( 3.8 liter ) or leave fully out for a while to see if the plants recover - then when you see healthy plants you can feed cal mag slowly and less concentrated as described. Also flush your pipes once a week by opening the flush tap at the end of the pipe. Please keep me posted so we can solve your problems - Josh

I have the 4 pot retail system and added two more pots. No problems. Can I add two more pots? Any modifications I could do to accommodate the extra or do I have to upgrade to a different (larger) system? - Posted by tom sheridan

Hi there. No as long as you 1 pipe is still long enough you can just hook up the extra pots - Josh.

What temperature should the reservoir stay at, would a chiller have any negative affect. Also what temperature should the solution in the trays be? - Posted by Sam Max

Hi There. A chiller would have no negative effect - anything in between 70 - 80 degeree is fine - please consider that the water in the bottom of the tank is always cooler than at the top where most people measure - josh

Hwy Josh, I purchased the auto pot 12 and started my plants last week. I used perlite in the bottom two inches and mixed espoma organic slow release fertilizer in the soil mix. The current slow release fert is good for the majority of vegging my plants, 4 to 6 weeks. #1 Ok so my question is how do I ad fertilizer during the bloom phase? #2 I want to use a slow release solid "bloom" fert and was not sure how to get it in the soil? #3 If i Want to any other liquid fertilizers can I Poor them into the Autopot? I would like to completely avoid nutes in the reservoir. Thanks for your time! Looking forward to using this product! Scott - Posted by Scott

Hi Scott. You can use liquid organics \ teas for the bloom phase by top feeding the pot - turn off the system day before - feed and hour later turn on system again. If you have slow release spikes tabs or soil push the spikes or tabs 2 inch into the soil or rake slow release soil into the top of the pot and water 1-2 times a week from the top. Also have a look at Windsor Gardens in Ohio for slow release organic and mineral spikes - Josh their any info on starting seeds in your Garden Trays? - Posted by Jerry Alexander

Hi Jerry. If you do not want to use propagation equipment just throw the seeds onto the soil and rake in - cover with plastic - only hand water in the beginning until plants have fully established and roots ares down at the bottom - turn on to automatic after 2-3 weeks - Josh

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