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Can you send me an example of how to pot up plant in XL pots with air dome. Thanks - Posted by Dirk

Hi There. Please go to our website - we have pot up instructions on the web now. XL pots same as all our pots - root control disc gold face down in pot - 1' pebbles in the bottom of pot - same pebbles or perlite 50 ration on top - put in your established plant - water through and let pot dry out 5-7 days so the roots shoot down into the pot to look for the remaining water - then turn on to automatic - use clean mineral nutrients - josh

I saw in the chili trials that you guys had a retrofit for the mediumless dwc style that looked like it was working quite well. Do you have any additional field data or techniques to share on the topic? - Posted by perry pinner

Hi There. Yes we are still working on the technology with our system - it will be called " shallow water culture SWC " Hopefully we have it on the market this year - so far working brilliant - josh

I would like to know how to purchase your liquid fertilizer for my autopot system. Thanks - Posted by ALTON A SMOAK III

Hi There. Unfortunately we can not import our UK fertilizer into the USA but we are working on fertilizers produced with our recipe here in the states as we speak - Josh

Hello Josh - Under a 5'x5' lighting footprint, how many XL Autopots could fit in this area? Note that I am currently using your 4 pot system that came all within one box. Also purchased 4 airdomes. Speaking of airdomes, on your instruction sheet, there was a suggestion to have the air pump off when the lights are off. If my air temperature is stable, is it a problem to have the pump running 24 hours? Thank you and I look forward to your news. Regards, Aaron Miller - Posted by Aaron Miller

Hi there. Really up to you how many pots you put in - I am a great believer not to ram too many pots into the grow areas in regards light and air penetration but you should be fine up to 6-8 pots at the most depending on your plants. Never blow cold air to the roots less than 70 degree - save way to use them is to connect them also to the light timer - tying by doing in your environment is best to do - Josh

Hello Josh my name is John and I am wanting to start a heirloom hydroponic tomato farm business using the autopot systems ouutdoors without a greenhouse. I am moving to the Florida panhadle and was concerned about UV from the sunlight destroying the autopots without a greenhouse are the autopots treated to withstand UV if used outside? - Posted by John Barnes Jr

HI There. Yes our systems can be used indoor and outdoor as they are designed to last also in direct sunlight - please come back for any further assistance in regards your operation any time - Josh

Where can I buy 10 inch round root control discs?Is it possible to make your own?What material would work best? - Posted by j

Hi There. You can buy the RCD online at our web store any time - these discs have a copper coating and can not be copied DIY - josh

Hi I was just curious if the autopot system would work with soiltabs/flowertabs fertilizer tablets and with plain ph'd water in the reservoir? - Posted by Kevin

Hi Kevin. Yes that for sure works - we will soon offer organic slow release tabs on our web for full cycle feed - water only in the reservoir - Josh

My questions are. 1. I would like to order 2 Aquabox Spyder and 2 Aquabox Spider Replacement Matting for 2 of my raised beds that are 5x5. I would also like to order your 1Pot System 12Pot System for 579.95. 2. Do you have this in stock? 3. Can I just come over and pick up the items? I see that your phone numbe is Los Angeles. 4. If I'm not able to pick up said items. Can I order expediate delivery? thanks Josh these items are great. Mike - Posted by Mike

Hi Mike. Yes we have all in stock in LA at our Long Beach warehouse - give Marcel a call on 310 658 1329 - he will also ship the goods if you can't pick them up - Josh

My name is Daniel. I own Green Envy Supply. We are an online retailer of hydroponic systems and indoor gardening supplies. I wanted to know how we can become a dealer for your products. I look forward to talking soon. - Posted by Daniel Righi

Hi Daniel. Please shoot us over your company details to [email protected] and our business development team will come back to you to get things moving for you- Josh

hi Josh! Are there any benefits in using an air pump to pump air through an air-stone in the main water reservoir? P.S. the security code needed to verify you are human is way too hard, consider using a different CAPTCHA... - Posted by Yoav

Hi there. An airstone in the reservoir will only raise the PH - if you want to feed oxygen use our airdromes and blow oxygen direct to the roots- josh

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