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Hi Is it possible to use Seramis only without any Soil? The Plan is to start growing the seeds in the Autopot. - Posted by Thomas Smith

Hi Thomas, yes you can use Seramis on its own, I am not sure what the capillary action is to the height of the pot in question, you will need to test this first to ensure that a full pot of Seramis allows water to be pulled to the top surface.....Josh...

Hi Josh I am a family farmer in Chile , South America, producing herbs, edible flowers, greens and native vegetables. I am looking for Brands to distribute in Chile and other countries in Latin America, like Argentina and Peru Have you distributors in Chile? Are you interested in our area? Thanks D - Posted by diego matas

Hi Diego, At present we are supplying a few stores in Chile, I think their details are on our UK website, We would be more than interested in talking further, please contact [email protected] & [email protected] and they will be able to help you... Josh...

Hello, I need a phone number to be able to purchase your 4pot extra large system. I would prefer to do business on the phone then to supply my personal information over the internet. Thank you for your help. By the way it has taken me a long time to find your website. - Posted by Cathy George

Hi Cathy, the number is on the site but I have added it below...... Tel & Fax: (+1) 562 612 4182 Please speak with Marcel and he will be able to help you with your order... Josh...

Hi Josh, I was considering one of your flexitanks for a main water reservoir to refill my other hydroponic nutrient reservoirs. I was wondering if the pressure from the gravity fed outlet on the bottom of the 105 gallon flexitank would be enough to travel about 30 feet through a garden hose into another reservoir or if I would be better suited with a reservoir and a water pump to transfer the water? - Posted by Christofer Wilson

as long as your reservoir is higher as the final reservoir the water will travel by gravity - if the reservoir is on the same high we recommend to pump the water with a pump to the final reservoir once - also popular is when one reservoir is high up in a rack pump up the water from the floor level reservoir into the reservoir up high in the rack. Josh

can you use circulating pumps and or flood/drain pumps? are there any restrictions? - Posted by Rob

circular pumps you can use in the tank on a timer to go on say every 4 hours for 15 minutes to keep the nutrients mixed - or just mix by hand - Josh

Hi Josh, I'm considering buying an 8 or 10 pot auto pot system, but would appreciate clarification on one thing - I have a a three-tiered plant shelf and am planning to put auto pots on each of the 3 shelves. The bottom shelf is at floor level, the 2nd shelf is about 10 inches higher than floor level and the third shelf is about 20 inches higher than floor level. I was thinking of buying auto pots to grow flowers on all of the 3 shelves. Would this work for the auto pot system? Would it work in watering the autopots on all the shelves if the water reservoir is placed at floor level or a little higher than floor level? Or does the water reservoir have to be at a higher level than the highest shelf? Thanks, and look forward to hearing your clarification on this. Best regards, Marina - Posted by Marina

Dear Marina - shelf growing with Autopot is getting very popular - rule of thumb is to have the reservoir higher in the shelf than the trays - so if your highest shelf is 20 inch place the reservoir 30 in higher so gravity can do its job and fill the trays - if you use very high shelves keep the reservoir on the very top - pump up the water once from a floor level reservoir to the top shelf reservoir - Josh

Josh, I normally grow in 7 gallon fabric bags. Is it ok to use such bags in a tray with the Easy2Go Kit? Can the 4 pot system be purchased without the pots and the bags used in the trays instead? I normally fill my 7 gl bags with loaded up organic soil where all I do is add water and no nutrients through out the growth. Will the water actually reach the top of the soil where some of the nutrients are and be effective, or should the majority of the nutrients be placed in the lower half of the pots or bags and plain soil mix on top? They seem to be more fitted for hydroponics than a soil grow. Would they actually be alright for my organic style, assuming I add enough perlite or coco? - Posted by wsavatt

All systems can be customized and bought for your needs - wondering if a 7 gal bag will fit into the easy2grow trays - please check - otherwise go for a bigger tray. Put the root control disc gold face down into the bag and fill another inch of Hydroton Growstones or middle size Perlite in the bottom for extra air in the root zone - mix same material 50 \ 50 ratio with the soil. Advisable is to have the nutrients in your case in the lower 2 third of your pot in the root zone - the top soil is designed to stay drier as it won't attract bugs . Yes as long as you mix enough perlite hydration or growstones throughout your mix to have it airiated and good capilar activity you can go for any substrate. Keep an eye on your roots in the bags in the tray as they intend to grow out of the fabric bag depending how long your plants take to finish - Josh

Hello Josh, Could you tell me how to water and how to feed ? I am a little consfused when to stop feeding.If i see a nute burn,how do i stop the plants from getting the fertilizer ? Do i have to empty the tank ? How do i feed exactly what i want to feed,and stop when necessary ? Thanks in advance!! - Posted by Michelakis Vassilios

each nutrient supplier has a so called feed chart where you can see week by week how to feed your plants from veg to bloom - finally just feed water for the last 7-10 days from the clean reservoir. Advisable is if you follow a feed chart fill your reservoir say on a Monday for the full week and ad nutrients on tuesday so your plants get a day water only to flush your root zone. If you have nutrient burn empty your trays and reservoir and fill reservoir with water only until plants have recovered - then start feeding again with a lower strength. Sample for feed chart go to - very good nutrient by the way - always stay lower with the nutrients as recommended if you use no PPM or EC meter - if you use these devices you are always spot on and get it perfect - Josh

Hello Autopot! I have been searching all over to find a online or retail store that I can find all your products in, and it has been tough! I would like to order - 6.6 gal autopot XL x 12 - airdome x 12 - 25 gallon flexi tank x 2 - 1/2 lines - 1/2 inch inline filter x 2 Thanks for your time! I can't wait to try these! - Posted by Chris Wilson

Sorry for the late reply but I think this has been sorted ? Josh

Is it possible to buy an empty AQUAbox? I have the Smart-Valves (AQUAvalves), I need just the boxes. - Posted by Terry Norton

Please what do you mean with the box ? Do you mean the cover or the trays ? Please advise - tnx Josh

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