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Can i place a freshly transplanted plant in a 6" pot into the base of an auto pot till its ready to be transplanted into the 3.9 gal pot or is that too much water? Using coco/perlite. Thank you in advance. - Posted by T.Shin

Hi Josh, I did a search through your previous answers, but I didn't saw some conflicting answers about using the systems outdoors. Can I use the Easy2grow 12 place system outdoors with no cover? I am looking to grow tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Or will the rain flood the system? Also, will the standard box be large enough on these systems to grow tomatoes? thanks, Brooks - Posted by Brooks Winchell

Hi Josh, I am considering purchasing the 4 Pot XL system for my 5x5 grow tent but had a couple of questions I wanted some feedback on before I go ahead with it. First, I prefer to use organic nutrients (guano and molasses for the most part) but had read on a message board that the this was not a good idea and that the whole thing would end up getting clogged. Is this true and more importantly what would you recommend with regards to organic vs. non-organic nutrients? Also, what additional equipment would you recommend to ensure the nutrients in the reservoir get periodically agitated? - Posted by Lou R.

hi. do you sell 3.9 gallon pots? don't see them, but would like to purchase 2 of them along with 4 root control mats. Thanks. - Posted by Duane Davis

Hello Josh! I'm interested in purchasing the 4x Autopot with reservoir and wanted to know if it would require a waterstone or pump to keep the water from becoming stagnant? - Posted by Mr Fish

DO you have a store front where one can see an AutoPot system set up. I would like to see the systems footprint and pictures can only give a 2D look at the system. Thank you for your time. - Posted by richard

jOSH i have a 6 pot system in a straight line the trays are full of water but the buckets and media seem to be dry is this normal or have i set something up wrong - Posted by warren holmes

has anyone ever added fish to the reservoir like in aquaponic - Posted by tiphanie

Hi Tiphanie Many thanks for your enquiry, apologies but we seem to have been experiencing a problem with Ask Josh with questions that we have answered not publishing - hence the delay in responding. Aquaponics have certainly been used in conjunction with AutoPot Watering Systems but always with the fish occupying a separate tank, pen or aquarium. Apart from animal welfare issues (fish must have a dedicated tank and care) there are several important stages of conversion and filtration that must occur before the waste from the fish can be used to fertilise plants. Hence several interceding tanks for filtration and waste conversion separate fish and plants. In broad terms the principal change that must occur is allowing cultivated bacteria to convert fish waste to nitrates and then nitrites. James Harrison of Green Evolutions Thailand (see and is, for our money, the leading authority on aquaponics with AutoPots. His commercial operations are built around technology he has devised and combined from his extensive know-how and relies on AutoPot Watering Systems for the plants. Although his set-up is complex the work he discusses is possible on a much smaller scale. Apologies again for the delay, hope this helps guide you, all the best!

Hi Josh, Just setting up my two pot system. Confused on RCD's. Many places on your website recommend the RCD go in the tray, copper side up. I've also seen it in the directions and videos to recommend the RCD be placed copper side down in bottom of the pot. Please advise, thank you. - Posted by Steven

Hi Steven, Many thanks for your enquiry, apologies but we seem to have been experiencing a problem with Ask Josh with submission notifications and questions that we have answered not publishing - hence the delay in responding. As to your question: Fear not, both instructions are in fact correct! We recommend that the copper root control sheet should go copper face down in the pot. We recommend doing this to provide root control whilst understanding that some people aren't keen on roots making direct contact with the copper face. This is not to say that the copper face has any detrimental effect. In the tray the RCD goes copper face up as contact is minimal. Apologies again for the delay, hope the advice is of some assistance. All the best!

I have set up a 60 gallon tank and I have a good amount of water leaking out between the tap and the click fit adapter. I am still getting water flow to the pots but I am losing a lot of water due to the leak. When I push the adapter and the tap closer together the leak slows down but does not stop. How can I solve this problem. - Posted by michael richard II

Hi Michael, Please call the office and we will talk you through everything. Tel & Fax: (+1) 562 612 4182 Thanks, Josh

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