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Could the Flexitank 200 be used as a rearing tank in a long-term aquaponics application? - Posted by Cade Downs

Hi Cade..... We have not tried this but we believe others are using them for this purpose, we would recommend that before use the FlexiTank is turned inside out and cleaned throughly to ensure any oils are removed during manufacture..... Please let us know how you go..... Josh..

I recently purchased your 4 pot system to grow my cannabis plants. I'm using a mixture of 50% perlite and 50% soil. My question is, in my resovoir, do I maintain a pH range for a hydro system, or a pH for a soil grow? I've heard different answers from different growers - Posted by Antonio Abalama

Hi Antonio..... 5.8 in the reservoir would be perfect.... Cheers Josh...

Where can you buy the Biotabs in USA? - Posted by Joe

Hi Joe..... as far as we are aware they are not officially available as yet, please contact as they may have an update..... Josh...

- Posted by Mikael

Hi Mikael.... Please empty the tank when ready, clean out and re-fill with your flowering fertiliser.... Josh...

do you have a good tutorial on cleaning the autopot - Posted by Dennis

I need to order for USA, but only see on the UK site: two, packs of the Marix Discs (8-Pack) - Square (Product No. AP225/SQ/8) One, Root Control Discs (8-Pack) - Square (Product No. AP229/SQ/8) TWO, of the AQUAvalve (Product No. AQ100) One, Tap for all Water Barrels (Product No. AP224) Four, 6mm Filter Complete (Product No. PF905/GOLF/1) Please advise - Posted by Chris Roberts

Hi Chris.... Please visit... all of the above is available on the US on-line shop..

I have had my 2 pot system up and running for about 10 days. The level of the tray stays at the maximum level but the nutrient tank continues to empty at a steady, predictable rate. I have removed, cleaned, and re-seated the yellow silicone plugs according to instructions on the website three or four times with no change. I'm guessing the vacuum is not holding the float up. Any thoughts? - Posted by Robert Blair

Hi Robert..... How do the plants look.... please leave the AQUAvalve to do its job..... If you keep picking it up and checking it or moving pots .... you might think it is not working correctly.... just ensure that the yellow silicon on the top float is sitting flush on the hole below..... put it in position.... then leave all alone..... cheers Josh.... please keep me posted if there are any other issues...

Since the question on aeroponics doesn't have a date on it, I will ask this question. Do you know when you'll have the aeroponics system trials finished? I'm very interested in that. Also, I can't find any info concerning replanting procedures after the crop is finished. Is there a video on that? Thanks - Posted by Lloyd Babb

Hi Lloyd, The "AQUAplate"... we may call it this... not sure yet... is being manufactured as we speak.... We are hoping that it will be available worldwide in October 2016, there is no information / videos available at the moment but this will be available upon the launch of the product... please sign up to the newsletter to keep updated.... Josh...

I am going to be using air domes in my auto-parts system. After putting the air domes in the pots should I put a layer of gravel around the domes and to what level and how much? - Posted by Mike Cilibrasi

Hi Mike, Yes, covering AirDome with gravel or pebbles is an excellent way of helping disperse air around the pot. The AirDome should be covered to two thirds with gravel. The following links provide further information on setup of the AirDome. A pdf can be found here via the product page of the US website. Our video guide to set up is here . Our potting up guide also covers use of the AirDome .

Hello---with 1in. of clay pebbles added to bottom of pot for additional drainage----how does that affect the valve system ? thanx - Posted by Dennis

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