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I would like to speak to someone about using the Autopot system for a commercial operation. Also need a budgetary estimate. Ps: Your security codes are impossible to decipher with the eyesight of a mere mortal! - Posted by Willem Ellis

Rockwool is available in 1/4 inch chunks. Is there a reason to mix with hydroton? - Posted by John White

Hi John, Yes, the reason is that Hydroton alone does not provide enough capillary action to be used in the AutoPot. The Rockwool cubes provide the capillary action that Hydroton lacks.

Hi. I was wondering if AutoPots could be grown, say in the storage compartments of a Bus Conversion or Motorhome? Or, could they be put in the living area in a Bus Conversion? - Posted by Rebecca Koos

Question re: lettuce: Do you recommend or do you have a system specifically for lettuce or other leafy greens? The reason I ask is because the pots seem huge for leafy greens(though I am new and can be totally wrong. I've grown in rails before and clearly, they aren't as large). Thank you in advance for your help and support. Sinc, -g. - Posted by Gabriel

Hi Gabriel, The easy2grow system is ideal for growing lettuce. Thanks, Josh

Going to order a few systems shortly. Have any discount codes for a first time buyer? :) I would greatly appreciate it! - Posted by Alex

Hi Alex, There are no discount codes at the moment. Please check out our Facebook page for offers. Thanks, Josh

do I have to replace the copper disks each planting or do I re-use - Posted by steven leishman

Hi Steven, You can use them a few times, until the copper wears off. Thanks, Josh

Will a Tap for all WaterButts/Tanks work on a flexi tank 25 gallon? Thanks! - Posted by Tom

Hi, I bought a 4 pot xl system w the flex tank reservoir locally and am wondering if the root control discs are supposed to be included? I'm not noticing them in the box. Thanks. - Posted by Jay

Hi Jay, The root control discs should be included, please go back to shop and query this with them. If you have a look at the online shop, each product has a list of what the system comes with. Thanks, Josh

I have recently purchased a 4 pot system I think I lost the grommet for the water bucket how can I get another one my address is 1558 south king st Honolulu 96826 - Posted by malcolm ho

Hi Malcolm, These are available to buy on our online shop: We do not have a distributor in Hawaii at the moment. Thanks, Josh

Hi I have a 4x4 foot tent and the 2 suggested layouts are NOT practical and actually do not fit into the tent. Could you please suggest a layout that will work. Cheers in advance Darryn - Posted by Darryn

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