Aquavalve Pot Sock Kit (Pot Sock + Metal Plate)

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AQUAvalve PotSock Kit includes:

1x AQUAvalve PotSock

1x Metal Plate



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AQUAvalve PotSock is specifically designed to keep root systems clear of your AQUAvalve when growing in open trays. These root control solutions provide excellent defence for your AQUAvalve – ideal if you use pot sizes not otherwise served by our PotSock Round or PotSock Square. We recommend that the weighted AQUAvalve Cover is used at all times when growing with AQUAvalve PotSocks in order to maintain positioning.

Make sure you presoak your AQUAvalve PotSock in a container/bucket with water and a wetting agent for maximum effectiveness. 

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