Slide Grow Like A Pro: AutoPot Commercial Tray Systems

Maximise your growing space with Auto 9 XL. This innovative and efficient irrigation solution was developed with our commercial partners and is now available to the public. Our development partners wanted to pull as much profit per square foot. Auto 9 XL allows you to achieve this with the capacity to irrigate nine solid 6.6 gallon pots or nine 5 gallon fabric SmartPots in single tray and lid assembly measuring just over a square metre. All fed by a single line to a single valve.

Auto 9 XL runs on exactly the same AQUAvalve-driven technology as our other systems. You are still growing power-free, with not a drop of water wasted. But Auto 9 XL can cut your overheads further. The reduction in components as opposed to nine individual pots and trays (each with their own valve and line) means a fraction of the maintenance duties.

For commercial growers amalgamating the pots in a single tray promises to change everything. When growing plants on shelving that can be double or triple height, reducing maintenance duties is key. It’s challenging to tend to your plants and irrigation system when they are placed three or six metres above ground level! With Auto 9 XL at last you can take advantage of the vertical space you have without the concern of accessing a vast number of individual pots and trays. Not only are Auto 9 XL systems simple to install and operate, they irrigate with zero run-off so don’t require any plumbing for waste water.

We now provide a custom design service for commercial growers and have produced bespoke trays for clients across North America based on their racking design and pot configuration.

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