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do u need to turn off ur auto pot system at any point? - Posted by leo

Hi Leo, Only at the start when you have potted your plants up, you water through from the top and leave for 7-to 10 days to allow the roots to establish before turning the system on. You can also purchase taps if you wanted to isolate a particular tray for cleaning etc. Thanks, Josh

Two of my smart valves are not shutting off. This is the second year of using them. I put them in the dishwasher and reseated the silicone inserts. But two of them do not function properly and don't shut off when the water level rises. Is there any information on troubleshooting smart valves. I have a 24 pot system and it empties my 60 tank every day. - Posted by Richard Griffith

Hi Richard, Please call the office and we will talk you through everything. Tel & Fax: (+1) 562 612 4182 Thanks, Josh

hello. I recenly purchased 10 quantities of bubble stone for your air domes. I am curious if 1 quantity or order of bubble stones out fits 1 air dome? I am trying to outfit 10 air domes. thank you for your time. - Posted by Dustin Donovan

Dear Dustin, You will need 40 pieces, 4 per airdome. Thanks, Josh

I live in Canada. Can i purchase autopot products from this website? There does not seem to be a Canadian version. - Posted by Aaron

Bio Floral or Green Plant are our distributors in Canada: Thanks, Josh

I have the 2.2 gallon, 4 pot system. Can I change the tubing to pvc pipe? Is there a specific size or just the same measurements as the flexible tubing? Also if I can use do anything to prevent clogging. - Posted by James R Tarby

Hi James, There is no point in changing the pipe, just make sure that you use a good clean nutrient. Organic nutrients in the tank are not suitable. If you want to check that your nutrient will work, mix it in a jug 50/50 with water and leave it overnight, if it stays mixed it will work in our system without clogging. Thanks, Josh

Can I use a pump to feed the lines instead of using gravity? Anything that you might think can go wrong? - Posted by Rich

Hi Rich, Yes you can use a pressurised inline reducer, it must be no more than 10 psi. They are difficult to come by, alternatively you can put mains into the tank utilizing a ball cock at the top. Thanks, Josh

do you sell the 6.6 gallon 8 pot system,with a float valve for each pot?i prefer to have 8 float valves per pot,not one jst controlling all pots,some plants may drink faster than the others,so i dont want to have plants that are not drinking as much,would.nt it over flow on the ones that didnt drink as much water?? - Posted by kevin powell

Hi Kevin, The 1Pot system and the XL system has an individual pot, tray and valve. The Easy2grow system is only two pots per valve. The 8Pot system can be found here: The system is individual and gravity fed so the plant will only get the water is needs. I hope this has answered your question, if you need a little more advice please feel free to call the office on (+1) 562 612 4182 Thanks, Josh

Hi Josh, I have a 200 gallon tank. I have been using it to hold reverse osmosis water. I noticed tonight as I drained some water there is a little build up of I guess mold. It's slightly white in color. The tank is in my home and the water temp is about 25c. Should I drain it down and wipe it? If so what do you recommend? Thank you - Posted by Jason Herritz

Hi Jason, Are you using any organic matter ie boosters/fertilizers? With our systems you should only be using mineral fertilizers/products. With any mineral fertilizers you will get a small amount of white salt sediment build up in the tank, you can empty and clean using a mild detergent. Thanks, Josh

I want to use coco and perlite 50/50 and feed with liquid nutrients in an outdoor hoop house. What brands of nutrients wont clog the system? I already know Mills A & B and Canna PK/13 work. But what are other products options? - Posted by David Wilkins

Hi David, As long as the nutrient is not organic, you can do a test to make sure that it will work with our system by mixing the nutrient 50/50 with water, if it stays mixed over night then it should work with our system. Please find a link to our potting up guide, which should give you some helpful tips and advice: Thanks, Josh

What is the shipping weight for a 2pot XL autopot system and an Easy2GO kit separately? - Posted by Hani Hajj

Hi Hani, I have asked the office to email you directly about this. Thanks, Josh

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