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Hi! I ordered a 4-Pot XL system several days ago and never received a tracking number? I have been anxiously waiting for my delivery, but have no clue when to expect it. Do you have any information as to when my order was shipped and what my expected delivery date is? Order ID: 1736 - Posted by Garrick Coalson

Hi Garrick, Many thanks for your enquiry, sorry to hear about your wait. I've contacted the AP USA Office to try and determine the whereabouts of your order and hope to have some further information for you soon. If for any reason you need to contact the US Office directly in the meantime their details are as below: 646 West Pacific Coast HWY Long Beach CA 90806 Tel & Fax: (+1) 562 612 4182 Email: [email protected]

Hello there I recently bought a single bucket autopot clean with aquavalve but didn't include the reservoir. My question is since this is a gravity fed system can I make my own Rez asking as I keep it 15 cm above the pot? Since there is no pumps or anything could I just fit a 50 l bucket with the proper size grommet and use it that way? - Posted by Nathan

Hi Nathan, Many thanks for your enquiry, really glad to hear you're taking the plunge with an AutoPot! For obvious reasons we can't guarantee any reservoir-system connections other than those pre-drilled tanks or FlexiTanks we supply will work. However provided you drill out the hole in your reservoir using a 0.4" drill bit and use a 1/4" Top Hat Grommet you should be able to create a perfectly serviceable homemade reservoir. Hope this helps, all the best!

Hey Josh, plan on getting the 8 pot system! I was curious if the shipping is discrete. Is it just a plain box? Thanks - Posted by Ken

Hi Ken, Many thanks for your enquiry, our 8Pot System boxes feature product stickers and usually AutoPot brand logos as standard. That said it may be possible to discretely package depending on the specifics of your shipping requirements. In this event the best advice I can give is that you get in touch with our office directly as they can ensure your requirements are noted and met in the event that you do decide to order. You can reach the office on Tel & Fax: (+1) 562 612 4182 Email: [email protected] 646 West Pacific Coast HWY Long Beach CA 90806 Hope this helps, all the best!

On my current crop, the medium is staying very dry and its obvious that the plants are not getting enough water. I believe the reason is that i put more perlite in the bottom of the pot this time and the coco mix is not touching water. I've used the system before with no problems and im doing everything else the same. The best thing i came up with is to water from the top from time to time. I know this is not recommended but i don't know what else to do. If i try top watering, do you have any advice? Do i use plain water? Nutrients? Half strength? - Posted by Andy

Hi Andy, Many thanks for your enquiry, provided your plants have been top watered for 10/14 days they will have a sufficiently extensive root system to reach down into the substrate and absorb moisture. Perlite does provide an efficient capillary action indeed it is possible to grow with AutoPots using only Perlite as a substrate. What you may find is that the top inch or so of substrate is dry and this is entirely normal. If you push your finger an inch and a half or so down you should find plentifully irrigated substrate. In the event that none of the above is true in your case or if your plants still appear to be struggling then please don't hesitate to get in touch. All the best!

Hi I recently purchased the Autpot system and set it up a couple of days ago. I opened the tap to allow the water to flow and when I returned ( I needed to do something) the whole 30l from the reservoir had emptied and overflowed- 4 plants in 8 litre pots. The valves were both positioned correctly on the 'T'. My question- I have the reservoir quite high up, about 3 ft and is only 1/2 foot away from the tent so a big vertical drop from reservoir to tent- could this be why I had an overflow? Too much gravitational pressure or am I missing something far more simple? Thanks Jonni - Posted by Jonni

Hi Jonni, Many thanks for your enquiry and sorry to hear about the overflow. The AQUAvalve can handle up to 2 Bar pressure so it is highly unlikely that pressure (caused by tank position or otherwise) will ever be the culprit where overflow occurs. Provided the AQUAvalves are secure on the 'T's there should be no problem there either. From what you are describing The most likely cause of the problem is the position of the silicones. It sounds as though the silicones are not sitting flat on the AQUAvalves. We'd definitely advise removing and re-positioning the silicones so they are sitting flat. If problems persist with the water supply please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll endeavor to assist you further. All the best!

I recently purchased a 60 gal Flexitank as I thought it so cool. Now I have decided to go with Autopots as well. I want to purchase either an 8-pot system or a 12-pot system, but I don't need another reservoir, and everywhere I have looked only sells systems with the reservoir included. Can you give me a price for the full systems, minus the reservoir, or point me to a vendor that can? Thanks in adavance!!! - Posted by Dennis JD

Hi Dennis, Many thanks for your enquiry and for your enthusiasm for our systems! If you are unable to find a local vendor able to offer you the system minus reservoir the best course of action is to contact our US Office directly. They are able to supply the systems without FlexiTanks. You can reach the US Office via Tel & Fax on: (+1) 562 612 4182 or via email: [email protected]

Can a aquavalve be incorporated in another system. Thinking self watering gutter with grow bags - Posted by Will Allen

Hi Will, Many thanks for your enquiry, we understand that different growers with different growing spaces and different plants demand different irrigation systems. That is why we incorporate the AQUAvalve in a number of different products that allow you to water in the way that suits you. The closest product in the AutoPot range to what you are describing would be the AQUAbox Straight which can be found here: If you check out the tabbed information below the listing including the videos you will see how the AQUAbox may be used to water a growbag. For us the answer to growbag irrigation is capillary matting to provide a wicking action. You may of course take inspiration from this layout and combine it with your specific situation, we can't guarantee the effectiveness of a modified or adapted system but as keen growers we are always delighted to see how others get on and the results of their innovation. Wishing you all the best with your project!

Do you offer the buckets in 13 gal size for the 4Pot XL System (1/4" Pipe) System? - Posted by Brian M

Hi Brian, Many thanks for your enquiry, if it's the pots you are referring to then i'm afraid the largest size we supply are the 6.6 gal - as included in a 4Pot XL System. If it's the reservoir you're referring to then obviously a 12.9 gal solid tank is included. We also do stock the 13 gal FlexiTank as listed here If what you are looking for is basically to upgrade to a 13 gal Flexi on your order of a 4Pot XL then please contact our office directly when placing your order. The office can be reached on: Tel & Fax: (+1) 562 612 4182 Email: [email protected] All the best!

Josh: Sent a note yesterday regarding a purchase I made by mistake. Did you get it? I need advice on an exchange for the product that will work for me. Please advise asap. Thanks for your help. RLB P.S. Your security code is ridiculous. I couldn't get it right after a dozen tries. - Posted by Robert Baldori

Hi Robert, Many thanks for your enquiry and profuse apologies for the delay in responding, we seem to be having difficulties with our notification system. As for the accursed security codes, you're absolutely right and we are working on a site rebuild at present, not just because of the codes you understand, but they should be addressed in the near future. I have contacted the relevant department within our US Office and they should be in touch soon in order to try and assist you. In the event that you should need to contact them they can be reached via: Tel & Fax: (+1) 562 612 4182 Email: [email protected] 646 West Pacific Coast HWY Long Beach CA 90806

Hello. Could I (or why shouldn't I) use a large net-pot in the autopot, instead of the ordinary pot, to maximise air to roots? I would still have coco or some other wicking media in the pot. Thank you. - Posted by John

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