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Hello i was curious to the dimentions of the FlexiTank 6.6, specifically the total height and diameter and possibly the drain height dimentions. - Posted by Fred

Hi Fred, Box size and weight: 14 x 6 x 5" /1.3kg When full of water: 11.8" dia x 14.5" high Thanks, Josh

I want to start a perpetual autopot system up. Instead of 3 rooms though I will have two. A 4x2 veg tent with two autopots 1 (reservoir). A 4x4 flower tent with 4 auto pots with 2 reservoirs . I will have two plants in veg for 3-4 weeks. Then put in one side of the 4x4 and scrog in autopot. Put clones in veg, wait 4 weeks and fill other half of 4x4, and repeat. My question is, the 4x4 will be in 15ltr pots. Can I transplant well rooted clones into a 15ltr pot for the veg and top feed for a week? So I can just move buckets into the next tent when ready, without transplanting again. Or do I need to use 8ltr pots in veg and then transplant into the 15's? - Posted by Stu

Would a 50/50 mix of perlite and vermiculite work as a substrate? - Posted by Grant Grimm

Hi Grant, Many thanks for your enquiry, having conferred with our technical team I can confirm that such a mixture would be completely compatible with an AutoPot Watering System. If you have any questions regarding the specific characteristics of your chosen substrate mixture please don't hesitate to get in touch. For further advice on potting up please consult our advanced potting up guide downloadable from the website homepage. Hope that helps, all the best!

I was wondering if water soluble humic/fulvic acid would be compatible with the autopot or if it would gunk up the valve. Is there an alternative I could mix into the soil? Thanks - Posted by Patrick Bruner

Hi Josh, Im bought new autopot easy2go. Almost every floater stuck open, also floaters are not holding in T. Doesnt matter if there is water. When im trying to push them back (with max preassure) always in while they move above T and not holding properly.. again and again.. - Posted by Marek

Hi Marek, Many thanks for your enquiry, I hope you don't mind but for this one i'm going to put you in direct contact with our office in order to get to the bottom of the problem. I will copy you into an email thread with Ricky Perez. Ricky should be in touch very shortly but if, at any point, you should need to contact our office please find their details below: 646 West Pacific Coast HWY Long Beach CA 90806 Tel & Fax: (+1) 562 612 4182 Email: [email protected]

HI I assume I can downsize my 4 pot system to a 2 pot system simply by adjusting hose. Correct? - Posted by Bob

I did something stupid - I put the RCD mat gold side UP and did the rest of my planting. Is there a way to correct this without redoing the planting? How important is it for me to replant? It looked important to me, but I wondered if there was some other way to get the action of the RCD without replanting. Thanks - even bad news is OK - :-) Debby - Posted by Debby

Hi Debby, Many thanks for your enquiry, fear not no harm will come to your plants with the gold side of the root control disc facing upwards! We simply suggest gold face down as a concession to some growers who prefer not to have the roots of their plants in contact with the gold face. In our experience the gold face actually provides a superior root control surface with zero detrimental effect. I hope this has eased your worries and wish you all the best with your plants!

hi do you ship to argentina? - Posted by sabrina lopez

Hi Sabrina, Many thanks for your enquiry, I'd like to carry this thread over onto email if that's okay? I've a few questions that would be more easily dealt with there and I can copy in some members of our team whose expertise may be useful depending on your situation. Should you fail to receive an email for any reason please don't hesitate to contact me via [email protected] All the best!

Hi Josh, wondering what system the 2pot or 4 pot would fit in a 3x3 or 32x32 tent. would like to go for the larger size pot the 3.5 gallon. also very interested in the airdomes, can you give me a little more info on them. And any items that are not included in kit that I would need to purchase. Thanks Nate - Posted by Nate

Hi Nate, Many thanks for your enquiry, from the details you give our verdict is that a 4Pot System would best suit your needs. From what you say the difference in system footprint should not be a problem whether you choose the smaller or larger pots. For extra tips on potting up check out the downloadable growers guides from the homepage of the AutoPot USA site. As to the AirDomes: to serve the system you are describing you'll need a 65 gal per hour pump for 4 domes. To connect the pump to the domes you'll need sufficient 1/4" airline tubing and (depending on the number of outlet ports on your pump) any necessary 1/4" cross or tee connectors. 1/4" tee connectors for your AirDome set up are available here: 1/4" cross connectors are available here: Very much hope the information helps, all the best!

Hi john , I bought a big autopot system and was just wondering if you could help me , I'm using 11 litter pots filled with coco with 2 inches of washes pebbles in the bottom , I set my feed in the tank at 5.8 ph , but ph of water in the pots is 6.4 , I was just wondering do you adujust the ph in the tank to allow for ph in the pots , like if it's 5.8 in the tank and 6.4 in the pots do I start the ph in the tank at 5.2 ph then water in the pots be 5.8 ph , thank you again for your help - Posted by Sam

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