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My lines are plugved up and wont flow how do I clean them and can it be prevented? - Posted by Robert Fennell

Hi There. Line clogging is due to not flushing pipes regularly with your flush tap at the end of the system - also if using organic nutrients - we recommend only mineral nutrients as organic will rot in the reservoir - valves can easily be cleaned with pipe cleaners - filters have to be checked also regularly - you can also use a product called " drip clean " from " house and garden " just add 1 ml on a gallon to your reservoir - helps to avoid clogging - also feed water only for 1-2 days in-between to flush pipes and roots - Josh

DO you sell just the aquaVALVE by itself? I see the pots, the tray, but no VALVE? Two of mine broke, I've only had the system for 3 months ! Disappointed in the quality - Posted by Jay

Hello Jay, Yes we do sell the AQUAvalve on its own. If you look on our online shop you can order them. I have never broken one in 10 years so i am not sure what you are doing to it?

Trying to submit order, but Paypal error says that AutoPots as the recipient is unable to receive funds. Can you please let me know how I can place and pay for order? Thanks, J - Posted by J Powell

Hi There I submitted your query to our IT Team to have a look at the problem - Josh

how many 2.2 gallon pots can I use with the 12.4 gallon tank? - Posted by Rick

Hi Rick. That really depends on what you grow - the reservoir should last 5-7 days with approx. 8 pots - Tomatoes for example 3 days as they are extreme feeders - learning by growing what your plants take is the rule of thumb and adjust the reservoir size - Josh

Greetings, Do you offer the Hydrotray Double 10" module in America? I have a couple of them I bought a few years ago and I'd like to get a few more but I'm not able to find them in the country anywhere. thanks, Jason - Posted by Jason

Hi Jason. Please have a look at our website - here you can find our easy2grow double trays - all in stock for online purchases - Josh

Hello, I bought a double tray autopot system from Hawaii. I am having problems with the valve as sometimes it overflows. Is there a procedure to setting up the valve to prevent this problem like connecting first then turning on the water supply. I woke up and my entire reservoir was drained. I use no medium to grow lettuce so its just water. Grows fine. The only problem is it overflows and that same ones work fine after if I drain the tray and try again. Nothing is wrong with the valve. Can you help me please? Ps. are the patent for the valve still up cause china has created knock offs and selling them on alibaba- INTELLIGENT VALVE - Posted by Todd

Hi there. First off all from whom did you buy in Hawai ? Please advise. Check if your valve is clicked in correct onto the T section - remove yellow silicone from the inflow clean and then put back - make sure you only use clean mineral nutrients - organics clog the lines - please come back if that doesn't work - josh

Good day Josh I am a new to all of this please be patient with me. I am interested in the 4 pot set up(2 dual pots). Space will be a little smaller than a 2x2 grow tent(see comment below about flood tray). I want to use the 3.9 gal pots. Will the larger pots change the footprint of the double pot set up? IOW how much wider are the 3.9 gal pots? Do they extend past the footprint of the tray assembly? Second, I understand I need to place an inch of clay pebbles in the bottom of the pots; however, is there a potting soil available in the U.S that is ready to go right out of the bag that is compatible with this system? Third, I will be placing these pot assemblies in a 2X2 flood tray just in case one of the valves should stay stuck open while I am gone out of town. Is there anything I need to do to help prevent this possibility? Thank you for your time. - Posted by rich

I have a 6 pot hydro grow. I have always used the plastic 55 Gallon drums to hold the water. They are nice because they have a hard top cover for the intake and outtake hoses to attach too. Is there some way for you guys to add a hard top cover. Or a way to allow for intake and outtake hoses? Thanks - Posted by Jeff

Hi There. All our new Flexi tank models have in and out take fixtures at the top of the Tanks - josh

Hello , you make shipments to Argentina ? You can send the product by the public postal mail ? - Posted by Martin

Yes we do - josh

If I Ordered My 2x2 Rubik's Cube 3 Weeks ago From Thailand When Should It Come In The Mail - Posted by Carter Gibson

Please get in contact with Autopot UK - they are looking after your order from Europe - Josh

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