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can I pay for products with pay pal credit - Posted by wm dilks

Hey, We accept payment by PayPal. Thanks, Josh

Hey Josh. What would shipping to Alaska be for the 1 pot system. 60 site. Also what's the shipping to Alaska for the 48 site? - Posted by Jeff

Hi Jeff, I have asked the team to email you a response. Thanks, Josh

Josh, On the 1 pot system what is the total height from base of tray to top of pot when sitting in tray? Thanks - Posted by Del Shaw

Hi Del, For the 3.9g pot and tray the total height is 12.5" Thanks, Josh

Hi josh I have a question for the 1 pot 100 pot system... Can I do row of 3 with 16 pot on each row with the length of 21ft instead of 6 rows with 10 pot shown on the autopot catalog will the water reach that far?? Should I be concern the rear ones won't get as much as the front ones near the flexi tank? Thx - Posted by Ken

Hi Ken, The layout on our web page is a suggestion, you can lay the system out how you like really. We have commercial grows where the tanks are a similar distance away from the trays without any issues. Thanks, Josh

With a 8 XL system, what air pump should be used? - Posted by Chris L Fillmore

Hi Chris We recommend 15 gallons per hour per dome x by 8, you will need a 120 gallon per hour per pump minimum. Thanks, Josh

Hello Josh, Taking the pots out of the trays to work on plants for 10-15 minutes ok? Thank you, Casey - Posted by Casey

Hi Casey, Yes, but turn the tap off on the tank first so the tray doesn't keep filling up. Thanks, Josh

Hello Josh, I purchased and setup the autopods to grow medical cannabis. I used coco & perlite mix with hydroton bottom. Now I am wondering if the foxfarm nutrient trio (hydro) is good for the autopot system? Please advice - Posted by Randy

Hello, Our San Francisco conference last week was the biggest and baddest ICBC, thus far, with over 1,500 people in attendance. The networking was phenomenal and the media attention was unprecedented. We are excited for our next OMBC conference in Eugene, featuring NBA superstar John Salley at the beautiful Valley River Inn. We expect attendance to reach capacity for this one. Please email for exhibitor deck! OMBC Eugene- April 28th Flagship Oregon B2B- Longest running and biggest in the state. Thank you! Calyn Exhibitor Coordinator International Conferences Group Office - 888-920-6076 --------------------------------- Upcoming Events (more info available upon request!): ICBC - BERLIN - April 10-12 2017 - OMBC - EUGENE - April 27-28 2017 - ICBC - KAUAI - December December 1-3 - - Posted by Calyn Kelly

Hi Calyn, Many thanks for your interest in our brand. Very interested to hear about the huge success you guys are having. I have forwarded your message and details to Dan Gulliver our Business Development & Marketing Director. He will look into your events and assess their viability for our brand. Wishing you every success in the future!

im noticing a film build up on top of the water in the auto pot tray. is this normal. im using rx green nutrients grow part a and b and ph up to 5.5 - Posted by Clifton

Hi Clifton, Many thanks for your enquiry, it is usual to see some sort of film on the surface of the water when using a mineral nutrient. This should have no detrimental effect on plant growth. If you start to see crystallisation of nutrient salts on the valve, pots or trays, then we recommend running a line cleaning product or switching to a different brand of nutrient. Please download the advanced potting up guide from the homepage for more information. Hope this helps.

Hi Josh I was referred to this site for irrigating my VegTrug elevated garden. It is 70" Lx 30" W. I am a little confused as to the system I would use. I am thinking the Spider but am also confused as the needed accessories to connect to a watering vessel. I was going to do drip irrigation but it was not recommended for the VegTrug.Any assistance would be wonderful. Thank you Lynne - Posted by Lynne MacPherson

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