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Hello, Can you please tell me the size of the tray on the 4 pot system 3.9 gallon? If using fabric grow bags is it necessary to use the root control disc? Line the bottom with 1" of clay pebbles then use 50/50 perlite and coco with 4" rock wool cube for seedling. I am waiting on my 4 pot system to arrive but need to get started as they said it would be 3 weeks or more so I am hoping I can use the bags without the disk as described. Please let me know. Thank you! Jon - Posted by Jon

The "locator" function on your webpage does not appear to be functioning. I am in West Central Illinois (zip code 62650) and was trying to find a dealer/distributor anywhere near me, so I could pay a visit and hopefully see a system in operation and attempt to determine how I might put one to use at my place! - Posted by Richard Rowe

Do you know of any Auto pot retailers in Las Vegas? - Posted by Michael Ouellette

Copper Mat Hello Josh, I am wondering where the copper mat actually goes that is provided with kit. The instructions manual that came with unit states the may to go in the bottom of pot with gold/copper side down. I have seen several videos and web sites that state mat is to go in tray gold/copper face up. So this are two huge differences. I have potted my plant to Autopots instructions and now am questioning if this is correct. Thank you - Posted by Jim Higginbotham

Hi Jim, Many thanks for your enquiry. Fear not, both instructions are in fact correct! The gold/copper root control sheet goes gold/copper face down in the pot. We recommend doing this to provide root control whilst understanding that some people aren't keen on roots making direct contact with the gold/copper face. This is not to say that the gold/copper face has any deterimental effect. You can, in fact, put the root control sheet in the pot either way up. In the tray we recommend that the root control sheet goes gold/copper face up in order to provide the best possible protection for the valve from root invasion. Hope this clears the matter up. For further information please see our guides to potting up an AutoPot downloadable from the US website homepage. All the best!

If I were to "go large" and get the 3.9 gallon pots for the easy to grow system, would the tray that holds the bigger pots be larger, or remain the same size as the tray that held the smaller pots? - Posted by Rob

Hi Rob, Many thanks for your enquiry. The tray remains the same size, the pots are simply taller and broader at the top. Hope that helps, all the best!

Do you think ill be able to fit the easy to grow 4 pot system in a 22"x36" area? - Posted by John

Hi John, The tray for the easy2grow system is 22.6" x 10.8" plus the reservoir, which is 11" square, so I don't think the easy2grow 4 would fit. The dimensions of the systems can be found on our online shop. Thanks, Josh

I have watered my plants / fertilized for two weeks, before turning the auto pot system on (water & nutrition mixed). Should I water the plants immediately before turning the system on? As stated my water & nutrients are mixed. - Posted by John

Hi John, Please have a look at our potting up guide for tips: Thanks, Josh

howdy there, so we here at inner glow garden supply have fallen in love with your easy2grow systems!!! however we are unable to purchase from any distributor in our system...they're all sold out and have been for months! we utilize sunlight supply and hydrofarm and bwgs...none of these folks can tell me with any confidence when or if they will receive new stock. we are more than ready to bring more of your product to our customers...can you help? - Posted by jared

Hi Jared, Many thanks for your enquiry, delighted you're so smitten with the systems! I've forwarded your question to our Account Managers, they are examining supply options and should be in touch with you directly via email very shortly. All the best!

i am interested in the 100 system CIF MIAMI alain liautaud - Posted by Alain Liautaud

Hi Alain, Please contact the office and they will talk you through the options: (+1) 562 612 4182 Thanks, Josh

Hi, can I use 100 percent rock wool in the pots? - Posted by Rich

Hi Rich You can, however we recommend a mix of 50% rockwool & 50% clay pebbles as 100% rockwool wont distribute the water well enough on its own and will stay saturated at the bottom. Please have a look at our brochure for more information. Thanks, Josh

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