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I already have 2 set of 4 system, but I want to buy two more of aqua valve and tray with lid only.let me know . - Posted by ariel martija

no problem - you can ad on systems any time - please forward your PO and we get the ball rolling for you - Josh

Today I setup a 4'x8', sand based, plastic lined flood plain with an Aquavalve hooked to a gravity fed reservoir. The water did not readily flow so I thought there might be an airlock and I tried to bleed off the air. Still no real success. Also the valve floated, so I weighted it down without interfering with the movement. I ended up manually filling the floodplain with nutrient solution. I'm not sure what I am missing about the operation of the valve to get it to work. Any suggestions? Thank you. - Posted by James Weber

Do you have our cover for the Aquavalve ? If the cover is not in place the Aquavalve will float - is your reservoir higher as the tray so gravity can transport the water into the tray ? Please advise - many thanks - Josh

Your checkout part of your website isn't working. I tried to order some parts from your site and pay via paypal and it didn't go through. I got an error message when it tried to transfer me to the paypal site. Thanks Thomas - Posted by Thomas Hacker

Please excuse your inconveniences - the website is new and we still have issues - should be working by now - please come back if you have further issues - many thanks - Josh

Where can i buy the products in Scandinavia (preferably Norway). - Posted by Tom Christiansen

Hi Tom, we have distributors in your region, if you go to and look at the distributors section there should be a choice there, if you encounter any problems please let us know at [email protected] Josh....

Are these pots and tanks UV-stabilized ? Are the parts made from PVC pr some other plastic? Are the parts considered food-safe ? What is the expected lifespan when used outside in Florida sun ? - Posted by Bob

Hi Bob, All our products are UV stable, we have been using them in Thailand, Barbados, Dubai for many years without any break down, so you will be fine in the Florida sun. The plastic is either Poly Propylene or ABS, all pipe work is food grade. To date we have had commercial grows all over the world in very hot climates for over 6 years with no reported case of plastic erosion .. Hope this helps.. If you need to chat with some one please speak with [email protected], he is based in Long Beach, California.... Josh....

Hi, I have a question with flushing the auto pot system. I have read conflicting reports on if you have to or don't have to flush the plants 2 weeks before harvest. What would you suggest for flushing the system? - Posted by Matt

Hi Matt... No flushing with AutoPot.... All the salt build up occurs in the top 1 inch of the substrate, if you pour throughout from the top of the plant you will wash it down to the roots at the bottom... simply 2 or so weeks before harvest dump the tank and re-fill with pH balanced water only and allow the plants to flush naturally... Thats it .... Hope this helps.

I'm looking for "The easy2grow liquid feed has been specially formulated to be used with all the AutoPot products." Where can I find it. I used a third party feed that came with the kit but the Feed would make crystal which clogged up the lines/floats/filters every 4 weeks. - Posted by mike

Unfortunately we can not import our liquid feed into the US - local good mineral brands are Mills \ House and garden \ GH 3 part flora line or Canna - do not take organics as they will clog the pipes and valve ! Organic only top feed into pot or slow release in the grow medium and only feed plain water. As a matter of interest - what liquid feed came with the kit ? Also when adding the mineral turn of the water at the tank - ad nutrients - let settle for an hour and the turn on the system again so that no sediments get pushed into the pipes - also you can fill your reservoir for the week and feed plain water for one to two days and then add nutrients so the roots get flushed in-between - flush pipes regularly every week by opening the flush valve at the end of the pipe ( only bigger systems )

Will the 3.9 gallon pot work with the Easytogrow system that uses the 2.2 gallon pot? - Posted by Richard Norton

yes - both pots are interchangeable - getting very popular.

Hey Josh, Thank you for this great forum. I have two questions. 1. I plan to buy over the next year several 4Pot Systems (one at a time and up to 6). Once I get to 4 of these systems, I would like to buy a 200 gallon Flexitank and connect all the 1Pot Modules to it instead of using the 12 gallon reservoir that comes with each 4Pot Systems. What additional hoses, parts, etc. would I need to buy to connect all 1Pot Modules previously connected to a 12 gallon reservoir to a 200 gallon tank? 2. I would like to use Grodan Cubes or Chunks in the 1Pot Modules. Is there enough capillary lift to use either of these as 100% of the medium? If not, what other mediums should they be mixed with and at what percentages to assure enough capillary lift? Also, which of the Croutons do you think would be better, Grodan Chunks or Grodan Cubes. Apologies. that last question turned into a few questions. Whatever expertise and advise you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your knowledge! george - Posted by george

1. sounds like a great plan - please look at our set ups on the web at systems 6 pots up - a 24 pot system comes with a 105gal tank - 200 gal might be a bit too big - once you have all pots we will sent you all fittings and piping you need for a bigger system. 2.fill bottom of pot 1 inch with Hydroton or similar for extra aeration in the root zone - mix the chunks 50 \ 50 % with Hydroton or similar - you will have enough capillary action to pull up moisture. 3. Grodan cubes - fro example big mamas 8 inch fit exactly into the tray but might be to wet - only well established plants with sufficient root mass in these 8 inch cubes will work - or fill bottom of pot with 2 inch Perlite and rest 6 inch or 8 inch cube or smaller into pot - all fine.

When I purchased my system, tubing and fittings were described as 6mm. Now on the US website, tubing and fittings are sold as 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch. Are the UK-sized 6mm and 16mm the same as your US-sized 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch? Sorry for the detail, but the quality of your tubing and fittings is very good and I don't want to lose this by ordering from the US website. Also, the US website does not offer AQUAvalve collars or packs of 10 for silicones, connectors and tees. Do I have to order these from a UK source? - Posted by Frank Turpin

Hi Frank.... No all pipe work in the US is the same, if you need the additional parts not shown on the site please call the office in the US as they have all the part you require.... Josh....

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